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All My Heroes Are Cornballs
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DAMN PEGGY, was I supposed to be disappointed with this? Instructions unclear, accidentally married Morrissey in the Chapel O' Love.

JPEGMAFIA's latest full-length studio album, following his major breakout project, Veteran, is a step in a very interesting direction to say the least.

If there's one thing I appreciate about Hendricks' music up until this point, is just how unpredictable the man is while still keeping an engaging album experience. JPEGMAFIA is genuinely one of the most ... read more
Danny's going to have a tough ass time to get aoty this year. Even tougher than 2016. My ears have been purified.
Well, that was a disappointment...

Jesus Forgive Me, I Am A Thot was not a track I was a big fan of but it was decent enough for me to be hyped for the album. This caused me to worry a bit about the style Peggy was going for but I was hoping something good nevertheless. After that, I saw his video on YouTube with Kenny Beats, where he said the album was unedited and raw. That increased my preoccupation. Still, hyped for the album.

But now it's 13/09/2019 and we finally got the album... I'm ... read more
A rap shitpost come to life, complete with dissonant, bombastic, genre-bending production rivaling 1000 gecs, satirical autotune interpolations of pop songs, and unbridled, wild energy exuding from every track.

If there's one thing that's certain about this album, it's not boring. It may not be genius or refined but it's pretty damn interesting to listen to and Hendricks makes sure every track is memorable for some odd reason or another.
Holy fuck.

This album is the forest, and i'm certain of it. Let's talk about that.

Because, if i'm being honest, I can't really put into words how well crafted, well produced, well made, well executed, well performed and well...genius this album truly is. Because lets be real here, you've heard all of that already. If you want just a basic run through what I think about this album: well, I think this is JPEGMAFIA's victory lap, especially with the way he goes about talking about his newfound ... read more
i’m going to put the same amount of effort into this review as Peggy put into this album. While the whole atmosphere of it, along with most of the production, is pretty good, everything sounds unfinished and sloppy. I always understand why artists want to change things up and pursue different sounds, but this is not for me. Despite it not really being my thing, I can see JPEGMAFIA’s progression and All My Heroes Are Cornballs still gives me very high hopes for his future ... read more
JPEGMAFIA's 4th album is the most mind-blowing, horrifying, beautiful albums of the year. Do not expect this to sound like Veteran, or else you will be extremely disappointed, it's an entirely new sound for Peggy. The first song 'Jesus Forgive Me, I'm A Thot' at first was sort of average to me, but listening to it over and over until the album released, I finally started to enjoy the song, and is now one of my favorite songs on the album. 'Kenan vs. Kel' is this very beautiful lo-fi rap song, ... read more
it's ok yeah
*Unoriginal comment showing how disappointed I am for Peggy’s new album*

Nah but seriously, I had plenty of fun with this. Now, I will say that I slightly prefer “Veteran”. But that doesn’t mean that “All My Heroes Are Cornballs” doesn’t have some of Peggy’s most engaging work yet. There’s a bigger emphasis on singing here with a lot of autotune done for satirical effect and, while said autotune can be slightly grating at points, his voice ... read more
edit actually its post rap thats why it sounds shit

really disappointed in this album tbh. like "haha the joke is you AREN'T gonna be dissappointed!!" well here we are and i'm disappointed. shame, considering veteran is probably my aoty, top 5 of the decade. but man, this is nowhere near as impactful as that album was, in both a cultural and musical sense. Obviously, veteran was peggy's big breakthrough. and, sheesh man it was huge when it came out. it got that january effect, melon ... read more
Sorry for not posting a review or anything in a while, been taking a short break to work on a long video and finish up my school work and stuff lol. ALSO THIS ALBUM F***ING B A N G S

Holy shit. Okay forget the whole "disappointment" joke for now, this is better than Veteran. Now, let me make it clear. I loved the hard-hitting, off the wall minimalist sound of Veteran, and I still think that was an incredible album. The personality, charisma and absurdness of Peggy's sound was ... read more
So here we are. The most dissapointing album of the year is finally out.

The first time I've been introduced to JPEGMAFIA's music was through his 2016 single "I Might Vote 4 Donald Trump", a very hard hitting, interesting and energetic song. With his success in the underground rap scene in 2018 with the experimental album "Veteran", JPEGMAFIA had pleasantly surprised me by its musical bipolarity. "Veteran" is in my opinion a modern classic, an incredible ... read more
"All My Heroes Are Cornballs" is probably one of my most awaited records of this year. After hearing JPEG's last album, which actually became one of my favourite hip-hop albums of 2018, I was extremally curious what Peggy has to offer next. When I heard the first single and saw the tracklist, I thought that this is going to be a really fun listen.

