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Caligula is an excellent combination of soul-crushingly haunting, comforting and ethereal gorgeousness. But most importantly, IT AIN'T BUTTERFLIES AND RAINBOWS!

If you took a look at the top album releases this week, saw the acclaim this was getting and thought "oh, this is going to be a wonderful experience", then be prepared to not sleep tonight! As someone who first heard this album outside, in the woods during dawn, I can tell you that this was terrifying as hell.

I've talked ... read more
Lingua Ignota is an absolute wrecking ball. There's something about how her music sounds, I can't even describe it correctly. It's so terrifying and so comforting at the same time. As soon as you are embraced in the beautiful melodies guided by Ignota's powerful voice you encounter a eerie, almost black metal like screaming/noise that just scares the shit out of you. It makes for such an effective album, so powerful in it's beauty and horror. It sounds like a rotten body in decomposition, of ... read more
felt like I could predict this album's every move
I don't know what's happening, all I can feel is this haunting and calming chaos going trough my mind that she creates with perfection. I can't even describe it, all I can say is that this is a beautiful experience that almost gave me a heart attack at "May Failure Be Your Noose".
I didn't even know what the fuck I was going into before listening to this album btw but I was completly blown away.
Sorry lads, not going to jump on the hype train for this one.
I'm glad I didn't let this album slip by me. I assumed I would enjoy it from what people have been describing it as. If you like Chelsea Wolf, Droney, black, and/or industrial types of metal, or anything in that territory this is worth a shot. Definitely a favorite for the year and a pleasant surprise.

A really unique, heavy, and dark experience that makes me feel tiny and useless.
I don't eat. I don't sleep. I only listen to this.

the late 1960's gave us the rallying cry of "the personal is the political" and now 50 years later Lingua Ignota updates this to "the visceral is the political". as we deal with the effects of our own latter-day Caligula, a more powerful renunciatory cultural response is required. clocking in at a thrilling 66.6 minutes long, this is it.

also this is my 500th review on AOTY.
LINGUA IGNOTA is an "unknown" language.We just know that it was invented by Hildegard von Bingen, a 12th century abbess... We can easily digress on the choice of this name by the artist Kristin Hayter, who with his art, would like to express the inexpressible, would like to speak a language that would go beyond our knowledge and that would speak not with reason but with heart and soul. All these things that are today often denied in music: feelings and sensations. To fully understand ... read more
I usually don't like reviewing albums after my first listen... but, goddamn, do I have a lot to fucking say! "CALIGULA" is an unstoppable force of nature like nothing I've ever heard before. Lingua Ignota really knows how to get you on the edge of your seat at all times. Her vocals make me feel puny and insignificant, with every breath making my hairs on my arms perk up. Her screams scare the living shit out of me every single time. The classical instrumentation are haunting enough, ... read more
I have no idea what I'm about to get into, oh boy.
Edit 2: This is actually becoming one of my fav albums, which is not what I expected at all, I may change my rating to be higher if this continues.
Edit: I actually want to listen to this again, it's oddly fun? I don't know, I like torture.

Holy fucking shit. This is amazing. The atmosphere is crushing, it's utterly terrifying but in the best way possible, the screaming, the chaos is just perfection. Her voice is so, degrading. I feel so small ... read more
Me: Hum ho howdy, whats this album? The cover sure looks interesting!

Genres: Death Industrial.
Titles: Fucking Deathdealer, May Failure Be Your Noose
Scores: Fucking High

I'll buy 13 copies and also put all my shares in the Lingua Ignota Is A Goddamn Queen trust fund.

After Listening: Wow, that was my favorite Lars Von Trier film! (Bad joke since he's a scummy human being)

Belive the hype people, this thing is amazing! Big, heavy industrial music is one of my absolute favorite genres of ... read more
Caligula—the old Roman emperor—is described by many historians to be one of the most vicious and tyrannical rulers of all time: an individual who took the word “cruelty” and twisted it into his own definition as he underwent a downward spiral into madness. Even hundreds of years after his death, one particular mystery surrounds Caligula, specifically regarding what exactly caused him to stop from continuing to follow the path laid out in front of him—one that ... read more
How does this album manage to be both supernaturally tedious and infinitely aggravating at the same time?

