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(edit: Yeah no. Halfway through the album, it sounded like Madonna was going through an identity crisis. Not the worst, but not something I will ever return to)

Clearly this is the greatest album of all time when it has an 88 average user score and 30 ratings without even being released.

Madonna has literally transcended time and the universe. This shit's so good it breaks the laws of physics and any sense of logical explanation. SLAY QUEEN UwU

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention. My favorite ... read more
You either die a legend or live long enough to make a reggaeton song with Maluma
ah shit here we go again
See what I did was actually listened to the full album without any major distractions before rating it

If you don’t do this then you will end up giving up completely on track 5 because the first 5 songs are written poorly as all hell. In fact they just kinda suck. I don’t blame you for wanting to give up. However once you get over the giant speed bump Madonna manages to deliver compelling, and Well written songs with... sub par mixing

Yeah it isn’t a great record, but it is ... read more
“Madame X is a secret agent traveling around the world, changing identities, fighting for freedom, bringing light to dark places”

These are the exact words Madonna uses to describe her latest record and there certainly is a kernel of truth in her statement. Madame X is a mixed bag that switches from promiscuous latin-pop jams to much more serious ballads in a blink of an eye, but of course, that’s not all folks. Madonna’s promise to work with Portuguese artists was ... read more
I mean, it isn't the worst thing I've heard all year. It's definitely Madonna's most diverse record, with musical styles ranging from dance pop to Latin pop to trap. Unfortunately, "Madame X" fails to execute these influences well. The production does nothing new to these genres and the lyrics are trite. There's also "Killers Who Are Partying", which is supposed to be well-intentioned but it ends up being in poor taste. Another big problem I have with this record is that ... read more
This better land a place on Anthony Fantano’s top 10 worst albums of 2019
Madonna clearly tried to make an appealing, massive and cultured album that could be both fun and technically sound.

However, this just isn't it.

The influence of Latin culture across this record just feels like Madonna forcing something that doesn't work with her sound. The tracks don't have much of a consistent flow at all, other than their obvious influences. The songwriting is unquestionably the weakest point, with trite lyricism and uninspired vocal performances almost to a fault ... read more
Edit: She sounds like a badly re-enacted GLaDOS on this album (at least from the songs I have heard now, review later)

Oh hey welcome back bots, I sure missed it when an album that hasn’t even released yet gets 100’s. I feel like I have to counter it now with a 0, but that is just exactly what they’re doing, only it’s the other way around.
Flat, all over the place and downright awful. Down the dumpster fire it goes.
Best album. Tons of 100's in the reviews from totally not bots, one 95, and then the rest of the reviews are zeros. I'm gonna try this because I totally am not held hostage by a robot who is holding a gun towards my head if i dont give my opinion on the album (at least a 95)
upd :
Yeah... it's one of them albums. The one that tries to appeal to every single human being there is on earth. Look, I don't mind, as long as it is good and does it's job properly. Two things - it's mediocre and I don't ... read more
Madame X, the fourteenth studio album released by the legendary (you can hate her, you can love her but she is legendary) Madonna is in one word: inconsistent. She really tried to give us a “latin record” with her own moisture but there’s too many genres and ideas on this record and sometimes it feels like listening to a playlist rather than an album, the songwriting is cringe too. songs like the reagge pop “future”, the tinted r&b “I rise” and the ... read more
Madonna's attempt at branching out into other genres is a big fucking fail
Ok I honestly don't understand what else could we expect from this album. This is one of her most inspired releases ever and her best since American Life (there are plenty of similarities with this one too). Sure it might sound chaotic and all over the place but that's exactly what makes it quite an experience. For the first time in ages, she delivered an album that feels like a full body of work and imo saying "there's too much autotune in it" won't take that away. Really ... read more
While it’s definitely not on a Confessions on a Dance Floor level, Madame X is most definitely Madonna’s best album since then. Madonna will always be a trailblazer and the Queen of Pop without any argument at all, but it would be kinda silly to say her more recent albums haven’t been the greatest. Since the ‘10s started more artists have started getting experimental and heading into a new decade that is the 2020s, a good portion of artistry involves some type of ... read more
her best album since Confessions
Her best album since confessions!
this is the supermarket of modonna albums probably

first album i had to bring out the "insecure teen core" tag in a while. you bots
Madame X is by far Madonna's most experimental and unique work to date. Despite it being all over the place and having the many obvious and cheesy lyrics we expect from's balanced out with intimate moments and diverse production. There's a song for everyone on this album.

