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Guardian you dumb bitch

Edit: I don’t know why people are talking about 22,AM a million as a glitch in the BI discography when it felt like such a natural turn for the band to take. Such a masterpiece.

i,i is definitely not as experimental and brave as 22,AM but it is surely a worthy worthy addition to Vernons legacy.
Bon Iver's 4th album comes right after his highly expiermental 3rd album '22, A Million' which has some of his best work on there, so when I heard this album was coming out soon, you know your boy was excited. The first song 'iMi' is a very descriptive and personal piece by him. The vocals and atmosphere reminds me of Sufjan Stevens 6th album 'The Age of Adz'. The 2nd song 'We' is one of the shortest and most boring pieces that Bon Iver has made in a long time. Though the ambients at the end ... read more
Yes, it is fair to compare this to James Blake's debut in the same way it was fair to compare '22, A Million' to Radiohead's 'Kid A' back in 2016. However, it lacks the emotional gruffness of it's inspiration which thrived in solitary confinement. You could make the argument that's not the direction 'i,i' is going for, in which I'd agree, but if so then it has the tendancy of being pretty aimless otherwise. The performances are top notch, as they always are with Bon Iver, but it's also too ... read more
Bon Iver's epic conclusion to his seasonal album cycle finds Justin Vernon finally filling the deep crater he carved out years ago. What makes this album so satisfying is the emotional and sonic growth of Vernon over four albums. Bon Iver used to be one guy in a cabin in Wisconsin singing about his ailing life. Now, a community joins Vernon, producing an incredible record that reflects fondly on Bon Iver's best characteristics while never reverting to past ideas. It's not that the anxieties ... read more
LMAO WTF IS UP WITH GUARDIAN. lemme just say, this is exactly what you'd expect from Vernon if you've been paying attention to his recent work with Big Red Machine as well as with 22, A Million. It's not as experimental and quirky as 22 was, but its not as dull as Big Red Machine was. It's at that sweet spot in between being too safe and too experimental. Amazing work from Justin as usual. I guess if i could describe the LP in 1 word it would be "blissful". It had just the right mix ... read more
Bland, lifeless, and monotonous

ladies and gentlemen... Bon Iver
Fantastic vocals, refreshing instrumentals and pure artistry. Was not expecting to see this on Spotify 3 weeks early, but I am not complaining!
As someone who loved James Blake's self-titled debut, I can say this album definitely draws some inspiration from that. I mean, the two have collaborated in the past. I quite enjoyed the minimalist and ambient nature of this album. iMi sounds to me like a much more trippy version of Don't Miss It and Jelmore, Hey Ma and Holyfields sound like something that could've been on James's self-titled. Not to say i,i doesn't work on it's own merits. Justin Vernon's vocals are great (even though ... read more
Man, Pitchfork sure does love Bon Iver.

What i,i ultimately is, is a logical follow up to 22, A Million. Vernon winded down a path of electronic experimentation that shifted heavily from the indie-folk directness of previous records with that release, and there really was no going back from there.

Sure, the magic surrounding that album has partially waned since that release, but on i,i the key elements are still there. Vernon's vocals pair with rich instrumentation and ambient textures ... read more
Under the intriguing orchestrations, the kaleidoscopic sound effects, the falsified voices, the acoustic and vaporous atmospheres, there are songs. So concealed, crushed under the weight of studio manipulations, that they sometimes have trouble breathing on "I, I", the fourth album of the musical alter ego of Justin Vernon, Bon Iver. Throughout this thirteen-song album, you get the impression that aesthetic choices are more important than songwriting or melody. Nothing seems confused ... read more
As someone who hasn't checked out Justin Vernon's discography yet, I have no comparison to make on his records. But what I've heard from "i,i" is pretty good. The whole thing is gorgeously produced, Justin's voice is great and it has some lyrical highpoints. However, there are a few half-assed moments in the tracklist that should’ve been left on the drawing board.

Fav Tracks: Faith; iMi; Naeem; RABi; Jelmore; Salem; Hey, Ma

Least Fav Track: Marion

Very Good
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The perfect blend between Bon Iver and 22, A Million. I love how forward thinking this album is; the best thing about it is that I can see myself listening to this for years and still not getting bored. There's no 715 - CR∑∑KS level of experimentation here, and don't listen to the lyrics too hard, but Bon Iver has truly perfected his craft on i,i.

Best: Hey Ma, Faith, Naeem, iMi
if justin vernon didn't use autotune, this album would be the epitome of beauty tho.
VIBE- A Sunday Afternoon in
The Mountains

Zoo-Wee Mama! The New Bon Iver album just dropped! Anyways, what do I think of it? It’s honestly very mediocre.

