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The Skinny

Capping off a decade where he has announced and solidified himself as possibly the country’s finest songwriter, Richard Dawson has produced another record of incredible melodic talent, compositional nouse and gloriously empathic writing.

The Guardian

Dawson adds pop-facing elements to folk on this brilliant album, full of stories of a benighted Britain.

Loud and Quiet

Where Peasant was spidery, Beefheart-influenced avant-folk, 2020 is Dawson utilising pop at its most base iteration.

No Ripcord

2020 is more pop-leaning than Dawson's previous experimental forays, yielding some of his catchiest work to date.

The Needle Drop

Richard Dawson outdoes himself with this modernist spiritual successor to 2017's Peasant.


On his dense but meticulously rendered new album, the British folk singer uses grander pop arrangements to wade into the barbarism of modern life.

Ah, this good old Richard! 🇬🇧
Richard Dawson is really in my top 3 favorite artists of the decade but I think you will understand this by reading my review of "Peasant". Today, the best bard of his time is back, with an album entitled "2020", goodbye the Middle Ages and hello the zeitgeist....

Dawson is originally from Newcastle, England. He has two masterpieces in his discography: "Nothing Important" (2014) and "Peasant" (2017); a record that has ... read more
The hardest test for any artist, especially coming off of an universally well-received record, is to be able to reinvent their sound, without losing that magic that makes them unique and satisfies their fan-base in the same stroke.

Well, Richard Dawson did not fuck that up in the least bit and even made newcomers, such as myself (I loved Peasant) want to explore his back-catalogue. This record is clearly his own, but entirely different from his last one (which, if you haven't heard it, go ... read more
Thanks to EarCandy ( @thejacktackshack ) for this suggestion! Always highly appreciated!

Being my introduction to Richard Dawson's music, I had no idea what I was getting myself into on this project. As soon as the first utterance of his voice started, the musings of Robert Wyatt instantly came to mind, and stayed with me throughout. On "2020", Dawson creates vivid images and scenes through his figurative storytelling and eclectic instrumentation. It's truly a fun album to listen to ... read more
"2020" has an amazing concept, with Richard Dawson dealing with the topics and paranoia of the present (anti-immigration, Amazon, etc.). The record is also meticulously-crafted, beautifully-produced, well-written and exquisitely-performed!

Fav Tracks: Jogging, Two Halves, Civil Servant, Heart Emoji, Dead Dog in an Alleyway, The Queen's Head, Black Triangle

Least Fav Track: Fresher's Ball

Probably the perfect and most natural follow up to Peasant. While the melodies might not be as painfully beautiful as peasant, 2020 is still meticulously crafted.

Peasant covered the minutiae of medieval life, 2020 deals with the now.

Amazon fulfillment center workers, soul crushing insurance jobs, finding out your spouse is cheating via some 3am texts, UFO's, soccer games, mentions of today's growing anti-immigrant sentiments.

If you feel guilty about listening to leaks just preorder the ... read more
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Added on: August 5, 2019