FKA twigs - LP1
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2014 Ratings: #7 / 995
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The 405

More than anything this feels universally appealing. You don't have to be a strict devotee of the R&B underground genre to realise that this is a great album. The sound is her own, and she's capable of making an album work as an album rather than just a collection of songs


FKA Twigs' music was already so fully realized that LP 1 can't really be called Barnett coming into her own; rather, her music has been tended to since the "Water Me" days, and now it's flourishing.

Pretty Much Amazing

Twigs’ superb vocal melodies anchor LP1’s flights of experimentation. Were they to be stripped from the album’s bizarre flourishes and dropped into a commercial R&B context, they would stun nonetheless.

Entertainment Weekly

She exerts enough of a magnetic pull to lure listeners into some challenging territory: LP1 is sparing with its hooks, favoring texture over melody.

The Independent

While sultry, drug-addled R&B is an increasingly crowded genre, Twigs takes a hammer to the kind that The Weeknd made famous and plays in the rubble.


With both immediate appeal and density that demands long-term digestion, it’s one of those rare debuts that manifests a fully-grown, deeply engaging sound.

A.V. Club

Few debuts possess such control and ambition all in one; LP1 is the rare album that manages to sound both lived in and completely futuristic.

Drowned in Sound

Confidently frail and hesitant, LP1 is a refreshing reaction to, and a calm assault upon, the unfathomably fast-paced total noise of the current age.

The Line of Best Fit

It’s not a record that’ll smack you in the face with bolsh and pace, and so in the inevitable repeated listens, as you listen harder, you’ll find yourself scurrying through various interpretations of the lyrics


LP1 is a fantastic debut from an artist who is quickly becoming the curator of her own mental museum.


The album doesn't so much broaden Twigs' scope as reinforce it. Over 10 songs and 42 minutes, Twigs seems unconcerned with minting easy hooks or delivering discrete moments; instead, she sustains vibe.


The mysterious Tahliah Barnett has created a devastatingly beautiful and industrial debut, and hopefully we’ll have her for many filtered out synths and dive bombed metronomes to come. 


Every note sung on LP1 is delivered with meaning, the clinical production never contaminating the sincerity on offer.

Loud and Quiet

‘LP1’ is an exceptional debut. Spellbinding and artful from the off, she manages to tap into something in her mid-twenties that not many people manage in a lifetime.

Crack Magazine

A true original, LP1 sees FKA twigs breaking from the doctrine of the mainstream to hone a style that could reach canonical status.


The truth is ... that we wouldn’t be having this conversation if her image and message weren’t just an engrossing addition to the captivating, envelope-pushing, and wholly original piece of art she has made with LP1.


Quiet as it may be, this is a huge album, a monumental debut. On a formal level, it takes the kinds of risks that few pop artists, and few "experimental" artists, for that matter, are willing to take these days.

Under The Radar

This might be FKA twigs' first full-length, but it demands attention. She's bringing influences from every corner of the musical globe and turning them into something cohesive and wonderful.

Northern Transmissions

Certainly FKA Twigs has her own unique brand of R&B, which touches on experimental pop with some ethereal Kate bush vibes thrown in too. Talking about young love and insecurities, she does so in a fresh, exciting way.

Consequence of Sound

LP1 isn’t anything revolutionary; it’s a frankly expressed project focused on the dualism between love and lust, reality and fantasy.

The Skinny

It reads like a whispered confessional; a generous and sure-footed adventure whose studio smarts (snappy beats, exquisitely detailed backing) provide foundation for a unique and thrilling new voice.

Time Out London

Her brilliant debut album is a collection of forward-thinking electro-R&B tracks packed with unexpected sonic details


‘LP1’ is a brave first step that she had to take. It’s not perfect, but anything this expressive and personally vital rarely is.


This pervading sense of control and commitment to her art proves that Twigs is set on building the sound of the future all by herself.

FACT Magazine

LP1 is far from perfect, but its consistency of tone, its thematic rigour and its commitment to developing a musical grammar all of its own serve to override these momentary weaknesses.

