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this list will be edited as the year goes on This list is mostly based on my personal enjoyment, but also looking at it as an actual project and how well it holds up (edit: unranked albums at the ...
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Albums that nobody on the site can seem to get an opinion on
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These albums have potential but are just okay...
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"Welp, as from what I've learned, you can't please everyone." -KnifeTrick "Gotta love subjectivity haha" -ThrowBackGmac "This is why music is so amazing to me, that it hits ...
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This is the list of all my electronic reviews (ranked by years). There are review of ambient, idm, house & microhouse, dance, techno, glitch... I'm not a specialist in electro so don't hesitate ...
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Jam's i've been slapping in 2019 (in no perticular order)
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80-89 2018, 2019
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the listening list but with only albums from 2019.
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I only rate albums i find interesting or have a strong opinion on 10/10: 0 9/10: 3 8/10: 11 7/10: 10 6/10: 4 5/10: 2 4/10: 1 3/10: 0 2/10: 0 1/10: 0 *my scores often change after consecutive ...
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