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"Everybody say you got a lot to be proud of. Been bumpin' Danny Brown this whole time, don't realize what I done!" -me, 2019

Detroit rapper Danny Brown is back at it with a straightforward, but nonetheless charismatic and pristine studio album! After dropping one of the most off-the-wall hip hop releases in 2016, Atrocity Exhibition, an intoxicating, dark and mind-bending record, uknowhatimsayin¿ is a change in pace that's best described as Danny's "Feel-Good" album. ... read more
The new Danny Brown album is great. Sure, it isn't the best work by him, and there are a couple of weak points on here, but all in all a pretty good album. This album is him trying to approach a more funkier old-school hip hop sound. The album kicks off with 'Change Up' which is a very smooth and relaxing song. It's so weird that this is Danny Brown who is rapping, because about 3 years he made one of the craziest and most absurd albums of the 2010's: Atrocity Exhibition. The next song is the ... read more
Ever since I started listening to Danny Brown in like 2015, I've been a fan of almost everything he puts out. He hasn't made a bad album yet in my view and he is constantly challenging himself on each release. From the nostalgia and reflection of XXX to the drugged-out parade that was Atrocity Exhibition, Danny keeps things fresh.
What slightly changed my view on Danny was an appearance on the podcast The Church of What's Happening Now from 2016 or 2017. He fit right into the show. I was ... read more
This review I wrote after being brutally disappointed by one of my most anticipated albums of 2019 was out of date. I like this album. It took a while for it to grow on me. There is a certain feeling of this album that is far from what Atrocity was going for. Danny, in a lot of ways, has improved his life greatly. It resulted in this weird, wacky rap album that I just wasn't feeling

I don't have a ton to say besides it just took some time to get adjusted to, but it is a very solid project
Yeah, I know what Danny saying...

Unruly hair; the gap between the teeth worthy of the Grand Canyon; the shrill voice which raps poetically: "Still fucking with them freak hoes, stank pussy smelling like Cool Ranch Doritos. ". The brilliant and crazy lyricist born in Detroit was a real rockstar in 2011: original in terms of style and authentic in the heart.

After three years, Danny Brown is back with "uknowhatimsayin¿", the highly anticipated sequel to ... read more
The one thing I had when I was playing this was: 'God I can't wait to listen to Dannys better albums when this is over'.

Damn, I was really let down by this one! I stayed up all night waiting for this to drop, and when it did I was crushed with this sense of 'wait, that's it?'. This was the first Danny Brown album that...gasp...bored me?!?! What?!?!?

First off, some positives. The production on this album is genuinly amazing and some of the best of the year. The infecious melodies and hard ... read more
VIDEO REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VH5UgcwjWQ (shameless self promo)

After the critically acclaimed powerhouse that was Atrocity Exhibition, it's kind of hard to top such an amazing album. uknowhatimsayin¿ might not be as ambitious, mind-melting or bizarre as that album, but it's not really shooting for such a grim and deranged sound this time around and is taking things in a simpler direction. uknowhatimsayin is an incredibly solid, incredibly well-produced and really well ... read more
Danny Brown is an American rapper that has been one of my favorite artist over the last 7 months. Everything about him is unique, from his topics, to his voice, even down to the beats he uses, he really is the definition of experimental.

The Hybrid was his first official project released in 2010 to minimal commercial success, but pretty good reviews.

After that, his breakthrough project was released a year later, XXX. XXX features even to this day one of Danny's wildest and craziest ... read more
This album is so hit or miss for me, in the strangest of spots.

uknowhatimsayin¿, Danny’s triumphant return from his stunning and bewildering 2016 venture in Atrocity Exhibition. A lot has changed with the guy for the better in those years in many ways. He’s been getting the respect on his name he deserves, shuffling his cards in the hip hop world and if anything, cleaning up his act that personally left me worried for the guy in 2016.

He’s trimmed that goofy fray ... read more
One of AOTY's favourites is back with an album after 3 years since the infamous Atrocity Exhibition, one of my musical orgasms this decade for sure.
And, before you jump into this album if you haven't already, this is not XXX or AE, or even Old. This is a new stylistic change for Danny. Forget the club bangers, and forget the dark production: this is Danny at his happiest, easiest to get into, as uknowhatimsayin¿ is just him delivering comedy-flavoured raps above Q-Tip produced beats, ... read more
Over the last years, Danny Brown has grown to be one of the most acclaimed rappers in the game. Projects like XXX and Atrocity Exhibition have put him on a high pedestal, which means everytime he releases an album the hype is colossal. This album wasn't an exception. Since it was announced, "uknowhatimsayin¿" grew to be one of the most antecipated albums of the year, which makes sense, since Atrocity Exhibition has become one of the most critically successful albums of all ... read more

Danny Brown - an interesting oddball of the modern hip-hop scene. He’s basically tried every style at this point, so on “uknowhatimsayin¿”, he takes on jazzy, lofi, and toned-down production alongside a diminished set of deliveries and lyrics. Even though it didn’t live up to my expectations, it’s still a pretty fun and chill record that has the opportunity to grow on me.

