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Music I have listened to this year Albums (87) 100/100 = 0 90/100 = 0 80/100 = 5 70/100 = 24 60/100 = 25 50/100 = 17 40/100 = 9 30/100 = 4 20/100 = 1 10/100 = 1
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nutrición allá voy
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stuff I've listened to (or need to give a listen to) in 2019
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Unfinished until 1/1/20
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I have chromesthesia. Basically I hear colors. It's cool.
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At some point in time, these albums were raided by sad, sad teenagers. If I missed any albums, lmk
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Albums that nobody on the site can seem to get an opinion on
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My favorite albums & EPs of 2019 ranked. That's it. (Still being constructed. Not all the albums I listened to in 2019 are here reviewed, yet).
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My faves of all time. Every album here I'm obsessed about. Like, extremely. And has a meaning to my life. I love them more than I can say.
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The albums/songs that are in here are either ones that people like and I don't, or the other way around.
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any album with a score lower than 29
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Albuns listened in 2019
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August Playlist
Vinyl Me, Please