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With CALIGULA, Kristin Hayter (aka LINGUA IGNOTA) has delved deep into themes of control, domestic abuse, violence, vengeance, depravity, love and most importantly, transformation to create a truly unsettling yet hugely rewarding album.

The Needle Drop

Caligula is an even more incredible journey to hell than its predecessor.

Tiny Mix Tapes

There is catharsis in Caligula, yes, but it’s not pleasurable. It hurts. It tears.


Lingua Ignota's second full-length CALIGULA continues her blend of opera, neoclassical darkwave, and death industrial. She transforms shattering lamentations into empowered declarations against misogyny, while also complicating the dominant narratives of women's trauma.


With Caligula, she has created a murderous amalgam of opera, metal, and noise that uses her classical training like a Trojan Horse, burning misogyny to ash from its Judeo-Christian roots.


The push-pull between fragile piano and ruptures of psychic static is arresting, but by far Kristin’s most captivating weapon is her voice.

The Guardian

Emphasising the rage and despair of survivors of abuse, Kristin Hayter uses a unique palette including metal, folk and noise.

The Sydney Morning Herald

Caligula, her second album, combines black metal with experimental noise and her operatic vocal training to create a sonic aesthetic that is terrifying in some moments and immensely emotionally affecting in others.


Following her independently released debut “All Bitches Die”, Kristin Hayter, aka Lingua Ignota, developed a small but loud cult following that appreciated her approach to death industrial. However, I don’t think even her fans expected the impactful blow that was her followup, “Caligula” - an emotionally devastating listen of an album that is equally great as it is hard to listen to.

That last sentence probably needs some clarification for those who haven’t ... read more


Lingua Ignota is an absolute wrecking ball. There's something about how her music sounds, I can't even describe it correctly. It's so terrifying and so comforting at the same time. As soon as you are embraced in the beautiful melodies guided by Ignota's powerful voice you encounter a eerie, almost black metal like screaming/noise that just scares the shit out of you. It makes for such an effective album, so powerful in it's beauty and horror. It sounds like a rotten body in decomposition, of ... read more


I'm glad I didn't let this album slip by me. I assumed I would enjoy it from what people have been describing it as. If you like Chelsea Wolf, Droney, black, and/or industrial types of metal, or anything in that territory this is worth a shot. Definitely a favorite for the year and a pleasant surprise.

A really unique, heavy, and dark experience that makes me feel tiny and useless.


She is just so amazing, and her vocals here are way too good. Like Sinner Get Ready, this is just an amazing and concise experience in all fronts. It is still very, very cool just to come back to this album sometimes. I personally liked this album way too much when it released, but right now I don't feel it as much as I used to.


This album hits so incredibly hard. I cannot say how impactful this album was on first hearing. I was both mortified and in awe of the experiences Mrs. Hayter was describing in these songs. The idea of sexual assault portrayed by judas betraying jesus was the most ingenious thing I think I have ever heard. This album slaps and I loved almost every single song.


man i dont even know what neoclassical darkwave is but ima just call it spooky scary skeleton music

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Added on: May 20, 2019