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Why do people hate this album? I mean, I like most pop albums that people don't like but, I was expecting this to have a 65 or 70 user score, not 59. And some people are giving this a 0. Anyway, I'm gonna split this review up into two parts. The film and the album. I know this isn't a film reviewing website, but it's part of the album.

The film:

Can we talk about how she put the entire movie FOR FREE onto youtube with no ads? I get how people can not like this movie but, you gotta appreciate ... read more
Is the "K-12" supposed to stand for KONY 2012?

Y'know what, Fortnite! That's what I'm gonna call this Fortnite!

Well, it's been officially confirmed that I'm 100% not a Fortnite, because KONY 2012 was one of the most excruciating Fortnite experiences I've had to Fortnite! To basically sum it up, if you didn't like Fortnite, Crybaby, you are NOT, I repeat, are NOT going to like Fortnite. On KONY 2012, Melanie Martinez essentially takes her Fortnite, pretty generic and obnoxious ... read more
YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE MOVIE TO UNDERSTAND THIS WHOLE ALBUM, YOU F*CKING IDIOTS! The movie is beautifully directed, the dancers did a pretty well job too, and I love that songs talked about subjects that we all deal with and see in our daily life (the way our society sometimes pressure us to be a certain type of person, instead of helping us accept and love who we are and the body that we're born with). It's a great follow-up to "Cry Baby", an album that absolutely ruled my life and ... read more
the best album of the year, only shallow minded bitches will hate it or someone that has a different music taste
ok but k-12 slaps tbh ngl tbh

Actual Review:
Melanie Martinez is a singer/songwriter born in Astoria, Queens but raised in Baldwin, New York, and she is one of the weirdest artists to blow up in the past few years.

She initially auditioned for The Voice, which made her Toxic by Britney Spears cover viral, and caught the eye of many record labels, who were fascinated by her intriguing voice.

Her debut single, Dollhouse, was released on the 9th of February 2014 to big success, becoming a ... read more
This album gives me some nostalgia for some reason. Not Good Nostalgia! Nostalgia for stuff like the aids epidemic and the bush administration!! NOT GOOD!!!!
Just because you’ve been accused of sexual assault, doesnt mean you have any right to rape my fucking eardrums
Going into this album, I didn't have really any high expectations for this album. And what I got was this bland album, that seem like Crybaby B-Sides. I mean the album has no real concept besides how they pick the titles, which the track listing doesn't even feel right. One of the good things that came out of the album was that (just like LDR) she isn't trying to sound like Billie Eyelash, she at least sounds like Melanie Martinez. With this new album, besides for writing and directing a whole ... read more
the album of the year, century and millennium

favs: the principal, nurse's office, drama club, strawberry shortcake, high school sweethearts and recess
Who told her that prolonging a boring character from a boring album was a good idea? Sincerely? Peppa did the children music concept much better

the problem here is how everything is flat and lifeless like most of her debut album or every tumblr pop release. there's trap and alternative r&b Influences mixed with that lazy concept about a mad-fucking-cuckoo children, poor lyricism and annoying production but this time is even more boring because it looks like she don’t know why ... read more
Uh oh. Here they come boys.

The Bots are Nigh.
Screw this album.

And no I'm not going to watch the film. I don't care if I'll "understand it better". I don't review films...I review albums. This is a bad album.

The lyrics! Dear god these are some of the worst lyrics I've heard this year. How could someone possibly defend this? You can't make a song about on putting icing on top of your strawberry shortcake and then claim that it has some deeper meaning. Why should I listen to Melanie sing about grown adults dressed as children ... read more
I was never a fan of Melanie Martinez's "cute but alternative" style and... yeah this doesn't change shit. I've yet to watch the accompanying movie, but I still think "K-12" is a very meh album. The production is generic and a lot of the lyrics are awful, despite the subject matter being pretty decent. "Nurse's Office" has to be one of the worst tracks of the year, in my opinion.

