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NOT FINISHED TILL 1/1/2020 ONLY ALBUMS I'VE LISTENED TO FROM START TO FINISH RANKING SCALE: 10/10: Best of the year 9-8: Great to Amazing 7-6: Good to Average 5-4: Bad to Ok 3-2: Terrible 1-0: ...
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hipster time
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Favorites of all time 9-10/10
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Only 8 Users have a net of 300 followers (total followers minus total followings equalling over 300)*. I've taken those users perfect ratings or top ten albums ever, if they're a bit tight with the ...
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Lista com os álbuns lançados em 2019 que avaliei
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albums i need to listen to
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Just a few albums I don't own yet and planning on getting. I also won't put albums I cannot afford (Blonde ;-;)
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A growing list of my favourite albums this year
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I'm only including LPs
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It's my taste. I'm sorry.
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Feel free to comment some album covers you think should be on this list, might add some of them
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Everything on this list will be in the running for my Top 50, which I’ll publish on December 23rd. It’ll be a 64-album bracket, with a separate bracket for albums 51+ to determine who gets to the ...
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here's another list of someone unimportant listening to a bunch of shit edit: i should point out, there is a line between before listening and after listening, before listening will be sorted out by ...
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Not based on score, rather how much I personally enjoy listening to it
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