The album does start very promising at first with the song iMi, where it has some fantastic production and great sounding vocals, it’s honestly something that could have been on The Age Of Adz, just you know, instead of Sufjan, ... read more

Bon Iver’s newest venture ‘i,i’ is more like a weird electronic fever dream compared to his more acoustic folk oriented material. This record sees Justin Vernon transform into an early career James Blake, as an electronic feeling is pasted onto each track. Although this record isn’t as delicate and precise as James Blake’s debut, which I unfortunately can’t help but compare to this, there are many ideas on here that display artistic progression and ... read more
Following 22, a Million was almost certainly going to end in disappointment, due to the fact it was such an experimental turn for Bon Iver but widely well received despite it. Possibly the only way to top it would be to return to the artists roots or head in an even more experimental direction. But, i,i is a safe album, which could have fit nicely in between 22 and the self-titled record. It's in no terms a bad record, as I'd say Bon Iver is one of this decades best artists, but it is a low ... read more
As honest as Justin may seem I'll be even more honest and say this is another boring 2019 indie folk album

The genre is on a losing streak with its redundant elements and boring lyrical matter. Most of these artists conjure up some deep messages and topics don't really bring anything new to the table, It's repetitive and uninspiring. Some melodies shine bright while majority fall flat on their face.
Sonically, this seems built from the same glitching body of sound as "22, A Million" even the album titles seem similarly created, hinting at perhaps a larger vision being built out here (or just aesthetic i,i hope not) , both album covers are also chaotic, and that of course speaks for the music while the best aspect of this album is its soundscape as it shapes and shifts across its lyrical content and oh boy;

Lyrically, this thing is a mess, with a collision of thoughts stapled ... read more
I took quite a while to post my opinion, because I've been asking myself quite a few times after every listen to this.
Bon Iver goes experimental again just like his laat album, which was pretty decent, whilst also sticking to his roots and his style that makes him unique.

While this has its obvious great highlights peppered through the tracklisting, some of the vocals are quite underwhelming, and also, Iver's problem is still intact : his song endings are always pretty rough and hard to get ... read more
Best Coldplay comeback album.
i,i is not 22, A Million

Best Tracks: iMi,Holyfields,U (Man Like),Naeem,Jelmore,Faith,Marion,Salem
Worst Track: Sh'Diah
Am I supposed to like this? I actually think this is bad, sure there's some good moments here and there but to me most of the time this is blend, has no soul at all, it's lifeless and repetitive.
Ahh- I don't know with this one. I'm torn. Cause I really can't tell how much I'm enjoying this. I've never been a Bon Iver guy and so I wasn't really expecting much of anything. But then, I was a bit surprised by how pleasant and beautiful much of this album is. However, I feel like it's all just shy of really sucking me in. Somehow, this strikes me as very safe and shallow. The music is implying some grand, sweeping statement but I don't think it really ever gets there.

I'll keep trying ... read more
As expected with Bon Iver, i,i is beautiful. I’ve often noticed that artists who are described as having beautiful music just sound boring to me, but Bon Iver isn’t one of them, despite a couple boring moments on this album. Across the record, the instrumentation is gorgeous beyond comprehension and explanation, with Justin Vernon’s voice adding a whole new layer to it that brings out the absolute best in every song. It feels like an impressive collage of everything he’s ... read more
This is a NR all day - just like the previous one.

Three song EP and that would have been acceptable, quality wise.

This is a hella lot of lumberjack-soul padding, more indistinct cooing than a dovecote

50% rating and a NR
self-deprication / prolonged masturbation
This album misses an opportunity to succeed to 22, a million. Sonically, this album places right after 22 but is also trying to recreate the emotion particulary present in Emma.

Unfortunaly, it fails to recreate this emotion because of some weakness in the songwriting (I think the storytelling is too tenuous which tends to directly impact the weaker tracks) and some facilities in the sonority.

One thing that bothers me here is that i,i feels more like a mediatheque rather than a ... read more
This did not disappoint. Bon Iver's merger of the styles from their previous albums proves to be successful and memorable, creating an outstanding musical experience. The only problems are that some tracks don't quite stick out like many of those from "22, A Million", which was an instant and groundbreaking classic, and some vocal harmonies and melodies occasionally feel weird. If this truly is the end of Bon Iver, then they're going out with a bang.

ESSENTIAL TRACKS: ... read more
Nearly everying Justin Vernon touches is pure gold, and i,i is no exception. It perfectly blends the spellbounding songwriting of Bon Iver, Bon Iver and the chaotic folktronica of 22, a Million, and while it does feel like the logical conclusion to the four-seasoned Bon Iver discography, Vernon and company effortlessy captivate on the climaxes of tracks like iMi, Hey, Ma, and Naeem. There are a few questionable, less engaging detours, like the flat Marion, which prevent i,i from truly reaching ... read more
Even though Justin presents some interesting production on this project, this still came out really boring. Good thing is that this album is relatively short, so it doesn't drag too much.

