Caribou - Our Love
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2014 Ratings: #70 / 1004
Year End Rank: #5
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Time Out London

Electronica, hip hop, R&B, garage and tribal house are all in the mix, representing both Caribou’s multi-coloured digi-pop and Snaith’s dance-focused Daphni alias. But this isn’t just computer love; the album glows with warmth during its deepest electronic explorations. 


Our Love feels like it delivers; feel being the operative word in an effort tinged with soul from beginning to end.

The Line of Best Fit

This passionate, unrequited love for life is brazen during Our Love. It's an emphatic 42 minutes of contentment, of genuine happiness that is so rare within music. 


This fourth Caribou record encapsulates his whole career. Unwrap its rainbow artwork and you’ll find the plush harmonics of 2007’s ‘Andorra’ (‘Second Chance’), ‘Swim’’s cold, oscillating synths (‘Dive’) and Daphni’s strict beats (‘Mars’).


The key attribute is ultimately confidence. Our Love is a very assured record, from its unconventional, austere arrangements to its unrelenting focus and thematic consistency. 

Consequence of Sound

It’s rich in slow-burning ambiguity, and it may be vibrant and clean, but it doesn’t entice dialogue quite the same way his past albums have.

The 405

Our Love follows the direction set out by 2010's Swim, moving further away from the composer and producer's glitch, loop and sample-based technical origins and towards a more dancefloor friendly production style, stripped of complex layers and imbued with soul.


Caribou has successfully managed to see past sense, instead opting with an instinct that tends to produce dazzling results. 

Drowned in Sound

Our Love lacks the element of surprise that Swim had, but still holds in abundance all the hallmarks of a master: so rich, so textured and despite being predominantly electronic, so human


The result is one of the most eminently playable and rewarding electronic albums of 2014, and one that respectfully casts a glance backwards while sounding both indelibly contemporary and unmistakably Caribou.


Our Love stands as the most straightforwardly danceable Caribou album to date, but holds on to both the experimental bent and composition-minded musicality that helped build the project's one-of-a-kind sound world.

FACT Magazine

Our Love is the Caribou album that best defines the tension between his electronic explorations and pop sensibilities, and his most cohesive sounding


By tweaking the sound of his previous record, adding wisely chosen collaborators, and not trying to totally revolutionize what was already working quite well, Snaith has created one of the most enjoyable, crowd pleasing records of the year.

Loud and Quiet

‘Our Love’ is a sparse, soulful collection of songs that exist on the dancefloor’s edge.


In a way that’s come to define Snaith in his work so far, ‘Our Love’ is a record that feels distinctly his own, accessible yet containing minute touches that you’ll need to listen to many times to appreciate.

NOW Magazine

His sound design skills just keep improving, hypnotizing the listener with intricate sonic details and a swirly three-dimensional quality.


Snaith’s latest disc further just distills the guy’s most synthetic interests and occasionally winds up sounding like something playing at a club while Tom Cruise, circa 1988, enters the room. 

Pretty Much Amazing

It’s one of Snaith’s least cohesive and affecting full-lengths, even as it provides us with some of his strongest individual tracks to date.

The Skinny

With more pluses than minuses Our Love stacks up to an often compelling offering, yet it leaves the unmistakable aftertaste of a missed opportunity. 

Resident Advisor

It sits defiantly in the middle of the road, combining Snaith's psychedelic past and his more recent style of dance music without really capturing what makes either one great.

Slant Magazine

Music like this is about creating a mood, and the one established throughout Our Love is too often the same expression of lifeless melancholy.

Caribou's Our Love is one of his brightest and most creative albums. The album is really enjoyable from start to finish and Caribou finds a great pace for the album. It sounds focused even with the blending of many different genres and Caribou's performance also sounds really good here. My favorite tracks are Can't Do Without You, Silver, Second Chance and Julia Brightly.
This kind of disappointed me. Not nearly as good as Swim, this record just doesn't feel as focused or as unique.

Best Track: Silver
Worst Track: Second Chance
It's not your typical EDM sound/album, but danceable nonetheless.
Dan Snaith (pronounced: Dad) has never disappointed me, but 'Our Love' is a truly spectacular nugget of a pop album. It is tight, hypnagogic, and STUNNING. I had to be removed from the public the first time I heard 'Silver' as I actively moaned throughout. There is something about this album's continual movement, it's simplicity of form, and strangely accessible narrative that makes this album a home run.

'Back Home' is amazing. I lose my shit every time those crazy synth things come in. I am ... read more
Caribou is one of those rare artists that can make happy music sound legit.
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Added on: June 3, 2014