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The Independent

Tyler has never been one for traditional song structure, but on IGOR he’s like the Minotaur luring you through a maze that twists and turns around seemingly impossible corners, drawing you into the thrilling unknown.

Tyler has put away many of the rowdy characteristics of the past and has evolved into a musician that structures a consistent body of work song after song. These are back-to-back albums now that are cohesive from front to back while never taking a dip in the quality of production.
Consequence of Sound

By closing the door on the philosophies and musical approaches he used to take, Tyler discovers an open window, leading him to new, peaceful strength and mastery of his craft.


The productions are as nuanced and judiciously tricked out as they are on the previous album, adjusted to enhance all the agitation and grief, yet it's all ear candy -- spiraling synthesizers, vaguely psychedelic flourishes, and bumping drums galore. Roll down the windows, crank it, and keep the tissue on the armrest.

Spill Magazine

Tyler, The Creator’s newest effort, IGOR, demonstrates just how gifted the 28-year-old artist really is.


Within the framing of Tyler, the Creator, IGOR does feel like a triumph, the best of both worlds, a balance between the crazy kid he was and the precariously stable adult he’s still trying to become.

The Needle Drop

IGOR is easily one of the best breakup albums of the decade.

Crack Magazine

On IGOR, Tyler is at his most vulnerable and heartfelt, and it suits him perfectly.


On IGOR, Tyler showcases a more polished iteration of the hazy pop he’s been perfecting for years.

Spectrum Culture

Igor is a triumph, another feather in the cap of an artist whose real aim has always been to emote, not provoke, and who has made his vulnerability an expansive palette from which to draw in an exploration of the shades and contours of his own emotional canvas.


With his sixth album ‘Igor’ Tyler again not only pushes himself, but what hip-hop should be in 2019.

FLOOD Magazine
Each track is like an act of a play, so the record is both a fleshed-out story and a vibrant character study, with Tyler opening up about new facets of himself and blurring the line between fiction and autobiography—one of the songwriting techniques Tyler does best.
NOW Magazine

In a tight but varied 39 minutes, Tyler is exploring the sonic terrain in Flower Boy with a narrative concept that, like a non-relationship, feels endless and all-encompassing, then hard not to put on repeat.


Tyler, the Creator’s sixth album is impressionistic and emotionally charged, the result of an auteur refining his style and bearing more of his soul than ever before.

Rolling Stone

Across IGOR, he achieves a happy balance by tempering his wonky song structures bordering on the surreal and dogged pursuit of synthgasms with a clear narrative arc and careful calculated swerves in tone and texture.

Under the Radar

For the most part, Tyler has opted out of his rapping heritage, preferring pitch-altered singing vocals which will split some opinion. However, this elevated IGOR beyond the mere confines of genre, to a substantially great work of art, cementing Tyler's case as one of this decade's most essential artists.


‘IGOR’ is an accomplished and evergreen record that’s well worth putting your phone down, turning the TV off and devoting your full attention span to.


It’s an intriguing album with few dips, and it adds up to Tyler, The Creator’s best work to date.


It's the clarity of vision and production quality that called Donuts to my mind, but really IGOR is comparable to every instance good or bad where a rapper has stepped outside the box they made for themselves.


Tyler attempts to up the ante on IGOR and he succeeds to a large extent.

The Guardian

It’s no bad thing that Igor downplays Tyler’s indomitable personality – but the writing and execution do not quite replace what has been lost. What’s left is a fine showcase of ingenuity that too rarely burrows very far into your consciousness.


It's weird how we disapprove of Stans for artists like Ariana Grande because they flood the reviews, but at the end of the day we are the just the same.

Anyway, we Stan Tyler the Creator and his seemingly endless creativity.

Tyler could have literally done anything with this project. Like anything. Coming straight off of Flower Boy, the album that expanded Tyler's potential from dark, distorted and demented persona to pop star in seemingly hours. So the question with this record, which had no ... read more


‘igor’ combines and parallels tyler's separate personas as tyler finds true voice through reflection. he utilizes his faults as strengths by placing these flaws at the music's forefront. this album truly captures the human condition by combining concept art, ad-libs, wide-ranging feelings, and thoughtfulness into an intelligently crafted narrative.

what sticks out, to me, are the breathing sounds placed throughout the album - which symbolically implement elements of humanism within ... read more


After listening to all of Tyler’s previous albums, I’ve felt myself relating to him in a lot of ways. I really enjoy how personal his music feels to me. He is really unfiltered, and in a lot of ways, I have found myself looking up to him. I can understand why he has gained such a passionate fan base. I was looking at this album at face value when I first heard it, and I blame myself for that

This album is just really cool. I like how vintage it sounds throughout. Tyler’s ... read more


:mu weno


what is left to say about igor after all this time? just go and give it a try. now.


I enjoy Tyler's change of pace n this record, and the story.

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Added on: May 6, 2019