Personal favorites: God Control, Killers Who Are Partying, I Don't Search I Find, Faz Gostoso
Least favorites: Bitch I'm Loca, Batuka, Future
Madonna tried a bit of everything. She done almost everything and now she wants to experiment and the results are incredibly rewarding. I hate the overuse of autotune here, but Madonna’s lyrical content is quite strong. Despite some sloppy moments, Madonna is back being the artistic weirdo who makes great albums rather then focusing on the charts and being “relevant”. The album is vibrant and full of life. Yes, it feels like it’s all over the place, because she traveled ... read more
I loved it, there's nothing left to prove in the music world.
the album may be bad but it will always only have hymns
Thank you Medelin

eu amei, ela não tem mais nada pra provar no mundo da música
o album pode ser ruim mas sempre só vai ter hinos
obrigado medelin
Madonna has really come of age with this mix bag of clever fun tunes, but still provocative as ever, with plenty to say about our state of being...
Medellín: 8/10
Dark Ballet: 10/10
God Control: 10/10
Future (feat. Quavo): 9/10
Batuka: 10/10
Killers Who Are Partying: 10/10
Crave (feat. Swae Lee): 8/10
Crazy: 10/10
Come Alive: 7/10
Extreme Occidente: 8/10
Faz Gostoso (feat. Anitta): 8/10
Bitch I'm Loca (feat. Maluma): 10/10
I Don't Search I Find: 7/10
Looking For Mercy: 10/10
I Rise: 9/10
"Madame X" sounds bizarre and dark in its sonority, although it is noticeable the good Latin influences and classic in all the album. I would say that this album looks like the soundtrack to an intense movie. In the album itself is also noticeable the unity of elements in each song that creates cohesion and musical unity in the album. It features strong lyric content , having as highlight "Dark Ballet", "Killers Who Are Partying" and "Looking For Mercy". ... read more
Help Me
PRE CRITIC: "Madonna X is not Madonna's best album, nor is it the second best, third or fourth, but it is without a doubt the singer's best album in years..."

CRITIC: After years of bad and disposable albums release, Madonna finally seems to have cared about releasing something of audio-visual quality, in her 15th studio album the singer presents her new alterego, "Madame X".

In this album the singer shows her Latin side, with great Brazilian and Portuguese influence, she ... read more
The Queen of Pop is back! with a very diverse album, her most versatile and experimental ever. Ireally appreciate the mix of sounds and production that has this project.

Fav Tracks: Future, Como Alive, I rise.

Least Fav track: Dark Bullet
After a couple of disappointments (the wildly uneven MDNA and Rebel Heart), Madonna is back with her most adventurous album since American Life. Madame X feels like a breath of fresh air, not only for the singer herself, but for pop music as a whole, since there's hardly a record quite like it. I wouldn't go so far as to say it is one of her best works (it lacks the cohesiveness of Erotica and Ray Of Light, the catchiness of Confessions On A Dance Floor and Like A Prayer and the tightness of ... read more
☆½ ~ Exiguous and quite unpleasant listen. Not my thing.
First listen rating:
Medellín 4.6/10
Dark Ballet 9.6/10
God Control 6.9/10
Future 4.5/10
Batuka 4/10
Killers Who Are Partying 10/10
Crave 8.2/10
Crazy 9.2/10
Come Alive 6.5/10
Extreme Occident 8.9/10
Faz Gostoso 9/10
Bitch I’m Loca 4.6/10
I Don’t Search I Find 6.2/10
Looking for Mercy 8.6/10
I Rise 8.5/10
Album rating: 73/100
Um bom álbum, abusa de várias experimentações, tem uma excelente produção, ótima a diversidade sonora, somado ao já desgastado Trap, porém transforma em algo novo e deu uma personalidade os trechos cantados em Português. Grata surpresa!

