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Before you ask, yes. The album that a lot of people on this site were constantly making fun of ever since Taylor announced it. The album that spawned horrendous singles like "ME!" and "You Need To Calm Down". The album that people made dozens of "joke" reviews about like "I hate Taylor xD" or "this is gonna be bad lol".

And I like it. I really do!

Going into this Taylor Swift album, I had a similar reaction to everyone else ... read more
Having ME! as the lead single for such a beautiful album was probably top 10 bad decisions ever made in pop music.
After the disaster of an era that Reputation was, Taylor regrouped and set out to create the anthesis of it. This is Taylor in her most genuine form, gone is the dark gloomy trap and in it's place we get goofy, cute love songs that are so gushing they are borderline corny. Yet they never venture into that territory (with the exception of You Need to Calm Down), it just comes off as so endearing and adorable.

Taylor is so unapologetically herself on Lover, but she is definitely not back to her ... read more
Bloated. Boring. Generic. That's all the time I'm going to waste here.
I was actually really excited to hear this when it came out. ME! and YNTCD weren't the greatest singles and, the bridge on ME! was awful but, when Lover and The Archer came out, I was really excited.

This album gave me Red and 1989 vibes. It's a pop album but, I'd has some country elements to it. I mostly dislike Taylor's more country songs but, Lover and Soon You'll Get Better surprised me by how good they are. Overall, this isn't Taylor's best album but, it is still good.

Favourite ... read more


Before you ask, no.

I know it's gonna be bad. I'm not gonna.

You cant make me motherfuckers.
y'all i gotta start from 100. (just hypothetically) 🥰🥰🥰


minus 8 hahaha

it's a bubblegum pop feels. i really enjoyed it to be honest. some of y'all might say it's a cycle of G chords but idm it's still catchy af hahahahaha
As a fan of Taylor Swift since that Romeo and Juliet song from 2008, I've really loved her music since she went pop. The biggest few pop singles from Red (We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, I Knew You Were Trouble, 22) were so infectious that I still have them memorized to this day. 1989 was great, everything I expected and wanted from a 100% Pop Taylor Swift. That album I regularly go back to, and I will probably still listen to it for years. Her songwriting is so catchy and fun, ... read more
For a long time, Taylor Swift has been my favorite artist for a long time. I have listened to all of her albums dozens and dozens of times. So when 'Me!' and 'You Need to Calm Down' came out, I was sort of disappointed. There was one good factor, that was that she was herself again, Reputation wasn't her. So, she gets Fearless, Speak Now, Red, and 1989, and this is the result, here are some of the highlights:

'Cruel Summer' is a really fun and exciting electro-pop song that I will probably ... read more
Not trying to call some people out here but... I thought this was a site where we reviewed albums and not a site where we said the albums we weren't going to review.

Sorry, I've got my sassy pants on tonight.

Now I bring the sass to this album.

Taylor has progressed in some odd directions over the years she's been in the public eye, some for better and some for worse. The pop elements of her music have engulfed her sound, and at times the songs can be artful and fun and other times they ... read more
Taylor returning back to her roots combining 1989 & Red. A solid album that is cohesive, codified to the hilt and steeped in romance although some tracks lacks a solid punch and feels like a filler, each tracks definitely reflects on Taylor's personality.
After months of teasing, between good singles and awful ones, "Lover" (seventh Taylor Swift album) is finally out. And it's definitely her best. It's nice to see Taylor back to make fun upbeat songs again and for this one it is necessary to stop overanalizing her music. She makes mainstream-accessible pop music that should not demand such in-depth analysis. It's funny pop, you can not say the opposite. You feel her music or you don't feel it. In 2017, Taylor Swift has made a mistake ... read more
While the singles leading uo to this album weren't so promising for me, I got to say that this is a slight back to form for Swift. While the production isn't phenomenal, it has never been the case for her, she stepped up the pen game on Lover, something that makss her standout in mainstream pop. But still, Swift being back to form is only her having a decent album, because she is still working on formulaic, boring, generic ass platforms that doesn't push her music to the upper echelon. Anyway ... read more
Is it true this album will feature peppa pig? we had to Stan

Edit: I’m so glad I don’t have to see this atrocious cover on the main page next week
i might listen but until then #teamkanye
Seriously, what was she THINKING when she released those two first singles? Maybe it's a relief she did, cause those are the worst two songs on the album.