Color: Pink
FAV TRACKS: Dirty Laundry, Negro Spiritual, Savage Nomad, 3 Tearz, ... read more
I was excited to see that Danny Brown was simplifying his sound with his next endeavor. I feel like he's always been a bit overly ambitious. Like, where do you put it all? Nonetheless, I figured this direction could lead to tightly knitted songs. Thankfully, I was right, but I don't think it was entirely intentional on Danny's part. I'm getting some major Deep Puddle Dynamics vibes with this one. He's constantly dubbing himself down as opposed to striving towards facilitation. Holding himself ... read more
Over the course of the last years, Danny Brown has proved himself to be one of the most interesting hip-hop artist in the industry right now. After his last, critically acclaimed album „Atrocity Exhibition", I was really interested which direction he is going to take for his next release. After seeing that his new project features production from the legendary Q-Tip himself, FlyLo, JPEGMAFIA and even Standing On The Corner, I was anticipating something even better than his last ... read more
uknowhatimsayin is the easiest Danny Brown album to listen to by far, but that don't let that distract from just how creative it can be, whether that's with Danny's trademark sense of humor and delivery or the wacky production. At its best (which it's often at), this thing is an all-killer, no-filler exercise in slick hip hop showmanship. The production is top notch, and the delivery from everyone feels consistently effortless. Never before has the word "smooth" come to mind when ... read more

I'd actually be pretty mad if this was anything close to resembling an Atrocity Exhibition.

Abstract and experimental hip hop artist and Detroit MC, Danny Brown has become one of my favourites of this decade, I feel as though every time I delve deeper into this bizarre discography of his, I only become more and more enthralled with what he could possibly do next. He's one of those who just seems like a miracle on the face of the Earth. XXX and Atrocity Exhibition are some of the ... read more
I brought the user score down lol

review ported from RYM:
To start off my reviews on rym, I decided to pick the biggest album of the last day and without a doubt it's Danny Brown's latest effort.

Danny Brown has always been hit or miss with me. When he's not making some sort of avant-garde noise hop thinkpiece like Atrocity Exhibition, he's usually not very good. Though I do greatly enjoy XXX, It has a lot more depth and is tons more consistent then that of Old or even Atrocity Exhibition ... read more
It’ll take a miracle to make an album on-par with Danny Brown’s “Atrocity Exhibition”. It’s an album that still rings to mind for me when it comes to experimental hip hop albums from the past decade, with hilarious writing and a destructive concept mixed in with some of the most bonkers hip hop production you will ever hear. Which is why it’s a bit weird, and at the same time refreshing, to see him aiming for a totally different style this time around, ... read more
no i don't know what you;re saying stop it dan

EDIT: ok now i know what you're saying
Space Vacation
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I mean it's a soIid aIbum but I was expecting way more from Danny.
I'm happy he's finaIIy Iiving a good Iife tho
Finally, my guys, it's Danny Brown day! I feel like I had been waiting forever, maybe that's just because I've been wanting to hear this new album, "uknowhatimsayin¿" SO BADLY. From abstract/experimental hip hop singles such as the quirky, humorous and sexual banger "Dirty Laundry", a boastful, psychedelic, goofy single that got me so hyped (even more so than I was) for the album, to the more psychedelic-driven, warm, funky, conscious hip hop/boom bap piece "Best ... read more
I guess you can say I've been handing out sevens to albums I've been hyping up to be nines....

Danny Brown follows up his masterpiece and my personal favorite album of all time Atrocity Exhibition with an overall decent project. However, for Danny Brown's standards, I was somewhat disappointed. The one thing I can see everyone agreeing with is that the production is insanely clean and VERY good. Q-Tip, Paul White, Flylo and Peggy in my initial listen saved this album for me. On second listens ... read more
Danny Brown makes a return after his triumphantly acclaimed 2016 album “Atrocity Exhibition”. In recent years, Danny has moved himself into the top tier of critically acclaimed rappers and therefore we are more critical of his work and more easily disappointed, as our expectations are so monumentally high.

This was by no means a bad album, there were quite a few moments on here that blew me away. The singles were fantastic and among some of the best songs on the year. The ethereal ... read more
Danny is one of the best rappers who releases steadily honestly because this album bops hard.

Every single song off of this is gorgeous in every single way. The production, the vocals, just all of it. Now you could put this down to first listen hype, but I don't think this is that I was definitely excited for this, but not to the extent as something like IGOR, which I still stand on that original score, it's a really good album. I can say wholeheartedly that I will probably be listening to ... read more
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