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The Needle Drop

A Quiet Farwell is an inventive and consistently stimulating collage of underground hip hop and various strands of abstract music.

The New York producer’s ambitious album is a dark, surreal, jazzy collage about resistance and hope.
Recently, I've been losing sleep. The past few months I've been stewing my thoughts on nature and it's current state. Each day I've been getting a bit more...passionate if you will. Prolonged by a few personal things, my rational concerns have turned into full blown anxiety and nightmares and, a few nights ago, it hit an all time low.

I had a severe panic attack after reading about a study done by an extension of the United Nations. Apparently, we only have 12 years to save the earth from ... read more
Is this Post-Hip-Hop music?
I present to you, 'A Collection of Thoughts That Went Through My Mind While Listening to This Record'

-Bruh, this album is like putting your nose in a bag full of Trix cereal (which I just did); it's really overwhelming and almost sends you back, but you can't help but embrace it.
-What genre is this? I can't really find the hip-hop aspect of this thing... maybe that's because I haven't heard anything like it.
-BRUH HOW DOES A HUMAN BEING MAKE THIS?? Like this sounds like it was made on ... read more
Final Verdict: The latest Slauson Malone album is an odd, but very fascinating and exceptional collection of hip hop tracks unlike anything else from this decade! It's uncomforting at first, but eventually clicks and is very pleasing to the ears. Slauson Malone's latest LP is taking music to the next decade, in a very intriguing way. I don't expect everyone to love this, but I am loving every moment of this. Definitely my front-runner for AOTY.

Here's my initial reaction to this album:

Update ... read more
its like soundtracks for the blind, veteran, clouddead, and cosmogramma had a threesome right in front of me. the epicenter of a new frontier for sound production. Definite structural issues, but I'm so blown away by the technique and praxis here I hardly care.

Edit: Grew off. It's pretty solid though.
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Track List

  1. Two Thousand Twelve, Outro 
  2. 11/28/55, Ttrabul (feat. Medhane) 
  3. I can make you feel freedom, Katri… (feat. Pearl De Luna) 
  4. —Fred Hampton’s Door, Farewell Sassy— …na 
  5. WON’T BLEED ME: The Sequel 
  6. King Sisyphus of the Atlantic (feat. Taphari) 
  7. 02/26/12, Smile #2 (feat. Maxo) 
  8. Treachery of Memories 
  9. 08/09/14, Smile #1 (feat. Caleb Giles) 
  11. 180º Pole Shift Hypothesis 
  12. The Flying Africans board mothership Zong! to colonize the new nubian planet called X “The World laughs as it turns another degree, hotter”
  13. 01/01/09, My feet’s hurt “I was a fugitive but then I realized there was nowhere I could run to” 
  14. Uchromia
  15. Off Me! “The Wake” Pt. 1 & 2 (feat. Pink Siifu)
  16. 04/04/68, I can make you feel free 
  17. Smile #4 (prod. Baby Rampage) 
  18. 11/22/14 “I can’t see”, Smile #3 
  19. THE MESSAGE 2 
  20. Two Thousand Eighteen, Bye 
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Added on: April 19, 2019