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The title is self explanatory UNDER CONSTRUCTION Goal is to be finished by 2020
Updated 7mo agoRanked 57
pfft... silly virgins. smh my head
Updated 9mo ago 42
I asked a number of users what they thought the most overrated album of all time was. This is what they said.
Updated 1mo ago 30
Will keep updating this list until the very end of the year! Note that all ratings aren't final and are subject to change. Update: Moved back EPs and Compilations onto this list. Also, going to ...
Updated 2w agoRanked 29
My favorite albums of the year :)
Updated 7mo agoRanked 17
every album from 2019 that i listened in 2019 not ranked, cronological order
Updated 7mo ago 16
Average Score: 61 Out of 184 albums... Flawless albums: 0 Amazing albums: 27 Great albums: 43 Good albums: 39 Decent albums: 24 Okay albums: 19 Mediocre albums: 6 Bad albums: 8 Horrendous albums: ...
Updated 3w agoRanked 15
Music, like all art, is culture. It's a reflection of an artist - whether of the world around them, their personal life and struggles or their background and influences. The world has changed ...
Updated 7mo agoRanked 14
You need something to listen too? This is simply an alternative version of the random album generator...but this time it's every album Fantano has given a named reviews too! That means no classics ...
Updated 1d agoRanked 12
Welcome to the official AOTY User Top 50 Albums of 2019 list aggregate! The entries were chosen specifically from the ranked lists of 30, randomly chosen AOTY users. As to achieve the full snapshot, ...
Updated 2w agoRanked 12
... Just another chart from best to least best. Ranking my 50 personal favorite albums of 2019 with annotations + 10 honorable mentions. Spotify Playlist: ...
Updated 7mo agoRanked 12
inspired by dearsongs
Updated 1mo agoRanked 11
Rakksmells genre run? I don't have time for that! (If two albums overlap, I'll simply more on to the second highest rated, then the third, fourth, etc.)
Updated 9mo ago 9
i will be slowly working my way through all 100 albums in the following months :) STATS: - Total Albums Listened To: 32 - Total Songs Listened To: 458 - Total Time Spent Listening: 1636 ...
Updated 8mo agoRanked 8
stuff I've listened to (or need to give a listen to) in 2019
Updated 3mo ago 8
This makes it easier to show record stores
Updated 1mo ago 8
Updated 3w agoRanked 6
We got a lot of political rebellions, female leadership, hidden gems and innovation this year! Honorable Mentions: Avenade - It’s a Whimsical Afterlife FKA twigs - MAGDALENE Angel Olsen - All ...
Updated 2w agoRanked 6
Albums that are destructive and powerful and will tear you down bit by bit. Anything in the realms of Noise,Power Electronics etc. are welcomed
Updated 2mo ago 6

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