Fav Tracks: High School Sweethearts, Show & Tell, Wheels on the Bus, Strawberry ... read more
this isso bland. i skipped most of songs. recess is the only tolerable track i listened from start to finish.
I bet all those who are negatively reviewing this album and say it has a boring concept, probably haven't even really listened to it or paid not enough attention. I think they wrote a review just because they hate Melanie Martinez. Because this album is full of messages and lessons that it is always good to remember, especially for the younger ones and that can never be trivial! I liked musically a lot, I had to listen to it a couple of times to get into the kind of sound but now I can't ... read more
I wasn't expecting much from this album, as it is obviously weaker than her latest LP, but I still did my best to wait until it was officially released to give an opinion on it.
"High School Sweethearts" is really solid, and it is shocking it is on the same project as "Nurse's Office", which sounds PAINFUL.
But yeah, she gave what she promised. That's all.

The child-like aesthetic of Melanie Martinez does not mix well with her adult, mature, and dirty lyrics on this record, and albeit creative, it makes for an awkward and almost nauseating experience.

Color: Pink
FAV TRACKS: Wheels on the Bus
LEAST FAV: almost all the rest
Bots eh?
One of the best albums of the year. She talked about so many important topics such as fame, self worth and she even talked about her thoughts about Donald Trump and the government of the United States. The songs are really great and the production is smooth on every single track. Some people dislike this album because they can’t understand the artistry behind this beautiful body of work. The film is great as well, even though in some parts it’s not really clear what’s going ... read more
So, a friend of mine just watched the movie for this album yesterday and suggested me to try it because it was thoughtful and amazing and deep.

I don't know how and where and in what universe I thought it was a good idea to give this a try, but here we are. Melanie Martinez comes back with another LP maintaining her "crybaby" persona and bringing up her previous aesthetic/childlike music with a supposedly "mature" songwriting.

As we know, this whole childish imagery is not ... read more

album is ok, movie sucks tho sorry.
As a soundtrack to a musical this album doesn't do it's job. As an album full of "artsy" pop songs this album doesn't do it's job. As this was recorded I'm assuming a little after CryBaby but held back for so long, there's no real artistic progression between albums. They both feel like a part of the same project, just this one came out 4 years late
K-12 has a smoother approach than Cry Baby, sonically. And I LOVE it as well. For me, it's way more catchy, by the way. All the choruses are so catchy. I danced to this album so much. Fills me with a gracefully joy! Love how every song is about a social issue of the patriarchy written in a unique way, the Melanie's way, true to her concept that is what sets her apart in the music industry. And the songs are just right for the movie. With the visual experience, it goes beyond! I just wish Fire ... read more
I don't see the issue?
The songs were nice (despite the film being everywhere) and they all had a different vibe.
Her bonus track was really nice too.
Hey can you please stop being biased in the iTunes reviews? Because I’m tired of you fuckers bashing Post Malone’s album without proper explanation. Calm down. This album is generic.
Stan talents
As we all know, Melanie Martinez died in a domestic fire in late 2016, one year later after making one of the best pop albums of the decade. Now, we're in the middle of 2019 and we have a posthumous release that sounds nothing like Melanie Martinez. DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND? THE GUYS IN THE SUITS, THE BOSSES OF THE BOSSES, THEY KILLED HER ON PURPOSE SO THEY COULD RELEASE BORING, COMMERCIAL MUSIC UNDER HER NAME. WE WILL NOT LET HER NAME DIE IN VAIN LIKE THIS. MELANIE STANS, RISE UP. #Crybaby4Ever
listening to this was a roller coaster... and not in a good way
the unnecessary sound effects and her edited voice didn’t do this album any justice

