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Albums that I plan on listening to soon.
Updated 7h ago
Everything from 2019 I found interesting enough to include.
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Albums I plan to review in the future. Reviews 3 times a week on
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Hey man it's in the title. Pretty self-explanatory.
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This list is the result of my widest sweep yet through the ever-evolving space of "Recent Releases." Armed with my new subscription to Spotify Premium and a 45-minute commute to work every ...
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albums that i need to listen to
Updated 3d ago
Ranking almost every album / EP from 2019 that I've heard.
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Well, everyone else is doing it... Weirdly I haven't had time to listen to EVERY release, to create a REALLY well rounded tour of the 2010's, so most of these are very 'basic'; they can't help being ...
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NOT FINISHED TILL 1/1/2020 ONLY ALBUMS I'VE LISTENED TO FROM START TO FINISH RANKING SCALE: 100: Album of the Year 90: Incredible 80: Amazing 70: Great 60: Good 50: Mediocre 40: Alright 30: Bad 20: ...
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My favorite albums of the year :)
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Hey, if Pitchfork can do it I can too. I'm not satisfied with only highlighting my top 100 albums of the decade, so I have decided to up the ante by an additional 100! The list is still in the works ...
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Albums worth downloading or owning that were (re)released in 2019
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September Playlist
Vinyl Me, Please