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There's a line in Olsen's debut EP that reads:

"Please don't confuse me
with your devastating stare-downs
I'll hold your mirror up
All you have to do is turn around.
So you can see the face you make
When are giving out your soul.
Are you the only one who doesn't already know?"

The figure in question certainly gets called out during the track, and so they should, but if "If It's Alive, It Will" is an indication of anything, it's that we tend to be the most critical of ... read more
You like Titanic Rising ? You like All Mirrors.

At long last, Angel Olsen has finally won me over! :D

Before I go on with my review, I'd like to preface by saying that I don't get the comparisons between this and Titanic Rising. Sure, they stem from the same avenue of art and baroque pop, but Weyes Blood and Angel Olsen are two distinct vocalists with their own style, ambitions and personality. To me, it's like saying I'll like Freddie Gibbs if I like Pusha T cause they both rap about drugs.

Anyways...I've never found much interesting or ... read more
If you look back at my overall scores for the 2010's you can see how much I like Angel Olsen. The moment I heard Burn Your Fire back in 2014 I was hooked. Her, Beach House, and FJM have undoubtedly been my favorite artists from this decade.

This album is good, it really is, but right now to me this just sounds like me losing AO to the rest of the world. Gone is the folk rock, gone is the indie rock. I can't hold it against her for looking to make something so grand. I can't hate her for ... read more
this is my 300th rating btw not so necessary but uwu

I was waiting for this week with passion for uknowhatimsayin¿, but I'll have to say this baby right here takes the cake.
This is the kinda albums that's just so good you can't even articulate a proper description for it. You like Titanic Rising, right? This is better. Much better. This is around as beautiful, and as emotionally intense as Lingua Ignota's Caligula, but you don't piss yourself listening to it, it's just Chamber pop that ... read more
Between this, Weyes Blood, Little Simz, Spellling and even Lana Del Rey, all shortlist contenders for #1 AOTY, 2019 is the best year for music made by women and it's not even close.

No one could have predicted the Angel Olsen tornado in 2016 with "My Woman". Three years ago, she underwent a most astonishing musical transformation that inspired many indie artists, even Mitski, who followed this course with her last album last year. But no one has been prepared for the next musical ... read more
A lot of people are comparing this to Titanic Rising and, @Inglume says he doesn't see the similarities. I'm on both sides, the song New Love Cassette reminds me of songs on Titanic Rising and most of the instrumentals on this album do but, her voice does not remind me of Titanic Rising at all. I'm not saying her vocals are bad, she is a really good vocalist, but that's like comparing Miley Cyrus to Freddie Mercury. When I first heard this album, I thought it was boring. It was like the first ... read more
I’ve had high expectations for this release ever since the first single came out. Even though I haven’t heard any of Angel Olsen’s projects before, I've completely fell in love with her sound just after that one song. Then when „Lark" came out, I was blown away by this track. I was really hoping that the rest of the album is going to be as great as the singles. Finally, after hearing „All Mirrors”, I am happy to say that it pretty much has lived up to my ... read more
I wasn't sure how to tackle this album, as soon as it released it got 100 after 100 and I think that set expectations quite high for everyone else, now I assumed this wasn't gonna be my aoty but would probably get an 8 or 9 from me and, I think I was right.

I haven't really listened to any previous Angel Olsen works so this is my first and I feel it was a fine start. The album is honestly insanely similar to the previous top album, Titanic Rising, the only difference is I like this one. From ... read more
hi. I love you.
All Mirrors is objectively beautiful. Olsen's songwriting has never been more indulgent and theatrical. Angel searches for love and self-acceptance through grand orchestral statements. With earth-shaking vocals and incredible instrumental passages, All Mirrors is Angel's most composed project to date. It is a masterclass in epic songwriting that can leave you feeling mystified and raw. The album is so impressive that it is almost alienating. Yes, I am amazed by the songwriting, but I wish I ... read more
( ☆☆☆½ ) great/decent album
This album really didn't keep my attention that much and got me kinda bored at parts but Tonight, Summer and Chance are too good to give it anything under a 70.
"In every way — from the making of it, to the words, to how I feel moving forward, this record is about owning up to your darkest side, finding the capacity for new love, and trusting change even when you feel like a stranger."

It's all about the spectacle. Angel has always tackled her past and present life, relationships and musings across her entire catalog, recognizing the bad and good side of the people that influenced her life. On her fourth record, All Mirrors, she is on ... read more
This is what I wish modern Muse sounded like: tasteful pomp

I don’t have too much to say. I feel like I wasn’t quite floored to the degree that some of my friends on here have been, but All Mirrors definitely deserves high praise. So many artists in modern indie seem content to stay in their lane with either straightforward and loud garage or laid back slow jams, so it’s refreshing to hear an established indie rock name like Olsen embrace something much more grandiose. All ... read more
After being disappointed with Danny’s new album, I can safely say that the new Angel Olsen record subverted my expectations.

