This Is All Yours

alt-J - This Is All Yours
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2014 Ratings: #540 / 1004
Year End Rank: #34
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Evening Standard

Alt-J never lose their way ... and their ambitious comeback is one of the best British albums of the year.


They're not focused on meeting or even exceeding our expectations, they're vying for intrinsically-sparked creativity and the inventiveness that follows suit. It may not be what fans of An Awesome Wave had originally wanted, but thank God it isn't.

Under The Radar

It takes off from the exact point where An Awesome Wave came to a close, with everything of the alt-J we know and love still there. Yet there is enough here to prove the British trio aren't a one trick pony, either. 


‘This Is All Yours’ engulfs you like a deep forest. Alt-J Mk II, then: an impressive expansion, with hugely improved connectivity.


Behind every batshit idea is a wealth of beauty, and given this was the vital appeal of ‘An Awesome Wave’, Alt-J have struck gold second time round.

The 405

This Is All Yours feels more like a live construct, with less lunatic percussion and a lot of very pretty moments of introspection punctuated by their trademark toy chest Casio keyboards and some rockier numbers.


That penchant for edgy refinement, along with frontman Joe Newman's impossibly fluid voice, remains the band's most effective weapon, but it's hard to pinpoint where and when that magic occurs, as it's so effortlessly woven into the group's sound.

Rolling Stone

It's an ambling, entrancing listen – full of songs that blur weird folk and electronic zoinkiness, classical filigree and straight-up rock, scrambling in all directions as singer-guitarist Joe Newman sings in a pillowy Kid A warble. 


There is a deeply embedded sense of travel in that certain melodies or musical sounds will never repeat, thus the arrangements feel exploratory or impulsive.

Drowned in Sound

It’s more inventive than the work of 90 percent of young bands, but raises the question whether Alt-J are content to coat their songs with a thin veneer of different styles, or they want to explore more deeply, and if so: with what message?


This Is All Yours does not quite reach the level of An Awesome Wave. There are still several moments of brilliance ... but it is also found lacking when it comes to the overall end product.


The band’s best and weirdest moments arrive in the second half of This Is All Yours on successive tracks “Hunger of the Pine”, “Warm Foothills”, and “Gospel of John Hurt”.

American Songwriter

They’ve created the rare sort of album that manages to be both familiar and disorienting at the same time, an expansively cinematic experience that remains unpretentiously grounded.

Consequence of Sound

The fact that Alt-J seem to take themselves less than seriously, from their lyrics to their affinity for woodwinds and unexpected, delicate classical guitar ballads, makes this second record harmless at worst, and fascinating at best.

The Skinny

Far from any rested-upon laurels, This Is All Yours is a band looking its own hype in the eye, exhibiting both innovation and a continuity that is neither contrived nor rehashed.


From exhaustive touring, perhaps alt-J became so tired of their debut that they tried to write away from it, thus departing the schizophrenic unpredictability of ‘An Awesome Wave’, a quality this record quite drearily lacks.

Pretty Much Amazing

Much of it is overthought and over-processed, and the tone is wildly uneven, but I just can’t bring myself to hate it.

The Line of Best Fit

All that which is ours is certainly beautiful, but the lack of exigence—it is, when not eye roll inducing or serviceable, so damned boring!—causes it to be the pulchritude of statues or paintings, rather than the vibrating life which lit rock could obtain and should forever strive for.


The issue with This Is All Yours has little to do with hype or unfair standards and everything to do with the album in question being really dull and tuneless—a frustrating development for those who still believe in alt-rock as an incubator for unfashionable and undeniably great bands.

An Awesome Wave is probably in my top 10 favorite album of all time, so this had no chance of beating it.

It is nevertheless an amazing follow up with a very cohesive and great creative ideas. Everything flows super well and they keep their super unique style.
Yeah, I listen to weird little indie bands... you've probably never heard of any of them before.
Boring album, and Joe sounds like he’s falling asleep. The only good song is the one that everyone knows from here
I don't care what you say, this is a damn good album. Coming out in a transformative year in my life, this became a cornerstone album of those times. I have listened to The Gospel of John Hurt countless times. To me, this is great.
Inconsistent with no solid identity. This Is All Yours feels like alt-J throwing ideas to the wall and seeing what sticks.
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Added on: June 9, 2014