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fka twigs more like rip wig

It has been 3 whole years since FKA Twigs has given us any new music, leaving us with the out of control, futuristic M3LL155X, which was definitely her best work. But Magdalene comes out and it is like the 21st century Homogenic. Both are innovative, beautiful, and have great production. Anyway, the first song 'thousand eyes' is such an impressive opener for this album, it's very peaceful at some parts and get all the way to rock-bottom in some parts. It sounds like ... read more
Thanks to its enchantingly transcendental vocal performances and heart-wrenching lyricism, Magdalene is perhaps FKA Twigs' finest, most profound statement to date, though often leaves a lot to be desired in terms of production and instrumental output.

Following the great success of her fascinating debut record and its more surreal follow-up EP, M3LL155X, Magdalene is a record over 2 years in the making, a conceptual album seeing Tahliah open up on her breakup with Robert Pattinson back in 2017 ... read more
Is this the Homogenic of the 2010s?

After having marked the contemporary R&B scene with her first two EPs and her futuristic debut LP, FKA twigs delivers a short, unique, sumptuous and unforgettable album, marked by the evils of love breakdown.

It all begins with a vocal caress of infinite tenderness. "thousand eyes" opens where "cellophane", a magnificent single, concludes: a musical piece of confusing beauty and sensitivity. The arrangements overlap, the voice of FKA ... read more
after numerous listens, i can clearly say that this is the best heartbreak / breakup album since Björk's Vulnicura and it also happens to be my AOTY.

🌹: thousand eyes, home with you, sad day, holy terrain, mary magdalene, fallen alien, mirrored heart, daybed, cellophane
🥀: n/a

Before listening to “MAGDELENE”, I went through each of FKA Twigs’ projects to have a general background of her sound and style. To say the least, I don’t really like “LP1” as much as it’s given credit for, and her first two EPs seem meandering, basic, and annoying. The only intriguing project of hers prior to this is “M3LL155X”, for its harsh production choices and bold musical structures. So, going into this record, let’s ... read more
(500 ratings yay)
magdalene by fka twigs

tahliah barnett, better known as fka twigs, is a british singer songwriter that has grown to be one of my favorite artists in the past tear or so. the way she blends elements of ambient pop, electronic music, and alternative r&b is fucking beautiful, matched with her great songwriting ability is just... wow.

She started her musical career with definitely my least favorite project of hers, EP1, in 2012. it definitely showed some potential on songs ... read more
FKA stands for
yo yo hol up tho...

this is kinda vibin
i’m so sad & lonely someone date me pls
I never trust albums who just jump to #1 in the user score ranking before even being out. Ever. To the point I was unsure if listening to "MAGDALENE" was going to be actually worthy. I still need some material for the rest of the week, so I had to give this a try.
And I kind of regret it.

FKA twigs has wonderful vocals, and the first lives of this album's songs proved that to me. However, if I were to rate an album by only considering the vocals, I'd have only 100s and 0s. This is ... read more
Holy terrain is very... random here, it’s not bad but it’s so out of place

MAGDALENE is Full of grace. the sophomore album from fka twigs is the perfect way to express your sadness and loneliness, the feeling of falling in love and fall apart at the same time, it’s out of this world

I’d like to say that the production (the way the ideas are structured) and the lyrics KINDA reminded me of Bjork's Vulnicura, which is a good thing, One of the best albums of the year for ... read more
Not ball busting but that's a good thing cuz NNN
Intricate and calculated, the name of this album is production. This isn't necessarily or even primarily on the atmospheric and glitchy tones throughout the record, but even the effects that make the vocal performance across this record sound airy and encompassing. Throughout MAGDALENE the effort and keen eye for artful tones and grandiose climaxes leaves the listener in a state of awe at how powerful twigs message can be.

Barnett, otherwise known as FKA twigs, has a glistening performance on ... read more
I've listened to this a few times already and it still feels impossible to put into words. There's just so many elements that I love about MAGDALENE. So let me give this my best shot. I can tell that MAGDALENE is FKA twigs's most personal album to date, as the vocals are some of her most emotional and beautiful, the production is very dreamy and ambient, and the lyrics describe her previous lover and breakup. It's obvious this is a really important album for her, and it really shows. I mean, ... read more
Wowwww, I’m actually at a loss for words guys

I actually found myself tearing up at several points throughout the album. This record is so ridiculously captivating. Between the experimental tropes, and passionate, meaningful lyricism, this album has everything you could possibly want out of an art pop record.

From start to finish this record was consistently impressive and I was glued to my earbuds throughout the entirety. This is probably my favorite body of work from FKA twigs. She ... read more
Fantastic (no not you holy terrain) and gets more intriguing on every listen.
Feeling like 'Cellophane' is my song of the decade.

Edit: I even like holy terrain now, so that's something
Emotionally provocative, intimate, and heart-breaking. Twigs creates a record that is incredibly bittersweet in its journey for reassurance and individualism.

Now, I’ve never been a huge fan of FKA as much as I respect her work. Her past projects have never really managed to engage me (although I should really return to her older stuff once more) so MAGDALENE, for me, was going to be an interesting ordeal. The singles really enhanced that feeling too, with cellophane being an instant ... read more
I took quite some time to actually listen to this, and tbh I didn't expect at first this user score to survive this entire week. Which hyped me up quite a bit, as a big fan of LP1. Singles were projecting the album to be a good experience, a bit under LP1. And I think that's what I got. I can describe the difference between LP1 and Magdalene similarly to Bjork's Homogenic and Vulnicura, as Vulnicura is still pretty, artsy, epic and goosebump-worthy, but kinda lacks in the electronic twist in ... read more
FKA twigs is like the most advanced synthetic musician created by man. Every time she has an opportunity to make an album, she just evolves. Every time she evolves, she becomes more human. Now that "MAGDALENE" has released, I think that aspect of her has been taken much further than before.

A good majority of the album's themes focus on the loss of her relationship with Robert Pattinson. A lot of people compare this concept to Björk's "Vulnicura", which was about her ... read more
Too on the nose, 'I'm a fallen alien' - spooky photo shoot, trilling vocals, a few mild Arca 'weird' elements.

I don't buy it, not enough grabby moments among the songs themselves and the 'I'm strange' image seems too contrived.

The most recent Sevdaliza album was more convincing than this, NR
There was something the way her vocals on this record that bothered me, in a way that it becomes so tedious and flat on repeated listens. I love her art and artistry but not this one.
Art Pop | Abstract | United Kingdon

Pop is just having an amazing year.

I mean damn from Charli to Titanic Rising to this it's just been this constant flow of great records by great artists and i am just so happy. But compared to the other great artsy pop records this year i think this has a more unique sound.

Magdalene is a more focused and solid release than any of fka twigs' earlier work. The abstract and glitchy production with the beautiful vocal performances creates an unique ... read more
This is an ascending trip. FKA Twigs is so raw and emotional here. She just let us in so deeply in her feelings during the duration of 38 mins. As a listener I was taken with her enchanting voice and grand production.

Big names in the field like Nicolas Jaar and Skrillex were responsible for the production of the entirety of Magdalene. There was an apparent pattern in the mood of the instrumentals, it's like this album was conceptual in this specific area. Later on when this album ages, it ... read more
what the fuck!
what an insanely incredible album. this bitch really just took me on an emotional rollercoaster i do not want to get off from. album of the year!
((og score: 98))))
Space Vacation
I know I'm not alone in saying that there's a good chance that this is not only my album of the year, but THE album of 2019.

Update: So, this probably won't be my #1 AOTY actually but easily without question will be one of the best of this year.
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