This Taylor Swift album... ain't too bad. It's a pretty solid mainstream pop album that's catchy and sweet through and through, and definitely a step in the right direction after Reputation. There are quite a few songs on here I think are genuinely amazing, and even some of Taylor's best songs yet. At times the album takes a cloudy and ... read more
DISCLAIMER: If you gave that Bon Iver's "i,i" a rating higher than 69, you're automatically in no position of complaining about this album's performance. This review may also be presented as a rant.

I can't believe Taylor Swift chose to use the worst songs of her album to promote it before its launch. This is pretty much one of her best albums of her entire career, a fusion of her greatest masterpieces, and one of the most solid albums of the year. The "purified" aesthetic ... read more
The Mc Ride feature was pretty rad

EDIT: There is no Mc ride feature wtf taylor!!!
But in all seriousness this is a pretty mediocre project nothing truly stands out here maybe a couple parts where the production was decent but overall this album is so uninteresting
I never hated Taylor by any means,i just wasn't a big fan of her generic pop style that is dominated the air waves in 2014-16 untill the trap sound took over.

Per say i wouldn't say Taylor is a bad artist and i can definitely see the appeal of the pop music shes making

I came in a open mind(like i always do)and i thought this album was alright,is this album groundbreaking?
No,i just feel like it better than her previous outputs.
Two weeks ago, I ordered a new ethernet cable for my modem. It came to my doorstep in an Amazon/Taylor Swift box. I went to Target this weekend to buy some oatmeal for my overnight oats, and I bumped into a Taylor Swift stand on wheels. Since Friday, I have gotten roughly twenty news notifications about Taylor Swift from a variety of publication, including Business Insider. I mention these interactions with Swift not because they bother me, but because this is my relationship with her now. ... read more
I have a conspiracy theory: Taylor used Me! and You Need to Calm Down as the lead singles so that only "real fans" will get to enjoy songs like "Cornelia Street, London Boy, Cruel Summer, fuck...literally any song that wasn't a single.)

WOW! Wowie wow! Didn't expect Taylor to make a better Carly Rae album than Carly this year. With such great production and pretty good lyrics you'd think you're listening to......I dunno, someone who didn't make Reputation? There's some truly ... read more
I may never listen to the full album again but hey, there's some great tracks on this thing and I can appreciate that.
With her 7th album, Taylor Swift may be at her BEST!
The album 'Lover' brings to her discography a whole new level of production, lyrics and vocals.
Swift already know herself, know her craft and totally mastered on how to be a popstar, this time she opens her heart with sincere music and you can REALLY feel what she's singing, with songs like 'Soon You'll Get Better' you can feel the emotions from beginning to the very end... What a special work honestly, as a music fan and as a pop music ... read more
This album proves that Taylor Swift is a functioning alcoholic with the amount of drunken references in it.


In my opinion this may be one of her best. It's strange how the first two singles leading up to this were so kiddy and cringe but the remainder of the album is Taylor at her most mature and outspoken. There is an essence to this album that really brings me back to 80% of the songs and its driving force is Taylor Swift. It isn't the instrumentals, it isn't the ... read more
So like I guess I'm still a "basic af 14 year old girl that unironically uses the word' stan'"
This album is definitely really flawed, while the first 13 songs I found to be quite enjoyable and some of her best work that I've heard, the last 5 songs were easily some of her worst work (from what I've heard)...

First of all You Need To Calm Down is pretty bad imo, it's not a good single, hasn't she already wrote this song like a million times now?

Afterglow was practically filler ... read more
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