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A list created on 14 August 2019
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Anticipated albums, may have already came out or not
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these people fuck
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Some of my personal favorite reviews i've done for the site. Look, no-one said that I wasn't arrogant.
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I don’t think i’m the best writer, but sometimes i’m just really confident in what I say. (In no particular order)
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Am I gonna like this when it comes out? I don't know - but I better so, since I was cancelled at least three times this week. Still, this list is just for me to remember to rate it when it be ...
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BEST TO WORST clipping. AVERAGE SCORE: 84 Color: Black
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Can't wait for these bad boys to drop
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Unfinished until 1/1/20
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Releases of October 2019 Confirmed for next month: Merzbow Mount Eerie Have a Nice Life
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My favorite albums of the year :)
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I am excited
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Jam's i've been slapping in 2019 (in no perticular order)
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Albums that I want to listen too but haven't yet.
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In release order
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Vinyl Me, Please