Oh yeah - compose boring 'classical-inspired' music, write eye roll inducing lyrics and then break into a 'performance art' style scream and growl from time to time.

Occasionally Kristin Hayter lands on a redeeming idea or two - the Prurient wall of noise 'Days of Tears and Mourning' is effective, and taken in isolation the medieval-feel folk ballads are nice enough...there's just too ... read more
Well I was unfamiliar with Lingua Ignota before today but damn.. I just listened to this thing real late on my way home from work and it actually scared the hell out of me. This album has a lot going for it. It’s got a very theatrical feel to it from start to finish with an overwhelming atmosphere created by way of some very haunting instrumentation alongside some incredible vocals from Ignota. She pours so much emotion into these tracks that it gave me chills throughout most of my ... read more
im at track 8 and i cant anymore. no album has ever engulfed me so much that i needed to stop it. her voice, the production all of it is too disturbing for me to continue it.

sorry, it might sound selfish or over dramatic, but i dont want to hurt my mental health and sanity just to listen to an album

EDIT: (original score: NR) so i listened to it fully today, and i can say that i enjoyed it quite a lot, not in an entertaining way, on the contrary, this shit's demonic, but i enjoyed it in an ... read more
fuck the 5 point rating system
This album took a while for me to decide whether or not I liked it as much as I hoped I would. I feel like on my initial listen I kinda forced myself to like it as much as everyone else just out of over-excitement after reading so many great reviews about it. But even after that listen I wasn't quite sure of it. Now that I've given it a few more listens, I honestly think this is very overhyped.

Caligula is an album that, when it's good, it can be extremely good; even amazing at times! But, ... read more
why does it sound like she's moving her tongue in and out her mouth and putting repeatedly putting a cup on and off of her mouth on sorrow sorrow sorrow and fragrant is my many flower'd crown. it sounds fucking stupid. how am i supposed to take this serious holy shit. like you try to be all edgy and deep and emotional and then do this
"earl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl lurl" face ass.

if you don't understand what im talking about, listen to ... read more
Space Vacation
This album is an entire archetype and composition of what makes somebody who they are, whether due to their hands or someone else's.
100% not for everybody, but for those people this album was made for, I can't imagine something resonating as much as Caligula.
For as blood curdling and heart breaking this album is, it's also strangely comforting.
It's that split second after a traumatic episode where you come to terms with yourself and the catastrophe that is life, that feeling of ease, knowing ... read more
This album is like going on an epic odyssey...

You arrive at your destination after losing a dozen of you crew members in a battle that also severely damaged the ship, only to discover that your trip was meaningless and that you had been lied to by your father. You swear revenge on him but you later learn that he died of old age, peacefully in his sleep. On your way back home you endure a multitude of attacks from enemy forces, resulting in the death of the majority of your crew, leaving only ... read more
UPDATE: This doesn't get old because I pissed mysrlf at every listen to this, especially at night. So, as an answer to the question at the end of thjs review: yes, it is very great and I wasn't on meds at my first listen.

This is a gorgeous mix of influences and tones that does seesaw with your emotions, and that's kinda all I can call it. But it did exceed my expectations. And it's Kristin's vocal performances that mostly make this album as captivating as it is. Did she actually come with ... read more
I really like this but don't love it, which is a shame because I really was hoping this would be AOTY territory. She's an incredibly creative artist and her sound definitely appeals to me. There are some seriously stunning tracks and moments on this album but I really don't think there's over an hour of good ideas on here. I'm sure I will be listening to this more but I can't honestly say I deeply love this album and will be returning to it over and over again. It's just a really interesting ... read more
When this album is in it's darkest moments it can be very effective, if a little tacky and overdone. The switches between that death industrial style and the classical folk sound feel rather shaky and unnatural and at times the aesthetics in the sound come across no better than a shoddy metalcore record.

I guess my main problem is that Lingua seems to be so focused on shock value that there's really no interesting atmosphere ever built here. I just get a "Lets see how scary and loud I ... read more
I want to go home now

This album is basically a manic descent to hell, and thats putting it lightly. Its a traumatic experience taking this thing in in one go. One of the outright scariest and most unnerving records I have ever put my ears to.
Linguine Incognito - Calender
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