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kanye s tier
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Kanye West is my favorite musician of all time, and I wanted to show that. This is based off this video: by Aflo Media. I'll be following of his rules ...
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These musics are good. Listen to these as much as possible, unless you are at risk of developing tinnitus, then probably stay away. List goes from best to worst.
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my top 25 albums of 2019 ❤️
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Oh god oh fuck it’s a different opinion
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lista de álbuns com nota de número 90 a 99.
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All albums listened to and the dates of the first audition. Rated: 1315 Listened: 1771
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Часть моей души и моего сознания / 90-100
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thats right baybee, im raking the shitton of albums labeled as "must hear." usually must hear albums have to be like, above an 80 critic score with at least 10 critic scores logged. ...
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This is all my opinion don't crucify me lol
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Albuns que eu pretendo ouvir
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Pretty much all the rap albums I gave an 86 or more (excluding instrumental or instrumentally-led albums)
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i don't fucking care if you disagree ok buddy? ok! remember that this list features albums that i personally think are good/bad/mediocre contrary to other critics (xD) on this platform
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