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We Are Not Your Kind
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I have a confession to make. I'm not proud of it but...sigh...

I'm a dirty, filthy Slipknot fan. Always have been. And I was pretty worried going into this album.

Slipknot, while not the most critically adored metal band in the past couple of years, has always has a small, creepingly filthy spot in my heart ever since I first heard 5. The Grey Chapter back when it first released. I know that's not their best album, but sue me for liking something why don't ya? And after listening through ... read more
In preparation for this album I decided to revisit many of my favorite metal/darkwave albums of the last few years. I listened back to some Code Orange, Primitive Man, Chealsea Wolfe, and a couple others. I haven't been a huge fan of Slipknot. I feel like they have always held back their sound just enough to lose my interest. Their image also feels very gimmicky. However, If you forget about the gimmicky costumes and image the band puts on, this album really holds up as it's own stand alone ... read more
Baroness: No ome can fuck up metalhead's expectations like us
Slipknot: hold my beer

Come on guys, 90+ critic score? You got to be on crack. I mean, it's not as bad as Gold & Grey, but it has very similar flaws. This is a mess, and the sounds here are not innovative at all for me. The songwriting also isn't as ambitious. I used my data to download this and tbh, I wish I waited till I got home to do so.
I don't see what's special about this album at all it's just decent, too many lows on here to even call it decent.
The first of the four major metal releases over the next couple of months: Slipknot come back after five years of no new music. This band is not usually seen in a positive light by music listeners. Most people group them together with a lot of other nu-metal outfits who most only listen to in their angsty teenage phase, and are usually seen as embarrassing to listen to. However, I'll be the first to say that I'm actually a fan of these guys. While they've never made the greatest music, and it ... read more
Slipknot's Comeback is an overblown mess

Best Tracks: Unsainted, Red Flag, Spiders, My Pain
Worst Track: Orphan
This album is a lot of fun, it's actually pretty good from what I was expecting, but is it worth a 92 critic score? Hell no, it's not bad by any means but it's not even close to perfect either.
One of the bigger problems I have with this project are some songs being too long, they start fun and energetic but get boring as hell towards the end (ofc some are actually good the entire time without getting boring but you get it).
It's still a very fun and good listen tho, will see how it ages ... read more
When you listen to a Slipknot record, you know just about exactly what you're in for.

Back in my youth the Slipknot formula worked wonders on me. It's hard-hitting, brutal, nasty and punchy. The visceral lyricism, growling vocals and banging instrumentation are infectious in their bursts.

However, the issue with a Slipknot album is that the short bursts in which they are successful end up feeling a little too much after awhile. Early in the record, you feel the energy and feel riled up like ... read more
Very easily their best work since Iowa. I'm very impressed, I had quite low expectations for this since the singles pretty much underwhelmed me and with the time I acquired the mentality of "Who still likes Slipknot in 2019?", well jokes on me. This record was incredibly entertaining, considering the relatively long duration of the record (1hr+), it didn't felt lengthy or tiring, it actually felt pretty damn short. Slipknot truly pulled out a really enjoyable and fun project that ... read more
With more than 20 years of career and 6 albums, the Nu Metal band Slipknot has greatly changed the landscape of the Metal scene over the last two decades. I have metalhead friends who love Slipknot, and I admit that I'm pretty fan of their debut album. The 9 members are proud manufacturers of headbangers since their beginnings, with in addition a unique and spectacular visual style that will make the haters say that they are only industry plants. Today, the band shows that they can reinvent ... read more
"We Are Not Your Kind" doesn't really hook me on to Slipknot's music in any way, but there is a surprising amount of fun to be had here. Sure, it's a little inconsistent and there's moments of cheese, but the intensity of the production and instrumentation is hard not to admire and there are even a few "experimental" cuts that are a welcome change of pace.

Fav Tracks: Spiders, Unsainted, Critical Darling, Red Flag, Nero Forte, Solway Firth

Least Fav Track: My ... read more

I wasn't planning on listening to We Are Not Your Kind in the same manner I usually do when highly-anticipated albums drop. If I'm super excited, I'll listen to the album the second it drops at midnight, let it process, and bang out a review before daybreak. However, school is starting soon (one of the bleakest thoughts I've had all summer and this summer has been shit), and I was planning on getting my sleep schedule back to normal in preparation. However, I just couldn't help myself. ... read more
(I was saving this review for friday but the damn critics have gone and made this the highest rated album of the century)

Yes I listened to the leaks, sue me. Wait no actually don-

It's been almost 6 years since the last Slipknot album and I've been anticipating We Are Not Your Kind since it was announced back in May. While I'm not the biggest Slipknot fan I do unironically enjoy their music. I always thought the mask gimmick was cool and as far as pop metal goes they're my go-to band when I ... read more
I'm upset at the wasted opportunity to name this album "We Are kNot Your Kind".

