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So. This is Thom Yorkes masterpiece. I should probably talk a little about why, shouldn't I? Well, here you go.

For the past couple of years, I haven't really felt like myself. Depression, anxiety and mental wellness (due to events I wont bore you with) have really left me in a place of uncertainty in this world.

The fear of everything leaving me and me being replaced by something better in this world, as if I was doll, has undone and redone my personality and life in more ways then I can ... read more
Even as a loyal fan of Radiohead, a band that got me into music in the first place, I never thought that Thom Yorke's solo career would live up to Radiohead's legendary status. But "ANIMA" might just be that leap forward. This album's aesthetics are very similar to "Kid A" and "Tomorrow's Modern Boxes". However, I feel like the sound he was aiming for on the latter is perfected here and, with the help of long-time producer Nigel Godrich, it all sounds organic. ... read more
Firstly, I had no idea that this was dropping today. I thought this was going to be a Friday release, but I was wrong on that. I didn't have much else to do though (other than sleep I guess, but that shit is for losers), so I was more than happy to give this album a listen.

This project has been quite hyped up and for good reason. He is Thom fucking Yorke after all. I mean, he's just the dude that fronts one of the most iconic and critically acclaimed band's of all time. There's always going ... read more
that's a weird way to write anime
The new Thom Yorke album album. It plays music. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I don't know what to say, I really don't. I've spent 3 hours just listening and trying to get through the entire album (admittedly not a good idea) and the entire time, I was just thinking, "Man, I wish I could just go outside right now and enjoy the fresh early morning sunshine." And so, during my final listen before I called it quits, I took my Bluetooth headphones, my phone and everything ... read more
this guy is just ripping off radiohead lol

I fear that this rating is generous as I rarely if at all give albums 90+ ratings. For something so fresh, it should be rare to just hand out such praise.

However, I am floored.

I often find that the best albums can be experienced in the dark. The only sensory input is you and the music, aside from maybe the fabric of the couch or the feeling of your skin. It can be isolating, it can be soothing, it can be unnerving, or it can be straight up boring; it entirely depends on the record. ... read more
Thom Yorke's solo work has finally found its own niche. ANIMA has easily the most obvious and straightforward concept of any of Thom's discography, yet he is able to deliver something that strikes a balance between the rhythmic detachment that has defined his solo outings and the intensity of Suspiria's most stirring moments. The result is Yorke's most moving work outside of you-know-what: something equal parts disturbing and beautiful.

Favorite Tracks: Traffic, Twist, Dawn Chorus, Not The ... read more
Thommy takes the momentum built up from the great receptions to both the understated majesty of ‘Moon Shaped Pool’ and the moodily magnificent creep fest that was the Suspiria soundtrack and runs with it - just adding more electronics, as you’d expect from a Yorke solo effort.

With ‘Suspiria’ and now this, it’s becoming obvious that for the first time Yorke’s own work packs the same sort of compositional heft you’d expect from Radiohead material.
A bit disappointing but I certainly enjoyed it. Most of these songs are basically a synth, a beat and Thom Yorke harmoniously moaning over the tracks. It can get a bit stale but it works for most of the time. I don't think any song here isbad but I they don't feel great either, they're all in that mid section between meh and good. I wouldn't call it outstanding or even his best solo work but, nevertheless, it's not a bad album.
Just going to spill out thoughts, while I listen to this, not worth reading at all.
Favourite track of ANIMA: Twist

"Last I heard" reminds me of the "Spitting feathers EP" and Thom's work with Burial and Four Tet, its glitching are IDM staples even Boards of Canada come to mind in outro, the vocal is actually something from the past too its part of the "City Rats | ISM Hexadome Exhibition" that's where I came across the loop of "I woke up with a feeling ... read more
I have no words. Everything is/has been a blur.

I am still processing this album. Crazy how many followers I’ve gained & how many people enjoy reading my reviews. Thank you so much. If you’re reading this and you have unfollowed me - I completely understand why.

