King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Infest the Rats' Nest
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My house is now destroyed. My town is now in flames. My dad is now a pile of bones.

And I couldn't be happier.

Are the critics on crack? This isn't just a one-note idea, this is King Gizzard going the fuck off! Goddamn was this worth the wait! I tried so hard not to listen to the leaks, but goddamn was this album as satisfying a listen as any i've had this year so far. This album, from the bottom and top of my heart, absolutely and unequivically WRECKS!

From the thunderous drum work, to the ... read more
Really wanted to like this. But I end up agreeing with the dickhead critics this time. This is an album of thrash metal cliches that don't end up leaving any impression on me. Cool cover though.

And yes, I copied exception's Fishing for Fishies review nearly word for word to describe how I felt about INFEST THE RATS' NEST, cause Hot Take: this was passable, but very run-of-the-mill.

Personally, I loved their previous album, Fishing for Fishies. Was it a bit cheesy? Admittedly, yes, but it ... read more
King Gizzard's is dive into thrash is one of the most interesting turn of events i've seen so far this year, i was pleased to witness them maintain this new sound in a respectful way even if a lot of the end product is not very memorable.

dream pop album up next guys?
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard's 15th album INFEST THE RAT'S NEST is the band's answer to metal. At first, I was a little bit worried that they were taking a step in this direction. I mean, I am not the biggest metal fan, so I was actually surprised by how good this album was. Like this is probably one of their best albums yet. Like the vocals fit so perfectly into songs like 'Planet B' and 'Hell' which is probably some of the highest points on the song. 'Venusian 1' is probably the only ... read more
Maybe this is a bit generic (not really familiar with the trash metal genre) but I certainly had fun listening to it. It's an abrasive and chaotic album, I can feel the energy pouring out of it. It's nothing impressive but I simply can't get enough of it.
This summer has been surprisingly underwhelming and depressing musically, but at least this one didn't disappoint.
I found a couple tracks to be slightly similar, as this album is a little bit one-dimensional, but it doesn't matter since this is only 34 minutes. And it's an epic 34 minutes. The riffs here are hard, filled of energy and catchy as hell, and I enjoyed most of the performances on this. Even the lyrical content is satisfactory. I'd like to thank these mfs because I deadass didn't ... read more
lmao they be travellin to Venus and shit on this one wtf
This album is indescribable but I will try my best. It's heavy, it's not like anything K.G.&.T.L.W have ever done before. It's not the innocent Psychedelic Blues rock they used to do, it's dark, it's brutal, it's the total opposite of it's predecessor. So don't come into this album expecting fucking, I don't know, Pink Floyd, expect varying influences like Metallica, Iron Maiden & Slipknot. But not as dark, of course.

So, these guys have never touched the thrash metal genre, but they absolutely fucking KILLED IT on "INFEST THE RATS' NEST"! It's 80's thrash metal at its most celebratory state, from the distorted, universe-shattering guitar riffs to the drum and bass fills, and to top it all off, Stu sings with grizzly inflections, reminiscent of early James Hatfield, while yelping about death, gore and destruction! It's not all style either. If "Fishing For ... read more
I feel like this is the most warm but interesting record they released in a long time, this album is clearly more metal than the psychedelic rock they sounded on the latest record, more polished too, it was a great movement over psychedelic cliches. but at the same time it gets very safe. not memorable as 'Nonagon Infinity' but it’s not inoffensive too, Maybe this would grow on me

I liked Infest the Rats' Nest, although I was just slightly disappointed. Not by the music itself, no--it's very different from everything this band has done in the past (that I've heard, at least), and it's a high quality psych record with a much darker twist. However, that's where my disappointment kicks in--this isn't thrash metal album of the year at all, nor is it really a thrash metal album. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't blame you for primarily labelling this as a thrash record. ... read more

King Gizz's first attempt at thrash is definitely a successful one. It may just because I'm trash for thrash, but this not only ended up being my favourite King Gizzard album, this is actually my current album-of-the-year (like I said in my initial thoughts), but that's likely going to change in a couple of weeks.

After five listens and me still not being tired of it, I think it's safe to say that this is easily the best record they've ... read more
I'll take "Metal for Indie Kids" for 500, Alex.
It didn't disappoint, King Gizzard brings a collection of extremely fun thrash metal songs that are definitely a highlight this year so far.

Going into their newest release, I was worried if it would sound corny or forced. And at its closing? I WAS HEADBANGING. Yeah King Gizz have transformed themselves into beings of pure light energy (or dark energy?)