edit: yes i’ve seen the movie too and it didn’t change my opinion at all
Amazing job melanie, you deserve better
I feel that this is just not for me.
The production on this thing is just boring and flavorless, all the songs sound exactly the same, the lyrics are kinda generic and have no impact whatsoever, melanie's style "cute but dark" is pretty edgy and irritable sometimes. I really don't see the "uniqueness" of this album and on melanie's music in general.
Not good
Hmmm what’s bothering me is people not giving an honest review. Some of you giving them a low review just because you don’t like the fan base which is unfair. Also why do people keep mentioning bots, quit it and start acknowledge the huge achievements they made. Now I personally love the album and think it’s one of their best. I find it’s amazing how they were able to reference singing in the rain in their music video. It’s nice to see artists staying true to ... read more
A true visionary of our age. People either understand her art or they don’t. Can we all just appreciate her originality with the genre (magic realism/surrealism) and the visuals that follow the music which is sonically very unconventional but quality, and lirically a masterpiece?! She deserves so much recognition for this body of work.
this album is her best one yet. why is everyone being so harsh? every song has a deep meaning and she covers topics that most artists today won’t. she also made the film free on YouTube, without ads. research about the album and it’s meaning before judging it so harshly. WATCH THE FILM BEFORE LISTENING, it gives the album a whole new perspective.
Addicted 💖💖
i liked
Um bom álbum, mas não teve evolução do Cry Baby para esse
O filme? Perfeito
Neste álbum da para notar claramente a conexão entre as faixas e a mensagem que ela quer passar.
Melanie ainda não perdeu sua essência e foda-se sua opinião.
Melhores faixas:
The Principal
Luchbox Friends
Nurse's Office
Strawberry Shortcake
High Scool Sweethearts
Melanie Martinez tem muita criatividade, isso não tem como negar, pois nem todos os artistas conseguem criar histórias fantásticas, que se passam em um universo peculiar. O problema é que em alguns momentos, Martinez repete o mesmo som que vimos anteriormente, o que pode soar cansativo, mas a profundidade que ela deu aos personagens que criou, os temas tratados em suas músicas, e a produção de algumas faixas compensam toda a espera. Mesmo ... read more
The film gave life to this album.
I really don't know why people are disliking it, this is just Melanie art and works incredible well as a sequel for her first album.
She just created a (kind of) MMCU (Melanie Martinez Cinematic Universe).
Hands down, the best. Melanie KNOWS what she is doing! AMAZING ALBUM
No segundo disco de Melanie ela nos apresenta um álbum mais conceitual que o Cry Baby, abordando diversos assuntos importantes em suas composições. Ela apostou em uma sonoridade simples mas muito bem feita com um instrumental genuíno e genial. O álbum em si deixa um pouco a desejar na questão de musicas viciantes mas é de se agradar a todos.
it's aesthetically pleasing and musically enjoyable
"K-12" feels like a simultaneously upgrade and downgrade from Martinez's debut "Cry Baby".

Sonically, "K-12" is a downgrade. The production sounds outdated and EQUAL to Cry Baby's, making the album a boring one to listen after 5-6 songs all on the same register.

Lyrically, and luckily, "K-12" feels more mature than "Cry Baby" - Melanie's doing what J.K. Rowling did with the Harry Potter series: start the series with a basic language and ... read more
favs: wheels on the bus, the principal, drama club, lunchbox friends, orange juice, recess

(the album sounds better within the context of the movie)
I don't like Billie Eilish
This album caused another, bot invasion... Sorra
Well anyways, when I actually listened to this album, it was, in short, a snooze fest
Melanie Martinez has been prominent figure in the art pop and scene kids group for awhile with her main attention coming from her original appearance on the voice and her covers for her to release some EPs then a single and then bam, a finished LP in 2015, now I never was into her music but going into this, I had a little higher expectations than the last album ... read more
An Ode To The Memories Of The Early Years
My first experience with this album was strange. It's not terrible, far from it, but the lyricism is so based on school and related subjects therein that it gave me flashbacks to MY high school, and how blessedly normal it was compared to what this album exhibits. This album has this strange undertone of something menacing under the veneer of high school.

The singer here, Melanie, comes off in the same vein of Lorde or Lana Del Rey but with a brighter sound and yet subtly darker impetus ... read more
TBH its reeeaally good,i watched it already 100 times so..Its better with music and everything,melanie did a really good job!
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