It’s been super hard but after finally getting proper help and the right medication I finally believe I’m on an upward path. Can’t remember the last time my head has been so clear yet also as focused ... read more
-5 points because my mum flexed watching the movie on me whilst i was at school
Thom Yorke's solo work has always seemed like a strange but nevertheless inseparable complement to Radiohead's music. Yes, the choice of instrumentation is radically different, but the anxiety and oppression that emanate from it are reminiscent of the British band. With "ANIMA", the 50-year-old artist offers his best solo album. Just like the previous ones "The Eraser" (2006) and "Tomorrow's Modern Boxes" (2014), "ANIMA" was conceived with the director ... read more
Coming on a website and giving this album a 35, then coming back and changing it to 40 is a really weird life decision.
*dances like Thom in Lotus Flower*
Thom Yorke's 3rd solo full-length album, not including his Suspiria soundtrack, is an incredibly solid and well-produced album that while staying in the same lane as most of his other solo work, is also possibly his realized and well put-together album by far. The glitchy and ambient yet minimalist production is just so well made and nice to listen to. It reminds me of something like James Blake's debut album. Thom's vocal performance is as per usual, stellar. It's funny how Thom's voice was ... read more
A Moon Shaped Pool and Kid A's child
Wow, this is pretty bad for Thom

All jokes aside, I think most of us have arrived at the point of realizing that Thom can do wrong. Even his worst material is damn good, (I like to pretend Pablo Honey doesn't exist). Of course, there's nothing quite as exciting as hearing a new Radiohead record, but a solo project is close enough. You can't rush genius. Anyways, this record is pretty close to what I was expecting as far as sound, but I honestly thought it was going to be better. Maybe I'm ... read more
No, Thom Yorke, I want a new Radiohead album, not this bleep blop shit.
Sorry guys, this is pretty lackluster. Not going to complain about new music from Thom but this feels a bit weaker from his previous releases. Might grow on me on repeated listens for the upcoming days.
9 Depressing Fever Dreams

Best Tracks: Traffic,Dawn Chorus,I Am a Very Rude Person,Not the News,The Axe,Impossible Knots,Runwayaway
Worst Track: Twist
So, Anima is the latest release of the guy from my favourite band, RadioYorks and the ThomoBand.
This past week I decided to listen to Thom's discography so that I would be prepared to sort of compare all of his albums subjectively (because I've given up doing it objectively). Anima sounds just like... Thom Yorke... But with some fresh characteristics that, for what I'm reading on other users' reviews, are sometimes a reason of disappointment. Honestly I want to give this some more listens but ... read more
Subtlety is often the name of the game when it comes to this type of music. Beautiful soundscapes with mantra-ish ruminations. This is a nice change of pace album for me. Great for car rides up in the mountains.

Traffic and Twist have amazingly beautiful transitions. Dawn Chorus is just outright gorgeous.
Minimalist electronic compositions w/ the addition of Daddy Thom vocals. A disappointment for a Thom album to tell you the truth but a good electronic album.
Edit: Has grown on me a bit, I think I have much more to appreciate it now than I did last then, also, that Netflix short film was amazing, that was like some mind blowing stuff.
First off can we please not dickride this just because its Thom Yorke. Its way too early to be calling this a masterpiece.

Thom Yorke’s latest solo effort follows much along the lines of the progressive electronic aesthetic that he originally pushed on albums like Kid A and Amnesiac (Kid A B-Sides). The album has a certain mystique to it that it definitely jarring at times. Whether its the heavy distorted bass on Impossible Knots or the crazy synth leads on the album opener, this album ... read more
UPDATE: I watched the netflix short film, honestly? It's kinda what I imagined it to be comparing it to the album, it's not in the order of the album and some songs don't even appear but, I feel it works next to the album, what does it mean? I have no idea, maybe something about love in our society? Idk, all in all, it's a very pretty short and this is an album that continues to grow on me.

Can I say first on here cos, first.

Ok so. This is a very odd album, it reminds me of Kid A, but a lot ... read more
I am verrrrry hype on this thing....

