Rammstein - Rammstein
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I woke up today. It's July and its gray outside.
the heck is wrong with song titles
Strongthony 5tano.
AUSLÄNDER sounds like something Talk Talk would make if Mark Hollis was heroin addict
i haven't listened to this album but i'm upset because that is the EXACT album art i had in my head for if my band ever makes an album wtf
This album leaked today
Fuuuck I’m actually so excited for this! I grew up listening to them and thought that if they ever came back I wouldn’t care about their new stuff at all. I thought that they would sound completely outdated or make a cringy attempt at a more modern sound and fail miserably. However, with these new singles, I actually think that they’re making their best material yet.
If your group is THIS far into their career, don't make a S/T.
Yes please
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