It’s such a much different sounding record from My Woman, but it surprisingly works as Angel sounds a lot more self-realized and... Grown up? Not to say that My Woman wasn’t mature in some way or form, but this is Angel at her most mature with powerful performances and whatnots

This is just so epic sounding with all the synths, violins, and cello, not ... read more
Very happy to say that I finally love an Angel Olsen project. Gorgeous on all fronts.
I saved this for my 2,000th rating on AOTY. review to follow soon.
Olsen is in rare form on her latest record. The tight tracklist is is like a carefully orchestrated nosedive into loss and fractured romantic ideals. She deliberately centers the attention of her unexpectedly poetic language on the reflection cast on a black mirror, perhaps the self we all deliberately hide behind the artifices and crutches of romantic expectation. I think this is her best record yet and perhaps my favorite of the year.

Rating: Great to Outstanding (82).
Titanic rising>All Mirrors gang
it's basically the same feel as weyes blood "titanic rising". i dont intend to compare this one but i'm still digging and supporting this kind of music so i'm giving it a deserving score. keep it up, miss angel olsen. ♥
I've never heard any of Olsen's (not to be confused with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, of course) projects, but, judging from the two singles, I was legitimately excited for this! Now that it came out, I am joyous to say that "All Mirrors" has lived up to these singles! It's a gorgeous, tightly-written and emotionally-powerful singer-songwriter record. The only slight criticism I have is that the mixing could've been tweaked a little, with Angel's vocals sounding a bit front-and-center. ... read more
I can already predict this album will be competing with Lana Del Rey's for best female soft pop album, but as with that project, All Mirrors checks some boxes in the beginning, but devolves into pleasant, but fairly derivative and skeletal tracks in the second half. The opener, Lark, has a beautiful, soaring crescendo that I thought would set the tone for the rest of the album, but sadly was a bit of an outlier in the track list. Tracks like Tonight, Summer and Endgame form a bulk of the album ... read more
Back when I found out about this album a couple of weeks ago, I assumed that I was just going to skip over it like I have with so many other releases this year. 2019 has been a year that has had an overwhelming amount of singer-songwriter releases, so much so that I got extremely tired of listening to this kind of music really quickly. Seeing that one of the most hyped up albums of the year was yet another one of these albums, I just thought that it would end up being another uninteresting ... read more
"You like Titanic Rising? You like All Mirrors". But I don't! :(
Apparently this is the first Angel Olsen album that I listen to, and yo, this is great! Not "my mom says I can twerk on this" great, but "my room is on fire because I'm cold" great. How? Deadly pleasing.
All tracks connect with each other perfectly, and this is so properly artistic, after all these "art pop"/"baroque pop"/"chamber pop" tags, I'd just get the entire album ... read more

Backed by lavish and careful instrumentation, Angel Olsen beautifully croons of lost love and hardship. There is so much power and charisma behind every aspect of this record, and most of the album is bitter-sweet in its chord progressions and melodies alike. This just emphasizes the transition in genre in her career, and it makes me excited to see what she’ll do next.

Color: Grey
FAV TRACKS: Chance, All Mirrors, What It Is, Lark, Spring, Endgame, Impasse, Tonight
LEAST FAV: Too ... read more
The production literally gives me chills and elevates her writing on 'all mirrors' to something epic. In love with the variety on this especially in her vocals. Will definitely be a grower and makes me excited to hear the more stripped back version of the album that's coming next year probably.
Faves: Lark, Chance, Impasse
angel Olsen making me hony
Weak songwriting but cool aesthetics. Could see it growing but all I could think about was how some of the responses to this album were gonna be really... well

Couldn’t stop thinking about all the “I’m not familiar with Olsen’s work, and I’ve never listened to a _____ album before, but I’m glad I did because WOW it’s music. End of review”

My review is just as bad as that review if not 50x worse. I’m going to go back to working on drip or ... read more
There are some things that go without saying. The sky is blue; the grass is green; Angel Olsen is the perfect woman.

All Mirrors is a masterclass in how to blow my freaking mind open. Four albums in and this is her best yet. With each subsequent release, Angel only gets better at perfecting her craft, while the grandeur and confidence on display could easily convince that the best is yet to come.

Aside from the two singles, I had the pleasure of listening to this for the first time on vinyl ... read more
Titanic Rising is NOW OUT on the NINTENDO SWITCH guys!

