Lil Nas X - Old Town Road - Remix
Old Town Road - Remix
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basically jjust so i can see how much of my ratings aren't rated in my itunes (how i track albums, as well as here) also can we have an option to move these in the list more easily? Like i want to ...
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Disclaimer: Some scores may not line up, as my opinions change constantly.
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The definitive playlist of 2019 singles, whether good or bad
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My pick for the biggest meme in music for each year Some years have too many good memes, a year can have up to 3 selections (one winner and two runner ups) The winner can be either a song or an ...
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Songs (238) Great = 80+ (15) Good = 70+ (60) Meh = 60+ (82) Bad = 50+ (49) Awful = 0-49 (32)
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Favourite singles released in 2019.
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Esta es mi lista de las mejores canciones que han salido en este año.
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Good songs live here.
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