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LPs, compilations, mixtapes I rated 8/10 or above (anally put in order, yet ever-changing)
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This is a list of albums and artists that I plan to go through in a rough order of which I'm going to listen to first. Instead of putting every single album in an artist's discography on the list, I ...
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This is the list of all my electronic reviews (ranked by years). There are review of ambient, idm, house & microhouse, dance, techno, glitch... I'm not a specialist in electro so don't hesitate ...
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switching up my ratings so gotta set this straight
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nutrición allá voy
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All albums and EPs which I gave a 7 or higher.
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All the albums and EPs released in 2019, which I have reviewed.
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Somewhat in order
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Best albums of 2019 so far, in no particular order
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Il primo semestre del 2019 è giunto al termine. Come ogni anno, è ora di guardare un attimo indietro e tirare le somme provvisorie per capire quali sono stati i dieci migliori album, fino ad ora, ...
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These are the best albums of 2019. I am using this to help keep track of my year end list. I will be constantly updating, with albums possibly shifting higher rather than moving lower with each new ...
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These are my favourite albums of the second half of 2019. I’m counting the last week of June as the beginning of the second half of the year, officially its July 2nd! Disclaimer: If I never go back ...
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Title says it all...
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NOT FINISHED TILL 1/1/2020 ONLY ALBUMS I'VE LISTENED TO FROM START TO FINISH RANKING SCALE: 10/10: Best of the year 9-8: Great to Amazing 7-6: Good to Average 5-4: Bad to Ok 3-2: Terrible 1-0: ...
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I've felt recently that this site gets away from highlighting the best reviews by some of the brilliant minds that occupy this website. To combat that, I wanted to start a list of some of my favorite ...
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All albums I rate as a 7/10 or higher from 2019 ranked (w/ fav tracks)
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Yo fuck you, @thomasny18, first and foremost For making me do this shit. Muh'fucker BTW this is only one of these types of lists I'm doing for an AOTY user, I just found it funny that he ...
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