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Injury Reserve - Injury Reserve
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Loud and Quiet

A razor sharp and nonconformist debut, elevated by its playful self-awareness.

The Line of Best Fit

Injury Reserve cycles through different forms – the bone-crushing and bass heavy, the feather-light and confessional – totalling every single one.


What makes the trio so interesting, then, is something outside of their unique position within the genre's movements -- outside, moreover, of their purported claim to "experimentation". It's an understanding of their craft -- an acceptance of its boundaries -- and a willingness to grow.

The 405

Having always navigated between experimental and classic styles of hip-hop, this new record sees the trio’s creative pulse palpitate at full throttle.


Sure, this record’s energy dips at times, and it’s clear the group is still learning, but on the whole it’s an arresting debut that suggests a very bright future.


What sets them apart is that they feel like real dudes. There's no pretension — they're you, if you were much, much better at rapping.

The Needle Drop
Injury Reserve's debut studio album isn't quite as consistent as the trio's mixtapes, but is nevertheless a cut above most of what you'll find in today's rap field.

Too often ... Injury Reserve gets stuck between its experimental urges and its pop ambitions. In searching for a happy medium, it’s never quite noisy enough or quite catchy enough.

Hello! And welcome to Album of the Year reviewer tutorial!
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ah yes three dudes yelling at me over car scratchy zyoom zyoom noises hmmmn music ah yes

fav tracks: jawbreaker, gtfu, jailbreak the tesla, rap song tutorial, WHAT A YEAR IT'S BEEN, three man weave
One of the main aspects I look for in an album is creativity. Creativity is something that’s vital to this music industry as it keeps everything changing, provides genre defining moments, and can potentially change music forever. Following the norm may be a safe strategy, but that boldness and bravery, to strive for something more, to take a large risk on your full-length project, to provide something that could either be a hit or a miss, is something that shouldn’t be taken for ... read more
I’ll go in depth later, but for now, I’ll just say that this is one of the most creative rap albums you’re gonna hear all year

Injury Reserve have been making waves in rap music for five years now, so it's weird that this is technically their first studio album. 2016's Floss was well realized enough to be a a full album, but the band labeled it a mixtape instead. Now that we have the actual debut though, I'm happy they chose this to introduce themselves to the musical world ... read more
Quite literally one of the most creative and personality filled rap albums of the year so far.

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Added on: April 18, 2019