Jack White - Lazaretto
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2014 Ratings: #198 / 830
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A.V. Club

It works, at least partly because White’s version of a big production is more about layering sounds until he hits on something right, rather than polishing something until its defining cracks fade away.


The songs are exciting, effortlessly creative and full of risk-taking, but White taps into the vein of classic rock just enough to filter all of his weird extrapolations so that they’re comprehensible for his audience. 


This is another whopping, XXL effort from White, proving that although he may get roped into the celebrity dross every once in awhile, he can still manufacture art in spite of distractions.

The Line of Best Fit

At times, despite the fact that this is his 12th collection of compositions, it’s often as if Lazaretto is Jack White at his most vulnerable.


In taking his time, mining old material of his own as well as others’, swapping and switching personnel between sessions and embracing a little more of the 21st Century, ‘Lazaretto’ is perhaps the most conventionally made of White’s back catalogue.

Drowned in Sound

The extra care and attention shows too- this feels like a deeper record than its predecessor, 2012’s well-received Blunderbuss, not as pretty but certainly sharper and more elegantly formed

Time Out London

For an artist creating an increasingly difficult job for himself, White goes consistently easy on his listeners.


That eccentricity is the pleasure of Lazaretto, which is by every measure the strangest record associated with White since 2005's Get Behind Me Satan

Pretty Much Amazing

Introspective where Blunderbuss was voracious, White offers up a banquet of sounds and styles, ranging from country and bluegrass to hard rock and hip hop. 


Lazaretto makes all of his other projects sound a bit scrawny by comparison. It’s the densest, fullest, craziest, and most indulgent that White has sounded with or without Meg

American Songwriter

The 11 tracks are still packed with those “tricks,” but like the record’s subject matter, the occurrences are controlled, nuanced, or flawlessly smoothed out like the icing on a bakery-made birthday cake.


Lazaretto will no doubt be heavily scrutinized by critics and celebrated by hardcore fans, but love it or hate it, nobody can call this stuff "watered-down."


... a varied album that lacks any monster riffs like the ones White used to write for The White Stripes, but includes enough intrigue, originality and plain weirdness to delight and, in some places, appal.


This is an exceptional rock album by a guy who really is the kind of rock star he’s aiming to be.

No Ripcord

The songs that make up Lazaretto are the most diverse on a White album since Get Behind Me Satan, and even more impressively, the songs themselves could stand alongside those on Icky Thump and Consolers of the Lonely thanks to the wonderful arrangements.

Consequence of Sound

Lazaretto can be neatly divided into electrics and acoustics, or side A and side B, respectively. For the first time in White’s performing career, though, the second group is more representative of the record as a whole and more crucial to its success. 


Lazaretto's experimentation sounds ambivalent, its songs fractured and distracted.

Apr 25, 2015
Lots of people that surround me think that White is the god of rock music. Frankly, I just don't see it. And, clearly I don't feel it. As for 'Lazaretto' nothing about it stands out as impressive, but, I imagine the songs contained within make for a perfectly raucous live act. After Renée Zellweger dumped him awhile back, I more or less gave up on paying much attention to his work. Now she's gone and messed up her fabulous face via plastic surgery so now I am paying less attention to her ... read more
Feb 26, 2018*
It's funny how I used to look forward to songs like "Lazaretto" and "High Ball Stepper" because of the heavy / raw guitars. After Blunderbuss, however, my favorite songs have been the more blue-grassy / country songs like "Entitlement" and "Temporary Ground". It's not often a band or artist changes their sound and I prefer it even more.

Favorite Tracks: Three Women, Temporary Ground, Just One Drink, Entitlement, That Black Bat Licorice, I Think I Found ... read more
Dec 18, 2017
Fairly uninspiring
Oct 19, 2015
oh Jack White, why do you keep doing this to yourself...
Lazaretto is your classic Jack White/White Stripes/Dead Weather garage rock, but with a cent of good ol' southern blues and country.
Jan 2, 2015
realy good album
a must to have
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Track List
  1. Three Women
  2. Lazaretto
  3. Temporary Ground
  4. Would You Fight for My Love?
  5. High Ball Stepper
  6. Just One Drink
  7. Alone in My Home
  8. Entitlement
  9. That Black Bat Licorice 
  10. I Think I Found the Culprit
  11. Want and Able

Added on: April 1, 2014