Color: Black
FAV TRACKS: all of them!
August 2019 is the month of the great psychedelic garage-rock bands/artists. After Ty Segall and Oh Sees, this is the return of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. After their blues-boogie album "Fishing For Fishies" published last Spring, they've come together with their successor entitled "Infest The Rats' Nest". It was obvious that the return of the Australian band was going to be fierce after the cheesy "Fishing For Fishies". Stu Mackenzie and his band got ... read more
INFEST THE RATS’ NEST is a deformed monstrosity that’s dripping with gasoline from head to toe, and it is every bit as awe-inspiring as it is horrific.

I’ve been wanting King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard to do a metal album ever since I had gotten into them, and INFEST THE RATS’ NEST hardly disappoints. The album never lets up for a second with its head-banging ferocity, and the band inject each song with just the right amount of camp and old-school metal worship to ... read more
You know what? Imma be a good samaritan and wait for the actual release.

Glad I waited. This album is a devastating trip through psychedelic hell. It felt like my whole world was melting around me as the polluters ate away at the natural earth.

Stu Mackenzie’s belching vocals helped with this a lot, and gave off this consistent feeling of angry hopelessness. I’ve always considered him more of a identity vocalist, one that isn’t too special, but definitely gets the job done ... read more
This album was one that I’m sure a lot of people had worries about. I mean, could King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard, as brilliant as they are, really pull off a full thrash metal album in 2019? Well, they certainly did, and then some.

The band here manages to put all the thrash metal stereotypes into good use, without the sound ever growing wearisome, and injects some of their own instantly recognisable sound and personality. And not only do they do this perfectly, they make it an ... read more
I can respect this record and I've been having fun with it but I really don't think I'll be returning to it very much.
While Infest The Rats' Nest might sound pretty repetitive throughout its 34 minutes of run-time, I would be lying if I said I didn't have a heck-load of fun with this album! This isn't your ordinary run-of-the-mill King Gizzard album, this is a full-on thrash metal experience! It might not be the most original sound in the grand scheme of things, but if I'm talking about this album purely based on my personal enjoyment, I really could care less. The riffs are insane, Stu's vocals are demonic ... read more
King Gizzard have fully equipped majority of the music genres. Now the only genre that is left is emo, then only will they have acquired all infinity stones.

Jokes aside this is one heavy fucking album and I'm pleased to say it shows up spectacular on all fronts. It doesn't overstay its welcome nor does it try to reimagine anything. A great take on thrash metal and one of King Gizzards strongest releases and albums of 2019.
bruh moment.
I think I've listened to so much King Gizz that even when they venture into a genre they've never touched before, I can still see their song formulas everywhere. It feels fairly uninspired despite having a message and a mood that I can totally get behind.
QUICK THOUGHTS: If Fishing for Fishies was an environmental apocalypse hidden behind upbeat boogie and blues, INFEST THE RATS NEST is a barb-wired baseball bat caving your head inward; making sure the listener is well aware the Earth is completely fucked. Start-to-finish Gizz leaves little room for breathing, it's full-throttle to the gates of hell from track one onward. Not only is ITRN a great album, but it also offers the perfect solution to maintain human survival...SPACE. While I enjoy the ... read more
It's their heaviest album yet, which fucking rules, and might just be inspired by Tool coming back or may not be; but that last 2019 album was definitely a fucking Phish tribute, so either way, thanks god we're done with that garbage.
Wow! Metallica just pulled a Die Lit on everyone with this surprise album

Best Tracks:
Mars For The Rich (favorite)
Venusian 2
King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard, Infest The Rats nest
Track 1, Planet B
First thing I noticed is that this is a different recording, but that's cool, I think it sounds even better than it did before. God, this song gives me such a rush of adrenaline, I just want to break everything! The riffs and solos are all amazing plus all the little progressions throughout the track are very cool and keep it thrilling who knew one of my favorite metal songs of the ... read more
So this album is basically heavy Fishing for Fishies. This is way better than Fishing for Fishies. This album is like a comic, it's about humanity escaping earth after we basically fuck it all up by releasing a "superbug" it's an excitingly told tale and the use of thrash metal only helps to build adrenaline.

The A-Side of this record is earth's decline and their fleet to Mars, well some of their fleets. The B-Side, on the other hand, is about rebels fleeing to Venus (planet V), ... read more
Eliminate The Heart Of The Rat's Nest...
haven't listened to the album yet, just thought i'd share they made a fucking DOOM-STYLE SHOOTER FOR THIS ALBUM
They sound like an 80's era thrash band.

I can't say much about this album. It's pretty good but nothing amazing or boundary pushing.
I'll say this, for someone who did not grow up on Metallica and thrash metal and has not traditionally been really into this genre of music, this album slaps pretty hard.