Resident Advisor

In the end, LP1 is probably the most singular pop album of the year. It's testament to how emotionally affecting one person's realised vision can be.


The record’s successes, its thrills and intimations of where FKA twigs could go with more time and cash on hand, more than make up for its weak spots. She’s not quite there yet, but it seems FKA twigs might actually be the next generation pop star we’ve been promised for so long.

No Ripcord

There is no single powerful element that obscures the other through LP1, however, and Bartlett’s previous EP proves this is still very much her singular vision. 


Over the course of the 10 tracks here FKA twigs often leaves you enraptured, however, what’s arguably even more promising is the sense that this fascinating artist can go in any sort of direction from here and achieve even greater heights.

Slant Magazine

LP1 is more than just a confident debut album. It's primordial in a way that Björk herself has often attempted but frequently short-circuited letting her cognizance get in the way.


Fragile, heavenly and utterly compelling; this debut paves the way for boundaries-pushing pop. This is music that shatters you with a single tap.

The Guardian

When the tunes match the invention of the production, LP1 is genuinely brilliant.


Even at its most vulnerable ... LP1 is a hugely self-possessed debut, the work of an artist whose vision – not only her visual sense – is strong.

The Observer

Barnett's music is the latest chapter in the ongoing transatlantic vogue for barely-there R&B, and this album joins her two previously released EPs in providing the subgenre with new heights.

The Needle Drop

FKA Twigs' debut album showcases the UK-based singer's most coherent songs yet; creatively mashing together contemporary R&B with art pop and experimental hip hop-style production.

FLOOD Magazine

All this sonic delirium shockingly coalesces into genuinely captivating hooks and stunningly sensual atmospherics.

Rolling Stone

Twigs' deconstructed shards of U.K. grime and garage land heavier, while elegiac vocals soften the songs without blunting their edge.

Spectrum Culture

These songs are undoubtedly sexy and sexual, but some shuddering darkness seems attached to each track.

Tiny Mix Tapes

LP1 is a solid, fully confident pop album built from the same blocks that formed her previous release, which nevertheless forgoes the bewilderingly alien quality of her best work.

NOW Magazine
It's a rigorous production that could benefit from some humanizing imperfections. After a while, the microscopic detail underscoring each turn of phrase, delivered with such delicate poise and precise drama, is suffocating.

There are some excellent tracks here – ‘Lights On’, ‘Two Weeks’, ‘Pendulum’ – and her talent is obvious, but the men at the production desk could perhaps have been braver.

This is one of the most luscious and imperturbable pop records i have ever heard in my whole life- ever.

If you have been following me for a while, you might know that LP1 is my second favourite album of all time. It is just so serene, calm and gentle i can’t help but love it; her vocals are really soft, they sound quite soothing and relaxed. Its production is equally calm, but it also sounds quite lo-fi, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the kind of stuff that inspired people ... read more
"LP1" is better than "MAGDALEINE"

Fine, I'll say it: "LP1" is unquestionably one of my favorite pop albums of the decade. It feels right to justify this now that the follow-up has finally been released and is receiving such high praise. "LP1" is a record that blows some fresh air into contemporary R&B. A real voice, boldness, sweaty love with neurons around it. With her first LP, FKA twigs really offers something new.

It was almost disappointing to ... read more
pros: enigmatic, luscious and serene. LP1 is a cold and alien album provided by hypnotic electronic production with stylistic imports of R&B and Trip Hop; Twigs's delicate voice bring a level of vulnerability and intimacy in a record surrounded by a mechanical environment, adding an almost paradoxical nature to the entire feel of the album which works very well in it's favor, it's cold but warm, eerie but calm, and strange but welcoming, Twigs crafts a delicate balance between the ... read more
This music is creative, beautiful, mind-bending, unpredictable, ethereal, spacious and whole bunch of other cool sounding adjectives.
Absolutely gorgeous album with FKA Twigs's ethereal vocals and mind-twisting production. It's just incredibly futuristic with its psychedelic, surrealist, and beautiful songs. Can't say much more about it other than it's absolutely mindblowing.
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Added on: June 9, 2014