All My Heroes Are Cornballs

JPEGMAFIA - All My Heroes Are Cornballs
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JPEGMAFIA’s third album is his most accomplished record yet. Sure, it might not slap you in the face quite like ‘Veteran’, but there’s far more invention here – and it seems like the kind of album created for multiple listens on headphones.

Any which way I look at it, I see in its 45 minutes all the signs of a true classic, an album whose daring attitude and commitment to odd sonic luxuries future emissaries of the great tradition of experimental hip-hop music should only hope to emulate.

The Young Folks

All My Heroes are Cornballs can be seen as a welcome, if not an unorthodox sequel to 2018’s Veteran. Cornballs still possesses Peggy’s trademark sense of humor, but the moments that impress the most are when the music is somber and meditative.


On All My Heroes Are Cornballs, experimental rapper and producer JPEGMAFIA broadens his visceral online image and sounds into a more vulnerable, humanizing, and melodic project.


Veteran was a beautifully disturbing album, and All My Heroes Are Cornballs is an even better hodgepodge of empowered tumult.


Ultimately, the album is challenging and uncompromising as it makeshifts a rallying cry for the disenfranchised Millennial Redditor; a manifesto for the misunderstood.


With All My Heroes Are Cornballs, JPEGMAFIA captures the feelings of existing in an era fuelled by mindless scrolling and compulsive tweeting, positioning himself as both a participant and vocal critic of the happenings of the current millennia.

Tiny Mix Tapes

All My Heroes Are Cornballs serves as an electronic manifesto for his fans, guerilla warfare of the auditory kind.

Spectrum Culture

JPEGMAFIA makes music that is outwardly political and dissatisfied while also being ironic, cynical and funny.

After listening to ‘All My Heroes Are Cornballs’ it could be described as anything but disappointing. Peggy has filled it full of the same playful bounce, and reactionary lyrics, that made ‘Veteran’ such a powerful and intoxicating listen.
The Skinny

For those not attuned to Peggy’s ability to tap into the zeitgeist, All My Heroes Are Cornballs won’t provide a lyrical turning point. But as a showcase for his skills as a producer, it should win over even the most dyed in the wool critics.

The Line of Best Fit

On All My Heroes Are Cornballs, Peggy’s process from production to release has been fresher and faster, and in turn the songs feel more raw, less tweaked with and the conflict he creates between the melody and rhythm hit harder.

Under the Radar
Even if the Death Grips comparisons have always been ill-fitting, on his latest record it's clear, now more than ever, that Peggy is in his own lane.

All My Heroes Are Cornballs manages a mellow, even reserved instrumental tone without losing any of the scathing social commentary or frenetic energy that defined earlier work.

The experimental rapper remains an impish writer and an athletic vocalist on his latest album, one that lays bare the sprawling collage in his fiery, fascinating brain.
Q Magazine
JPEGMAFIA's flashes of brilliance are obscured by a bloated tracklist, but they're worth digging out.

Danny's going to have a tough ass time to get aoty this year. Even tougher than 2016. My ears have been purified.


Holy fuck.

This album is the forest, and i'm certain of it. Let's talk about that.

Because, if i'm being honest, I can't really put into words how well crafted, well produced, well made, well executed, well performed and well...genius this album truly is. Because lets be real here, you've heard all of that already. If you want just a basic run through what I think about this album: well, I think this is JPEGMAFIA's victory lap, especially with the way he goes about talking about his newfound ... read more


Peggy's abstract masterpiece.
"When I'm actually upset, I'm not going to yell at you at all"- Devon Hendryx.

This is a rereview. I wanted to talk about this album for a little bit, Because I consider it to be one of Peggy's most important albums, And I've never properly reviewed it. I feel like at times it gets slightly overlooked when people are talking about Peggy's best album, And I'm not sure that it is his best project to date, But I feel like its definitely at least at the ... read more




He goes poppy and rnb and does it amazingly. The production is as experimental as you can expect and its great. The production is really great but I can’t remember much might revisit.


Peggy is sexggy

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Added on: August 13, 2019