And yeah... I was mostly right. Peggy is just doing what he does best on this album. I love his glitchy, experimental and unique ... read more

JPEGMAFIA is what happens when artists are brave enough and won't hesitate to define themselves the way they want to, and would be better off that way... rather than be defined by an industry with their own ideas of what rappers ought to be.

And here he is again, fresh from all the dank ocean of creativity from the last record; "Veteran".

But now the skies are softer and vacant this time around, rarely will the weather feel harsher. The clouds are caressed with a warm ... read more
Kamala Harris Rap

Best Tracks: Jesus Forgive Me, I Am a Thot,Kenan Vs. Kel,Grimy Waifu,Ptsd,Free the Frail,BasicBitchTearGas,Papi I Missed U
Worst Track: All My Heroes Are Cornballs
At what point does it stop being experimental music and just starts becoming a bunch of noises slapped together? because i do agree that this is a shitpost.

I'm not even unironically disappointed, I kind of expected not liking this considering how so many people adored Veteran and this being kind of a continuation and exaggeration of the thought process that went into that album. It's hard to really narrow down my thoughts on such a mess of an allbum, which is one of my core problems with it ... read more
Internet rap Pt.2
internet autot
Une rap
Insert bla
Ck squidw
Ard phot
Damn it Peggy, you disappointed me, you were supposed to make one of the worst albums of 2019, not the best! *Sigh* maybe next time Peggy, maybe next time.
I'm really torn on this album, there are points on here that I like a lot, but then there are points on here that are so fucking boring, so it's difficult to figure out how to actively review this. The opening track, the lead single also, is probably the best track on this album, it perfectly describes what Peggy is; whatever the fuck he wants to be. Now I've never been a fan of albums like this, albums with a long long tracklist but still being pretty short, that's why I didn't like Illinois ... read more
NME finally gave a credible 100. Also, this album is like "Because The Internet" on Steroids. Jesus.
Just as I expected
Favorite Track: the one that sounded like this 🔨⚒🛠🔧🔩⚙️⛏AAGGCBJNGYMBFY🔫🧲🗡⚔️💣HHGBFRXHHDVJ🧨🔪🚬⚔️🗡💉🌡HHEVBHKGSFJNFFUBX🛎🗝📇🗃✂️🔊🔊🔊

So right now, I'm just in fucking awe at the amount of effort he put into this. There are so many elements that make it completely unique from the modern music landscape. I spent a whole lot of time and energy in making this video, and I do go well in-depth about the record, so I hope you can check it out. If not, that's ok too!

Color: Purple
FAV TRACKS: All My Heroes Are Cornballs, Jesus Forgive Me I Am a Thot, Papi I Missed U, ... read more
I know for a fact that if I ever saw JPEGMAFIA's Spotify playlists, there would be a whole lot of Submarine Man.
Video review:

On the surface this album can feel like a really tough pill to swallow, but the immersion that it offers is stunning. Peggy packs this project with so many wacky, and obscure ideas that I couldn’t see anyone else pulling off as cleverly, or as smoothly as he does. There is so much to uncover here, and it serves as food for thought for anyone willing to take a deep dive into this obscure, excellent experience

Strong 8, light 9

Accessibility (1 ... read more
I decided to compIeteIy deIete my review for this.

If you guys check the highest ratings to this aIbum most of the accounts giving this thing a 100 and 95 are compIeteIy empty accounts with onIy perfect ratings on some of the most recent aIbums. Now is there reaIIy not a way to stop this buIIshit?

Again I don't have anything against Peggy and don't care if the rating of this aIbum is at 100 or 20 but the bot and empty accounts probIem has to stop for good. This is a probIem that has been ... read more
i love you, peggy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Damn it, I don't know what to think about this album. As a whole I liked it and I have to admit it was one of the most musically fucked up albums I've ever listened to. I don't think those songs would have worked out so well separately but still, I had quite a lot of fun with it. There was a lot going on here but in a good way. Interesting were all these effects like changing the volume of a song or completely changing its acceleration and sound. All this was done in a very cool way. It was ... read more
best: jesus forgive me, i am a thot, kenan vs kel, beta male strategies, grimy waifu, prone!, life’s hard here’s a song about sorrel, thot tactics, free the frail, post verified lifestyle, DOTS FREESTYLE REMIX, papi i miss u

worst: basicbitchteargas
This is once again an album that’ll change up how my eventual top 5 of the year will look like. If there was one word to describe this album, it would be the word fun, because that’s what it is, an extremely fun listen. There’s so much to this album, I already know that I will give this album endless listens.

One thing that is different on this album from his other works is the emphasis on his singing and the autotune, I saw Plats say that the autotune can be grating at ... read more
Edit: Shawn Cee just gave this a 10-10!

