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The majority of 7 would make more sense as amusing fake music blasting from a video game jukebox.

The Line of Best Fit

In terms of catchy beats and somewhat meaningful lyrics, each song has one or the other, and Lil Nas X just needs a little more time to get them to match up.

Rolling Stone

For being an EP whipped together quickly in an effort to beat the one-hit wonder clock, Lil Nas X’s 7 is, above everything, a solid, promising start. Still it leaves more questions than answers about what and who Lil Nas X wants to be.

There are enough hooks in this bouquet of confusing-if-passable genre-hopping tracks to keep him on the path to future hits, but nothing comes remotely close to the lightning in a bottle of "Old Town Road"'s accidental perfection.

Despite 7 not being a fantastic project by any measure, the EP proves that Lil Nas X isn't a one-hit wonder and can find longevity in his career as long as he continues to show off his versatility.

The Needle Drop

On 7, Lil Nas X shows some admirable versatility while leaving plenty of room for growth.

Consequence of Sound

7 is musical Chex Mix — lightweight and best consumed in selective increments, but also strangely addictive.


When Nas X isn’t singing in his affected Southern twang, his voice is about as flavorful as mayonnaise and prone to crumbling at any given moment.


The songs on the debut EP from the viral rap and country star do not even come close to the pure magic of “Old Town Road.”

Before I press play: Kinda weird that Old Town Road is on the album twice. Also why is the remix first but the original last. Weird.

Also I've seen some people complaining that all his songs are short, like that's inherently a bad thing. Small songs can be really good at getting a point across in one direct hit. I:E; Jack Stauber and Tierra Whack.

After Listening: Unironically Great. I'll admit I'm biased But like, I love underdog stories so much. Some kid who spends his days shitposting on ... read more
got the horses up my ass.

So Lil Nas X is a interesting figure in hip hop. His unique blend of country and trap is something that sounds like a novelty act at best. Like, how do you make that sound authentic, interesting, or coherient without sounding like absolute radio sell out garbage? This really was Lil Nas X's make it or break it moment, to see if he could be taken seriously as a stand alone artist.

And it's not awful. It's just fucking weird in both a good way and a bad way.

It's far ... read more
I'm dumbfounded that this has a place in the mainstream but also kind of happy
conclusion: the gay definitely made the album better. lil nas x's debut mainstream EP definitely displays his energy and fun approach to trap, but his dive into pop was evidently made with a lot less experience than your usual mainstream giants. the combination of fun hits and short, derivative attempts at pop and rock make for a forgettable listen. his pen is painfully mediocre, and the instrumentals seem a bit uninspired for most tracks, but the singles put tons of confidence in fans for his ... read more
yeah it’s acceptable but i expected more. F9mily + kick it are... well they’re both bad which is disappointing given the generally decent concept and instrumentals for both tracks. The entire project is messy whether it be the mixing or unfinished lyric, he had no choice really but to capitalize on the hype but man. Literally every track w/ the exception of Rodeo, which is legitimately great, was underwhelming or had fundamental issues. Maybe Lil Nas X should’ve spent less ... read more
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Added on: May 29, 2019