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The Needle Drop

Choke is a welcome continuation of the darker themes and genre bending of Am I A Girl?

Jesus Christ this thing was so much goddamn fun to listen to.

Poppy clearly has got a lot of talent when it comes to constructing a bright catchy soundscape, however recently she's been integrating much moodier, much darker and much more heavy sound into her music, almost inspired by the likes of Slipknot, Nine Inch Nails and Marylin Manson.

And it us so goddamn fun to listen to.

The over the top bangers of Voicemail and Scary Mask make this thing an absolute stomper of a project to listen, ... read more
poppy is so incredible i luv her, she goes from cute bubblegum to batshit sinister pop and screaming like it’s nothing. she is not constrained to one brand of pop and i luv her for that

There's only 5 tracks so let's just review each of them.

Choke, this song is very spooky, jittering highhats all over this thing are insane and the huge bass really gives it a very heavy feel. Her... flow I guess? Is also very spooky, it's very simple but the slight distortion on her vocals really adds a lot.

Voicemail. This song is great for pretty much the same reasons, but this one is even spookier with the pitched down vocals saying "I'm on my own" and the ... read more
Holy Moly i’m impressd.
This EP is crazy an full of interesting ideas Which are presented in a really good way. Every song here is unique and sounds like nothing I've heard before. This is Probably the best pop release this year🦋🤩
Poppy Good Poppy Great fav songs: Scary Mask and Meat
It doesn't even rhyme fuuck
Poppy's come and released some of her best tracks yet. CHOKE sees her moving in a more experimental direction completely, with each song here sounding like a more industrial Charli XCX or Grimes track. the opener, Choke, has a great electronic beat that bangs like hell, and Poppy's light, breathy vocals are really nice. i wish the track had a bit more structure, as it can get a bit samey listening to it a few times, but its still decent. Voicemail has a very similar beat but even more bombastic ... read more
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Added on: May 28, 2019