Taylor Swift - Lover
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Lover celebrates one of today’s most prominent pop figures in all of her glory and signals that there are even greater things to come from her in the future.

A.V. Club

For all of its rich production and lyrical complications, Lover has a simple premise: embrace gratitude and listen to the insights that emerge after a perspective recalibration. As always, Lover is an album Swift made for her fans. But it also feels like a record she made for herself, unburdened by external expectations and her own past.

Entertainment Weekly

Lover runs long, and despite a strong front half the album sags a bit in the midsection by design — a shame, since a sense of experimentation ebbs and flows throughout.

The Telegraph

Instead of trying to be all things to all audiences, it plays to the strengths of a witty songwriter in love, eager to tell anyone who will listen exactly how she feels.

Rolling Stone

Lover is, fittingly, evolutionary rather than revolutionary. But nevertheless it feels like an epiphany: free and unhurried, governed by no one concept or outlook, it represents Swift at her most liberated, enjoying a bit of the freedom she won for her cohort.

The Independent

Swift’s seventh album feels like a partial resurrection of the Swift of old: moony romance and earnest earworms abound.


It succeeds in spite of its clunkier moments because Swift’s melodies are frequently dazzling and her loved-up lyrics are ultimately quite touching.


More than either 1989 or Reputation, Lover seems fully realized and mature: Swift is embracing all aspects of her personality, from the hopeful dreamer to the coolly controlled craftsman, resulting in a record that's simultaneously familiar and surprising.


Her songwriting is as careful, detailed and impressive as ever, she's nestled into a perfect pop niche, and it seems like being totally in love has let her head drift off into the clouds a bit. The best part: Lover lets fans wander off into the daydream with her.

The Young Folks

The 18 tracks on Lover oftentimes slide together like a lot of beautiful puzzle pieces that don’t quite fit together perfectly.

The Arts Desk
Stripped of pop theatrics, โ€œLoverโ€ trades in what Swift does best: hyper-specific details made universal enough for every first dance, delivered with enough earnestness to rehabilitate a word pulled straight from the headlines of a tabloid magazine.
The Irish Times

This a stronger offering than Reputation, with Swift returning to the place that suits her best: writing personal songs that create an entire world designed for two.

Evening Standard

Though twee at times, it’s a much more likeable collection than the defensive Reputation.

Consequence of Sound

Even though Lover’s production and visual marketing are the brightest of Swift’s career, the content of its songs show the songwriter at some of her darkest moments.


On her seventh album, Taylor Swift is a little wiser and a lot more in love. Though uneven, Lover is a bright, fun album with great emotional honesty.

Slant Magazine

Lover lacks a unified sonic aesthetic, ostensibly from trying to be something to everyone—the surest tell that it’s as much reaction as it is creation.


Ultimately, the album’s highlights are those songs where the voice and sentiment we hear is truly her own, the enthralling, stirring, emotion- manipulating voice that’s threaded its way through every album since her 2006 debut, not the voice that leans too close to what the pop music machine demands.

Spectrum Culture

Lover is definitive, a cornucopia worth combing through to find some of her best, some of her worst and a lot of her most interesting songs.

No Ripcord

Lover is a plethora of things: a Taylor Swift genre sampler, an argument that Jack Antonoff is her best collaborator, a continuation of her problem with lead singles, and a collection of great synthpop songs, but the best part of it is that Taylor seems like she’s never been better.


Ultimately, Lover is overstuffed and meandering, but serves as a positive reprieve from her past struggles in the public eye, and represents an artist at the peak of her creativity, power, and—one hopes—continued romantic bliss.


While it never quite hits the musical heights of 1989 or Red, Lover feels like a necessary recalibration after Reputation. It’s an album that screams out for an editor, but when it hits the right notes, it demonstrates just why Taylor Swift is one of the biggest pop stars in the world.


On an album this long, there is equal room for good and bad, and you’re always equidistant from either one no matter what track you’ve reached.

The Guardian

As it is, Lover offers plenty of evidence that Swift is just a better songwriter than any of her competitors in the upper echelons of pop, but its something-for-everyone approach feels like consolidation, not progress, designed to keep Swift as one of the world’s biggest stars without provoking the kind of backlash that led her to start evoking the end of days in her diary.

The Observer

Lover is a kitsch-leaning festival of humour, pastels, butterflies and the desire not to be defined by negatives. It is, in large parts, a hoot.

The Needle Drop

If Lover were about five tracks shorter, it'd probably be Taylor Swift's best album yet.


Throughout the album, Swift essentially lists the things she loves: her mother, her boyfriend and, let’s face it, love itself. While these are all heartwarming sentiments, they amount to a statement lacking any profound meaning, backed by music that struggles to make a lasting impression.

The 405
We could give this album any number of ratings. 1/10 feels just as appropriate as 5/10. Ultimately, none of it matters.


Before you ask, yes. The album that a lot of people on this site were constantly making fun of ever since Taylor announced it. The album that spawned horrendous singles like "ME!" and "You Need To Calm Down". The album that people made dozens of "joke" reviews about like "I hate Taylor xD" or "this is gonna be bad lol".

And I like it. I really do!

Going into this Taylor Swift album, I had a similar reaction to everyone else ... read more
Having ME! as the lead single for such a beautiful album was probably top 10 bad decisions ever made in pop music.
After the disaster of an era that Reputation was, Taylor regrouped and set out to create the anthesis of it. This is Taylor in her most genuine form, gone is the dark gloomy trap and in it's place we get goofy, cute love songs that are so gushing they are borderline corny. Yet they never venture into that territory (with the exception of You Need to Calm Down), it just comes off as so endearing and adorable.

Taylor is so unapologetically herself on Lover, but she is definitely not back to her ... read more
Bloated. Boring. Generic. That's all the time I'm going to waste here.
I was actually really excited to hear this when it came out. ME! and YNTCD weren't the greatest singles and, the bridge on ME! was awful but, when Lover and The Archer came out, I was really excited.

This album gave me Red and 1989 vibes. It's a pop album but, I'd has some country elements to it. I mostly dislike Taylor's more country songs but, Lover and Soon You'll Get Better surprised me by how good they are. Overall, this isn't Taylor's best album but, it is still good.

Favourite ... read more
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Added on: June 13, 2019