I apologize for taking so long to make an actual review for this thing but Borderlands 3 just came out… I'm addicted.
Anyways, yeah I do still really love this album. This is an improvement on pretty much every level. The beats are just as weird and all over the place, which was definitely one of the things that ruined the album for many others and honestly I get it but it's definitely something I appreciate. Also the fact that he is just ... read more
JPEG has casually switched from one movement of sound to another, while "Veteran" played with elements of "Death Grips" & "Run The Jewels" rhetoric , "All My Heroes" seems to have more in common with "Slauson Malone" and the experimental ribbon of thought, that lives along the lines of music collage/ its a devious switch of pace, that makes his album flow like WATER, so disappointing!

"Bitch I'm on your street right now"

His ... read more
Move over Drumpf, you’re about to be destroyed by the Libtard Mafia. Alright let’s put memes aside for a moment. Jpegmafia’s Veteran, released just last year, was an extremely impressive album. Featuring a healthy balance of absurdism and real skill, it immediately put him on the radar of anyone who really follows hip hop music. What would the madman do next? Well he would promise to drop the most disappointing album of 2019, of course!

Is it actually a disappointment? Hell ... read more

Peggy is top 10 ever
I wanted to give this album one more try, after my horrendous experience with "All My Heroes Are Cornballs" when it was released. During my discoveries with hip-hop's sub-genres, such as "experimental hip-hop" and even what I unofficially call "noise hip-hop", I slowly developed more knowledge to properly review this LP.

What intrigues me in this album is how repetitively bland it is. Turn on the "Shuffle" mode, starting from the first track. It won't ... read more
damn. what a trip this is. peggys new album is one that perplexed me on my first listen, but now im all in and cant get enough.

let me just say that i absolutely love this man, hes so fucking unpredictable and its one of his biggest charms. plenty of his best material is on here, jesus forgive me is still his best song. production is oddly beautiful on some tracks, and crazy chaotic on others, and while this may make it sound like its a messy album... actually it is a messy album, all over the ... read more
All My Heroes Are Cornballs > Veteran
Although I guess it doesn't really matter since both are just decent.

Like Veteran, this is an album that I have no strong feelings towards. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. There are certainly moments that I love, and there are certainly moments the I don't like, but as a full package, this just fails to interest me. There are moments that are lyrical and musical genius, and there are moments that are nothing more than just boring filler. ... read more
Organized Chaos. Nothing about this album makes sense and i mean that in the best way possible. Peggy juxtaposes the same abrasive production style he’s known for with melodic lofi backing instrumentals. It takes skill to make something so relaxing sound so chaotic and schizophrenic. The lyrics are just so out there and hilarious, he may not be the most skilled rapper but his goofy personality shines through. Though it doesn’t surpass Veteran for me, it gets pretty damn close.
I never listened to JPEGMAFIA's music before, I went into this album completely blank and without expectations, and it honestly just blew me away.
All My Heroes Are Cornballs was my introduction to the world of this artist, and it honestly couldn't have been better; this album is one of the most creative, eccentric and fascinating hip-hop works I've heard. Everything on this album is magnificently well-done and it results in an effective and engaging project. From the crudely experimental, ... read more
i can't even make a joke about being disappointed because this slaps so hard
A one man army calls for a one man accomplishment. JPEGMAFIA packs up his faculty for adventure & idiosyncrasies as pastels & tosses it into a canvas, resulting to an immersive clusterfuck of a piece to behold. Not exactly sure if that sounded like a compliment.

When Veteran rolled in, it was deemed to be last year's experimental sweetheart (and believe it for not, my first dip into the genre) & propelled Peggy's career to observable heights, just enough to pique basically any ... read more
"Free the Frail" is my favourite song of the past few weeks.
This record was FUCKING AWESOME
can't be disappointed if you didn't listen to singles and had no expectations or preconceived ideas of what the album would be like. that's the real chad play if you ask me.
(rating is subject to change because this album is a lot to take in)
What Childish Gambino thinks Because the Internet sounds like.
All my heroes are David Rowe and Rick the Lai
All jokes and memes aside, I am quite disappointed in this new JPEGMAFIA album. Mainly in the lack of the “DAAAAAAAAAMN, Peggy!” adlib.

ACTUALLY all jokes and memes aside, I am very pleased and impressed with the direction that Peggy has decided to take with All My Heroes Are Cornballs, realizing that the album where he did the most of his own thing was his most successful to date and doubling down on that in his follow up. Most artists in that scenario would either be forced to ... read more
PEGI 18: Often plastered on games that push the boundaries of violence, explicit language and taste. You don't need me to draw the parallels between this classification and the music of Barrington Hendricks, a provocateur who experienced/suffered a tremendously successful 2018 after the release of Veteran.

20 months later and Peggy has returned with an album that holsters an undeniably refined level of quality when it comes to production, AMHAC having no qualms going from intense and ... read more
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