I still think the album is solid. Okay? Okay. To me this just sounds like a blob. A big blob. Imagine you picked up this blob from under the couch. You would probably see some hair on it. That's all of the string instrumentals. Inside of the blob, there's a tiny person. The tiny person only knows one song, but has a really nice voice. So you tune in for 20 minutes and then you start to trail off. But when you start to trail off, ... read more
Phenomenal piece of art. This is my AOTY so far💫
It's official: watching an artist reach their full potential is the most fulfilling thing a person can do. Angel Olsen is somebody I'd always had high hopes for: albums such as 2016's My Woman showcased Olsen as a creative songwriter with a lot of ambition, however her voice and production styles often struggled to stand out in the vast sea of indie rock. This album, however, is something else entirely. In many ways, it's a departure from her guitar-orientated earlier works, however her ... read more
The beauty within Angel Olsen is not that she conveys love in the most beautiful way, but the most tragic. All Mirrors develops on what made this sweet indie darling so cherishable and turns her into one of the finest songwriters of our time. From the orchestrated arrangements and the great wall of sound that Angels voice echoes throughout, All Mirrors does nothing but impress and leaves you floored.
Art pop is genre of the year.
All Mirrors is undoubtedly better than its predecessor MY WOMAN, which was already a fantastic record. All Mirrors is grandiose and epic, overwhelming at points. It's not all going to come to you in the first listen, that is a good thing in my opinion, but I guess one could turn it into a bad thing. Everytime you listen to it you find new aspects of a song until it all slowly starts to dawn on me. All Mirrors is, despite its grandiosity, surprisingly honest and intimate. It's a strong contender ... read more
Say hello to the album of the year. Just you wait!
Update: yes.
All Mirrors is a self reflective album. Angel Olsen is reflecting on her past, on her present and the upcoming future. She's more aware of her self, she's more comfortable with her own skin and most importantly she knows she is grand.

In every song, Olsen explains how her dark and "hellish" past is the reason she is who she is now. On All Mirrors she realizes that her past love couldn't make her whole, couldn't provide her with the happiness she craves and finally comes to the ... read more
If Angel Olsen were a business, this album would be her IPO'ing. The original vision remains, but public interest and rapid consumption understood via a board of directors (her label) is a strong agent for change!

This sound is an obvious progression in her cataglogue, but unlike other modern Indie artists that are weighed down by their heavy aspirations and label lamentations, Olsen focuses on correcting her previous mistakes, which makes her art more personal and less theoretical. ... read more
Angel Olsen's hopeless romances would only shoot for hyper-dramatic grounds that she haven't dipped her foot into until All Mirrors - A filmsy composition of opalescence that depends on it's splendour in an ever so dubious fashion.

The curtains come showering down till that point, sure. But that doesn't mean we can't take away what she has to offer on here. Well, I did try my best to gulp it all down because there are some tracks on here that could potentially rival even the most breathtaking ... read more
I’m straight up just not having a good time with this album.

I’m not sure if I’m missing a larger context, but this album is very boring, with very little trade off. There is nothing we get in exchange for how uneventful and even sometimes outright annoying this album can be. All Mirrors is definitely one of the more forgettable albums of 2019.

I can’t even pretend to care about most of the songs on here. There aren’t very bright, noticeable moments on here, and ... read more
Absolutely breathtaking record from one of this decades great female artists.

I'm reminded of Beach House on the first half of the record, my mind goes to Teen Dream which was recorded in a cathedral. It has the same style of production where it sounds larger than life and similar to a live performance rather than a studio recording. Type of record that even without the lyrics, the music itself moves you. I would dare say this is her finest work, I'm surprised it's as good as it is, ... read more
As every track reflects a moment and feeling in Angel Olsen's psyche, she starts to place them all in front of each other to build an album that's seamless and grandiose in heart and soul.

Olsen has always impressed me with every new release, she goes wherever she feels like and seems there's no genre she can't pull off. In this case, All Mirrors marks a direction that Olsen did hint in My Woman, baroque pop. As someone who has always loved some Kate Bush and Björk, I did see this album ... read more
Angel Olsen is an American singer who has always caught my attention, is a unique Art Pop artist who can differentiate herself from her peers by her ability to write incredibly consistent and melancholic lyrics. 3 Years ago, Olsen has released the best album of her career so far, My Woman, and I didn't expect her to release anything superior to this album, I was wrong because All Mirrors is not only one of the best albums of the year but also the singer's best album.

All mirrors is a Chamber ... read more
All Mirrors exhibits some of the best lyrics of the year, on top of a spacey atmosphere, full of reverb and synthesizers. This album is pretty great, all in all, although a couple of the songs feel empty.
Continuing the seemingly inescapable trend of immaculate chamber pop is none other than Angel Olsen, mastermind of one of 2016’s best records: My Woman! What can i say that hasn’t been said? This album is gorgeous in every sense of the word. It starts off with two of the most passionate songs I’ve heard all year, being a colorful display of the prowess that Olsen masterfully demonstrates here. I think the album becomes more dreamy and entrancing after this moment with the next ... read more
an absolute lavish and gorgeous album that is worth the praise
There was a long period of time in which Weyes Blood would be the unbeatable singer/songwriter album of the year, along with an impeccably untouchable art pop record. I've spent much of the year praising the various female artists of the year, and Angel Olsen deserves just as much of this praise.

All Mirrors is, without a doubt, one of the most essential listens of the year and beyond. The textured and lush instrumentation and the gigantic feeling built from these twelve songs is immense in ... read more
Is this another strong installment or is it just me who's being easily amazed today? Definitely the former. The whole record is beautifully produced and comprises a succession of skillfully elegant melodies and softly-sung thoughtful lyrics. It deserves the attention it's getting. Do yourself a favor and have a listen, or another.

Standouts: Lark, All Mirrors, What It Is, Impasse, Tonight, Summer, Chance
Most of them basically...
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