Favourite Tracks: iMi, Faith
Least Favourite: Hey Ma
I just don't think I love bon bon all that much... I've actually been trying 'Bon Iver, Bon Iver' a lot lately because I never got into that album at all and I know it received as much acclaim as anything he's put out. Still after all this time its just not clicking for me, so it'll remain without a score after at least a dozen tries over several years.

I listened to '22, a Million' a bunch when it first came out, and while think its a good album as a whole, there isn't really any one song ... read more
holy fishpaste.

Mark my words, this will go down as the quintessential Bon Iver album. Years from now when he's made several new projects, we'll be able to map their sound and utility to i,i, Justin Vernon's coming home swan song, a perfectly balanced album in accessibility and supernatural ability.

Most notable on the first listen is how pronounced his style of doing things. iHe's finally settled a style that feels honest and secure, less of an artistic jump than 22, A Million, but it ... read more
Was NOT expecting to wake up to the new record this that in itself was a plus!! What's even better though, is this album is near perfection. I was personally not as big of a fan of 22 a million, but I think what Justin has done with i,i is take the elements I liked about 22 and fused it together with For Emma and his self titled project. I will expand this review because there is a lot of digging and analysis to be done...but just on my first listen I am already blown away. ... read more
Bon Iver is one of my favorite artists. Justin Vernon is fantastic. This thing blends everything Justin has produced before into one beautiful sound. From the falsetto, stringy sadness of FEFA, to the calm, electronic bumps on BI,BI and finally the loud, aggressiveness of 22, AM. All of these sounds show up in i,i. Its paced, mixed and written beautifully.

Yi- 7/10

iMi- 10/10- The vocal processing of 22 shows up here with some hammering sounds to start out. Almost shaking off the previous ... read more
Are you ready kids?
i,i captain!
I can’t hear yooooou!
i,i captain!

LISTENING PARTY THOUGHTS: Yeah, so I just attended a listening party for the album and I can confirm...this is in fact... a Bon Iver album. It’s about what you’d expect, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you like his signature sound. Blissfully layered and beautifuly produced with instrumental quirks scattered about. My thoughts may change when I hear the record in a different ... read more
Bon Iver (Justin Vernon) returns four years later after the not so good 22, A million, a record plagued with poorly pieced together electronic elements alongside lackluster lyrics, all of which proved to be a disappointing and confusing piece of work.

This current project however entitled "i,i" was spearheaded by several tracks that eventually led up to the album. The most intriguing of the tracks was Hey, Ma which was an enjoyable and somewhat of a palette cleanser after the ... read more
If someone releases another outstanding album after outstanding albums, it only means that Bon Iver has released another album

Listening to him is a huge pleasure and honor
After capturing the noises of cold countrysides, warm spring chrouses and glitched-out distress, where could Bon Iver go next? It turns out back to where they previously were. i,i is a mixture of everything you've heard from the band before, with no one element overwhelming the others. In turn it leaves me a little underwhelmed, as it lacks the immediately rewarding nature of the self-titled album or 22, A Million. That being said, new Bon Iver is still a good thing, and i,i is an enjoyable, ... read more
had no idea what to expect coming into this since i have never heard bon iver before, but holy fuck does this sound fantastic. my opinion might change with more listens but after the first few this is really good mesh of pop, folk, & experimentation
So all i can say is this album is very weak and mediocre.

Monotonous performance of songs, almost identical melodies and poor arming, which together give a slightly memorable and unattractive album.
I feel swindled

Me siento estafado.
☆☆½ ~ Relatively acceptable. I have some kind of ambivalence about the whole album concept and its sound.
I do think this album has some GREAT songs in it, but to be really fair and honest it's not on the same level of '22, A Million' or the previous ones... may change my mind though...
The album starts out so well but the second half is especially hard to get through and doesn't really feel like much. A few cuts would have helped.
Faves: iMi, We
There’s some great moments on this record but a lot of these tracks feel unfinished. There’s some great moments on here though. iMi is a brilliant opener. Hey Ma, Jelmore, and Sh’diah are some other brilliant moments but a lot of this album leaves me underwhelmed
How did he choose these song names? Using a generator from Google or something? I swear...
Also, I was listening to this without paying attention to my phone, and I didn't even notice when it went from track 1 to track 2. Trust me, that's only good when it is a live album.

I must say this has a lot of concepts and aesthetics, but people must understand: Not everything that's called "art" by someone, is necessarily good! Don't be fooled by "different" productions so easily. ... read more
this thing is dense, complicated and messy. I still haven't listened to it enough to give a final score, but as of now, its too aimless for me to fully enjoy.
This is a super skillful assembly of music. Perhaps not as truly transcendental as BI, BI or 22, AM, but I think it is crafted with wit and moves the group forward overall (even if it constitutes a less daring project). At first I was skeptical, but it's grown on me a lot upon relistening.
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