The most obvious comparison I can see between this album from King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard is their release Murder of the Universe, which had some similar thematic and instrumental elements. However, that album was a lot more prog-rock than trash, but you could still hear remnants of the collectives sound on that album ... read more
This album was amazing! My first experience with them and completely loved it!
The boys from down under continue pioneering with their take on classic and thrash metal. "infest the Rats' Nest" displays an honoring of classic acts like Black Sabbath, Metallica, Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate, and many others spiced up with some King Gizz seasoning. It's pretty yummy.

The album starts fast and loud with Planet B, the lead single for the album. This song is not any less enjoyable than when it was released as a single. The next track, Mars for the Rich, ... read more
King Gizzard is a band that has an impressive production capacity as every albums are quite enjoyable (with some highlights like nonagon infinite)

Infest takes a trash metal road but they remain some psych elements time to time which is pretty cool as the trash part is really basic. You can read everywhere "80's trash metal band" and this is exactly the influence ("copy" ?) here. As King Gizzard is more about style than lyrics, I will briefly conclude why I just put 68 even ... read more
first impressions: this is a super neat mix of classic 80s thrash, 90s stoner metal, and the 00s-influenced psychedelic progressive sound Gizz burst onto the scene with and im so fucking here for it
King Gizz FINALLY released a great album after a slew of bland to awful records. King Gizz up to this point for me has just been a pretty awful time bar a couple songs and if im in a really good mood Polygondwanaland. I’m happy to admit they’ve finally fucking hit bullseye for me with this one

Now of course i still very much despise the previous work largely but this one RIPS. Well done
Remember that this guys have made a blues-psychedelic rock album with some electronic shit moments in the past months? Well, now they've made a thrash metal album. What a legendary band.
The second album of this year for King Gizzard. This time they are moving away from boogie and straight into Metallica-inspired thrash metal. Though the difference here is that the drummer is actually talented.

The album starts up a furious blast beat accompanied with double bass drums, before starting off a Slayer-like riff that seems to be straight out of Reign in Blood. The unnecessary guitar solos are there, and the lead singer is trying his best James Hetfield impression. The songs moves ... read more
Shit bangs my dude. Gizz is the best rock band atm
Hearing Planet B made me think this would be the one that could turn me back onto King G, but this turned out to be a pretty run-of-the-mill thrash album. That turned out to be the high point, although the very last verse has a certain demonic feeling to it that sounds great and fitting. I, much like the critics seem now, am just burnt out on them prolifically pumping out mediocrity under the guise of versatility.
I listen to real metal
I find it really impressive how King Gizzard keeps releasing such good music so frequently. I really like the heavy riffs and crazy drumming on this one, also the whole environmental concept is really nice. Overall it is just a very fun, intense piece of thrash metal. Now I'm just wondering what they got coming next.

Favourite Tracks: Planet B, Organ Farmer, Superbug and Self-Immolate
Least Favourite: -
i don't usually listen to metal but since it's king gizzard i decided to listen to it and wow. very energetic with a very impactful message
I've never been a fan of thrash metal at all, I haven't dived into the discographies of the Big 4 and didn't grow up listening to much of it. In saying that, Infest the Rats' Nest is such a fun listen I might have to check out King Gizzard's obvious influence a bit more. Crunchy riffs and throaty vocals are a new aesthetic for the psych rock (and more recently, boogie rock) band, and they pull it off with the ease that they'd been making this music for the past two decades. It's only a short 35 ... read more
Disclaimer: I've never really been a big fan of thrash. There are a few Metallica albums I like but otherwise I'm pretty indifferent to the genre. However, I've been a fan of King Gizz for awhile now and it would feel wrong not to make some comments on their latest.

The boogieing is over on King Gizz's latest. In fact the fun is over and in it's place is the most intense and invigorating record King Gizz has released to date. It's fast pace, it's intense and it's not for the light of heart. ... read more
This heavy, undoubtedly charismatic, and enjoyable thrash metal project by Gizzard - who have never ventured into such a style before on the scale of an album - is executed reasonably tastefully. Although it may feature several ubiquitous thrash tropes throughout, the narrative told within this album via the exemplary vocals is quite impressive, despite its brevity.
This feels like a continuity from Road Train. It's as if the Nonagon Infinity has finally found its way to stop being infinite anymore. Man, that sounds confusing but that was exactly my thoughts after listening to this entire thing. Everything feels like Road Train all over again.

and i love it
King Gizzard take a nice plunge into Thrash Metal and it turns out far better than expected.

Fav Tracks: Planet B, Mars For the Rich, Superbug, Venusian 1, Perihelion, Venusian 2, Self Immolate, Hell

Worst Track: Organ Farmer

LIGHT 9 (91/100, 9/10)
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