Medellín 80
Dark Ballet 80
God Control 84
Future (feat. Quavo) 76
Batuka 82
Killers Who Are Partying 84
Crave (feat. Swae Lee) 84
Crazy 84
Come Alive 82
Extreme Occident 84
Faz Gostoso ... read more
Oh wow. Madonna has come back to experimenting and as one would expect it’s brilliant. She surely still got that magic in her fingers. Lisbon has truly revived the musical great in her. The album encompasses so many different blended genres but they are brought together in a way that makes it still listens as one cohesive unit.

Medellin: 9/10
Dark Ballet: 10/10
God Control: 10/10
Future: 6/10 (weakest song on the album. Quavo adds nothing to it)
Batuka: 10/10
Killers Who Are ... read more
This is an incredible album! (except for "Bitch I'm Loca" - complete crap).

Thank you Madonna !
It's a mess, but has some good tracks on it. Anyway, It's nice to see Madonna, a sexagenarian pop singer, surviving in the streaming era, dominated by people who, next year, probably no one will remember. But she's still here, a living legend, releasing new material. Playing safe? Yes, but at least she's here.
I'm still waiting for a Madonna's album that will close her career with dignity.
Faves: Crave, Faz Gostoso, Bitch I'm Loca, I Don't Sear ch I Find
'Madame X' is original. It's Madonna. The queen of pop. She returned to claim her throne. Give it to her!
Madonna is undeniably the queen of pop however, Madge has lost her mojo...
In the past she took inspiration from groundbreaking pop/dance artists and in a very clever way made it her own just listen to Malcolm Maclaren's deep in vogue and understand the ingenious Vogue
She reached her top with Ray of Light and the two follow up albums were very well done as well but her star has lost it's flare
The need to stay relevant is a double edged sword , and while the production on Madame X is very ... read more
Much better than I thought it would be.
Who was in charge of the design of the cover ?
Because it's pretty fucked up ...
it's gonna flop like a ...... well, anything drops from 100-floor lol. it's just disaster
Excellent. Amazing. Most versatile album of her career
It's yet another autotune extravaganza from the 80s pop icon. And it's also yet another reason to call for the woman's retirement. What is she trying to do? Some of these songs sound like they're designed to be sing-along romps, except they have none of the charm or energy required to pull something like that off. It's always sad to see a musician that has had a defining influence on entire generations tread water – again and yet again.
On some of the songs sometimes have interesting instrumental and generally the album would be decent, if not boring voice and horrible, disgusting auto-tuned.
Looks like a dominatrix that wouldn't make any money
all the songs should've been shorter

favorite: crave, i don't search i find, looking for mercy
1. Medellín - 10/10
2. Dark Ballet - 10/10
3. God Control - 10/10
4. Future - 9/10
5. Batuka - 8/10
6. Killers Who Are Partying - 10/10
7. Crave - 9/10
8. Crazy - 10/10
9. Come Alive - 8/10
10. Extreme Occident - 10/10
11. Faz Gostoso - 10/10
12. Bitch I'm Loca - 10/10
13. I Don't Search I Find - 8/10
14. Looking for Mercy - 7/10
15. I Rise - 10/10
16. Funana - 10/10
17. Back That Up To The Beat - 8/10
18. Ciao Bella - 10/10
1. Medellín (feat. Maluma) = 100
2. Dark Ballet = 100
3. God Control = 100
4. Future (feat. Quavo) = 100
5. Batuka = 100
6. Killers Who Are Partying = 100
7. Crave (feat. Swae Lee) = 100
8. Crazy = 100
9. Come Alive = 60
10. Faz Gostoso (feat. Anitta) = 80
11. Bitch I'm Loca (feat. Maluma) = 100
12. I Don't Search I Find = 100
13. I Rise = 100
Madonna goes sicko mode
finally madonna
Was not really looking out for a new Madonna record this year but after she released "Medellín" my excitement grew sooo fast. However, every other single that came out seemed to be less and less interesting and I was worried that the album was going to be really bad. I was delighted to find Madame X really quite fun. Even in its most cliché or predictable moments its still interesting. "Medellín" still remains one of the best, but a couple other tracks ... read more
LMAO *Makes a song with Maluma, Quavo, and Swae Lee on a MADONNA album*
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