Thom Yorke going dark electronic/ambient is friggin awesome. This thing is a gloomy, glitchy wall of despondent sounds and textures that I think came together really nicely. I actually am not the biggest Thom Yorke fanboy or anything like that but this LP really works for me. It's like Kid A meets Untrue or something like that and I am definitely ok with that combo!
Sounds part Burial, part early James Blake-y, partially like Kid A outtakes. Though it tries to walk the fine line between the sonic territories of doom-like gloom and tranquility, it doesn't seem really intent on committing to either, and the overall effect sees a somewhat scatter-brained product emerge, which although interesting on paper, doesn't present a diverse enough set of ideas to keep its listeners engaged, as say, The Life of Pablo, another album I feel has a thematic approach ... read more
Fantano will give this a 9, mark my words and first album back from exams.
edit: He didn't give it a 9 :(

This new Thom Yorke album is pretty out there, quite dark, abstract, and haunting to think about. However, I feel as though some of the minimalist production and it's concept don't really click with me that much. I feel as though that some of the electronic choices are a bit random and they just appear just for the sake that they exist, not really establishing much for the song.

Traffic ... read more

On Thom Yorke’s 3rd studio album ‘ANIMA’, he blends eccentric sampling, brilliant song structures, and electrifying falsetto vocals. The short film on Netflix of the same name portrays jolting choreography with other-worldly landscapes, and I truly believe that it’s a marvelous portrayal of the sounds of this record.

Color: White
FAV TRACKS: Dawn Chorus, Traffic, I Am a Very Rude Person, Not the News, Last I Heard (...He Was Circling the Drain), The Axe
LEAST ... read more
My opinion my shift, but right now I am absolutely in love. This is atmospheric bliss.
Thom's voice over these Kid A type instrumentals is AOTY material
I can't help but think it'd be less popular if someone else made it.
Do y'all remember Amok, the Atoms For Peace album released in 2013, and that Thom himself contributed to? Check that album out if you haven't already because it's successful fusion of rock and electronic music.
This album right here is an extension to that sound, to some extent, with a twist. This is the stripped back, more ambient doppleganger of Amok.
Quality wise, its good enough to keep you interested throughout the whole thing on first listen. Fortunately, it doesn't get stale fast and ... read more
Rating will probably change for the better because I love his embrace of 90s deep house influences on some and out-there ambient ballads for others.
Anima - The unconscious or true inner self of an individual, as opposed to the persona, or outer aspect of the personality.

It is said that when you are unconscious, when you are dreaming, you unlock your true self. The life you see before your eyes is merely a simulation. When you rest your eyes at night is the only time that you are living your 'true' life. Your "Anima." Thom Yorkes anima is living in a dystopia where people don't control themselves, everyone around you is ... read more
Not a 40
EDIT: ok wow. Probably the most an album has changed for me in such a short period. My original score for this was a 43 btw.

But let’s take everything I said before and throw it out the window because this album has changed for me drastically.

I love it now. I think is Thom’s best project and has some of the most unique combinations of sounds being thrown together fluidly in an atmospheric electronic album. It is organic. It’s not like TMB or TKOL in the sense that it goes ... read more
Thom yorke's past solo efforts have been bleak, anima however takes the weird electronic formula of tomorrow's modern boxes and makes it way better.
This album is one of, if not, the most forgettable album I've ever heard.

Last night, I decided to give this album a listen. I put it on while I surfed around Reddit, and I was more invested in that than I was the music. I decided "alright, I'll give it another listen tomorrow," and I went to bed. So, I took another listen, and... I still don't remember what it sounds like.

Literally, I was focusing on the music, I did a few things, but I was definitely focusing on the music. And I ... read more
Edit: i liked this when i heard it the first time when it came out but then i havent like.... listened to it in full since, so yeah its good but its not THAT good in hindsight. (still pretty nice though and im sure i'll change my mind on it ten more times like with everything else)

Thom Yorke returns with his best solo/side project since The Eraser

Raw, visceral, beautiful, euphoric, haunting, claustrophobic, i could go on with the adjectives but it feels a bit pointless. It’s Thom ... read more
Dawn Chorus is hands down song of the year
On "Dawn Chorus", a light synthesizer permeates alongside ethereal noise and Thom Yorke's faint but invested voice, making for a hauntingly beautiful track. It's the truest realization of what he has cooked up on ANIMA, his latest solo project. Thom has brought forth a world that sounds desolate thematically while constantly maintaining a buzzing aura. These tracks are constantly moving and shifting through organic instruments, electronic loops and Thom's always eerily beautiful ... read more
Thom really said "ok computer" on this one shittttt
Yes You Are Rude For Making This Album
if this wasnt a thom yorke album its reception would me more positive because there wouldn't be much hype.
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