I'm starting to get sick of intro tracks. They're feeling so gimmicky to me now, like every album NEEDS one. Maybe this album should have just went straight into Unsainted. There isn't a lot to gather from Insert Coin in any regard, and I feel this almost dampens the effect Unsainted has as the first actual song on the album. Unsainted is Slipknot being Slipknot. The oil drum is here, giving us that ... read more
Just a ripoff of Korn.
While much better than their last effort, Slipknot utilizes the concept of an album. It isn't just a tracklist with bangers and melodic cuts, but each song bleeds through beautifully. However, not all the songs here are as memorable as others, nor does it really call back for much. That isn't to say that the songs aren't enjoyable because the majority of them are, though they don't differ or nail the landing as much as I'd like them to.
Slipknot have an issue with sometimes making the same song over and over. That one song isn't that great to begin with
now i'm addicted to Slipknot as if it's 3rd grade all over again
Nope. C'mon. C'mon, what is this. This is nothing, it's like I'm listening to nothing. What is at all interesting or fresh about this new Slipknot album? It's the most basic stuff for the genre ever.
I enjoyed this project.

The first time is listened to Slipknot was the time I really got into metal through System of a Down's album 'Toxicity'. Because I really liked that record, I checked out the "Fans also like..." section on an artist page on Spotify. I saw some other bands, but I didn't find their names that interesting, but Slipknot stuck out like a sore thumb with their name to me at the time. When I started listening to their most popular songs I was completely hooked on ... read more
Well... I'm scared. Too scared. "Spiders"' intro is scary. "Insert Coin" scared me. This whole thing is just not for me, I can't deal with metal music at all, but I can't leave this page without saying this album is great - if you like metal music.
I think there is not enough difference with what we already know is Slipknot, It's been a while without listening to them but in this album I can notice a more mature and very well elaborated production, I emphasize the drums with their cymbals, it has an interesting structure compared to other albums, it is Very good work, but I think it was too much Hype on the part of the magazines, and much hate on the part of some people.

Creo que no hay bastante diferencia con lo que ya ... read more
Every track sounds the same lol
Time to review this... this was unexpected, me enjoying a slipknot album in 2019? More likely than you'd think. So this album is surprisingly good, especially for a slipknot album. It's different, it's unique and it's fun. Starting from the beginning we have the quite psychedelic intro that transitions wonderfully into Unsainted, there's not much to say about Insert Coin except that it's a nice opener. Unsainted is already a really good song, as a single but I feel it's amplified on the album, ... read more
no way slipknot made a good album😂
An unexpectedly fantastic record from a band I knew I'd enjoy but didn't expect to commend

Favorite tracks: A Liers Funeral, Not Long for This World, Orphan, Unsainted, Birth of the Cruel.
Lo mejor del álbum es un interludio de 40 segundos, sonido muy popular y común
The wait is over and "We Are Not Your Kind" is the first record from the nu-metal powerhouse in 5 years. Naturally, the anticipation was immense and the hype was inevitable since this is a Slipknot record and the promise of a record as heavy as "Iowa" made fans eager. But does it truly meet expectations? Does it make the wait worth it?

Well, like my score suggests it really doesn't. This is packed with what we've heard the band do post-"Iowa" era. The structures ... read more
Definetly the best Slipknot has sounded in years, but still this isn't anything special. This album gets boring after the first 30 minutes and I feel like some of the songs are just too long. I don't really get why critics love this so much. Not a bad comeback though.

