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Lost Girls
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If the Album has been out for more than a week and I haven't gotten to listen to it in-depth, then it goes on the list. Got a late start this year so this is kinda backlogged
Updated 3d ago
just things I gotta listen to you know. if it is on here I just gotta listen. thems the rules, jack. when I listen to it it is OFF THE LIST. suggest stuff for me to listen to as well, thanks, bye, ...
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average score: 94
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I listened albums that released in 2019.
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T1 (Third 1): January - April T2 (Third 2): May - August T3 (Third 3): September - December
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to be cut to 50 and ranked at end of the year
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Here are the releases I'm looking forward to between August 30 to November 8 2019.
Updated 3w ago
I keep forgetting when things come out and my journal page of new releases is full (I am in the process of transitioning to a new journal) so I need a place to keep them.
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Vinyl Me, Please