Favourite Tracks: Unsainted, Nero Forte, Solway Firth
Least Favourite: Death Because of Death
My personal AOTY. Holy shit this album is amazing, living with this heaviness and catchiness, I couldn't ask better after such a long time waiting. Songs like Critical Darling, Nero Forte, Red Flag are greatly composed instrumentally and lyrically. The weakest song (and really is very very weak) is My Pain, but I'll just ignore that track. This was a worthy listen
I've gotta start by saying, this is their best since Volume 3., in fact, possibly even better. This album is consistent and pretty much every track (excluding little interlude like tracks that are only a minute or so) is amazing. The production's good, the musicianship here is very tight and the songs don't really lack whereas I felt they did, at times, throughout their last two albums. I think a lot of people will enjoy this and will come out extremely happy, although I expect a lot of people ... read more
i'm no slipknot or "alt-metal" hater (seriously what is "alt-metal" and what do you call this genre if not that, it's pretty much the opposite of alternative), i think iowa is an all-time great in a genre that unfairly gets pretty much no respect. it's amazing that slipknot has stuck around as long as they have and not completely compromised their sound. that said i think critics/people are wildly overreacting to this album and confusing "bloated" with ... read more
Wait, are Slipknot still making music? Maybe it was just me, but I was under the impression that Slipknot had split up like every metal band that formed in the 1990s to 2000s (except for Papa Roach it seems like, but don't give that album a listen, please). So, can Slipknot prove their persistence in the music scene, or will they suffer from old age and deliver a steaming pile of garbage?

Well, they have successfully pulled it off. This new Slipknot album is pretty good. There are still a few ... read more
Slipknot's first album in 5 years is shockingly, one of the best in their discography. Heavier than "All Hope is Gone" and not nearly as cheesy as "The Gray Chapter", Slipknot at this stage seemingly have more purpose than ever. Gone is the nasty, angsty Nu-Metal of their early days, and in it's place is a shockingly human, and even more shockingly ambitious album. Yes, a few tracks remind me of just how cheesy they were a few years back. But so much of this album is ... read more
Eu nunca fui fã da banda em si, mas cara, esse disco é simplesmente intragável, a cada momento que passa ele parece apenas mais e mais bagunçado.
As letras, mano não da pra levar elas a sério, e tudo soa a mesma coisa que eles fazem desde o inicio, foi uma verdadeira perda de tempo ouvir esse disco.
Dude idk it’s Slipknot 🤷🏻‍♂️
I never thought I would like an intense album that wasn't made by Death Grips, I was wrong.
Nero Forte is on replay and not going anywhere in a week or two
Insert Coin [83] (-)
Unsainted [105]
Birth of the Cruel [104]
Death Because of Death [85]
Nero Forte [110]
Critical Darling [104]
A Liar's Funeral [105]
Red Flag [110]
What's Next {IGNORING, 80}
Spiders [92]
Orphan [101]
My Pain [87]
Not Long for This World [97]
Solway Firth [110]

5. A Liar's Funeral
4. Unsainted
3. Solway Firth
2. Red Flag
1. Nero Forte
Wow. I never expected to be enjoying a new Slipknot album so much in 2019, but this could be their most consistent pack of songs since The Subliminal Verses, and one of the best metal albums this year.

I've been listening to these songs for two weeks and most of them are still rewarding. There are so many cool/creepy atmospheres from the DJs here and there, the production is simply amazing as you can really feel every component of the band doing their thing (great guitar/bass/drums work), ... read more
theyre trying hard at this point idk
Фу меня сейчас вырвит шмара
As a fan of Slipknot who hadn’t cared for many of their recent albums, this was a shocking return to form. They go in a much more experimental direction than they ever have before, and sound more mature and sure of their sound than they have in years. Very impressed with this effort, especially after not being very excited upon hearing the first single.
Favorites: Unsainted, Birth of the Cruel, Nero Forte, Critical Darling, A Lier’s Funeral, Red Flag, Orphans, Not Long For This ... read more
How tf is this better than king gizz record?
really liked the experimention on this album, the lyrics are amazing, taylor's vocals are pretty good, and despite what anyone says, unsainted is an amazing track. overall, this is definitely one of the best metal albums in recent history.
This is my first Slipknot album. I have only heard a couple Slipknot songs but not a full album. After listening to this album, I will definitely be checking out their older albums. The singles "All Out Life and "Unsainted" caught my attention. I have given this album multiple listens. After my first listen I gave it a 90. The album grew in me even more on my second listen but on every other listen, the album's problems started to become apparent. Don't get me wrong, I still love ... read more
While Slipknot's new album does show ambition with it's sometimes grandiose presentation and infrequent attempts at experimentation, it still leaves a lot to be desired.

The instrumentation is pretty much the same-old extreme metal tinged drumming, gritty guitars, growled vocals, and other percussive and electronic bells and whistles. Corey's vocals seem to be much more refined on this record. His screams are more satisfying, however, his sung melodies sometimes come off as corny and a little ... read more
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