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There Existed an Addiction to Blood
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How my mans rapping over ambient music?

Aside from the 2 unbearable bits (ending of La Mala Ordina, and beginning of Attunement) this album is the perfect blend of industrial/noise/ambient and rap/hip hop. It's unlike anything I've heard and it just works so well. LMO and Run for your Life are the highlights for me because they mostly resemble standard catchy rap with this new exciting twist.

This album is literally light years ahead of something like Dreamville. It's so far ahead it's user ... read more
only a couple of songs are good
Gather around the burning piano kids, it's time for a good freight!

Spooky season is hitting it's peak and naturally we are getting the best albums of the year at these times. clipping. created what i can only call an airtight horror festival; a chaotic set of stories that build up on each other with the same narrative of expanding noise. The feeling of being introduced with Nothing is Safe into this album is such a magnificent experience. The lyrics and production blend masterfully into the ... read more
Awesome great music good vibes greatness
I really can't put into words how absolutely stunning this album is. I was blown away from start to finish and was enthralled by a concept album about horror themes, yet one that is able to channel those themes through lyrical depth on current day inner city violence. It's one wild ride that culminates with a track which beautifully juxtaposes the noise, violence, and overall abrasiveness of the album in the most cathartic way possible.
Daveed Diggs has always been an interesting character. A seemingly chill and carefree guy in public, but harboring some truly dark tendencies in his music. None has been more darker than this record. This is very close to horrorcore as Daveed explicitly speaks on brutal murders over clanking and grinding industrial beats. Nothing Is Safe, while a great song in it's own right, is more accessible than the rest of the record and almost serves as a warning. Nothing is safe on this record, it is ... read more
Probably the only time I’ll ever listen to a leak (sorry guys).

I’ve been a giant fan of clipping. ever since I listened to their sophomore record “CLPPNG” about two months ago, which one of my best friends turned me onto with “Story 2”. Out of my 19 tens at this point in time, that album has gained one of the spots for its brilliant blend of experimental noise hop and technical vocal inflections by Diggs. He’s one of the most talented and ... read more
I just got the pre-order to listen to this album this morning and I've somehow already listened to it 5 times. Daveed Diggs' flows and storytelling are just as on point as ever on top of clipping.'s darkest and most powerful production yet. I'm super impressed by every element of this album. We'll have to see if anyone can outdo these guys in the next couple of months because this is currently my album of the year.
As a fan of both horror and experimental music, this one has to be the most engaging of both worlds. This is harrowing, claustrophobic and chaotic. This is what I expected Danny Brown would make after 'Atrocity Exhibition', yet clipping. delivered me one bloody hell of a ride. From murder to revolution, from the most catchiest hook to the most bizarre lyrics, this project will keep you on the edge. You won't even manage to notice the run time. I hope I get to see Xiu Xiu and clipping ... read more
Wow. Was not expecting this much desire to re-listen on re-listen.
Coming into this album, knowing that the lead single was Nothing Is Safe, i had pretty low expectations, as i was disappointed with that song. That alone, I was expecting this album to turn into maybe toning their sound down a bit like they did with Splendor & Misery, an album i wasn't blown away by mostly because i wasn't much of a fan on how they tackled the concept. Luckily, on There Existed an Addiction to Blood, i'm glad i was so wrong.

Once you get past Nothing Is Safe, this album is ... read more
Clipping delivers a super tight noise-hop record as their comeback, and it's amazing. It's most likely one of the best records of the year and perhaps, even the best Clipping album thus far.

Not to say the album is perfect or anything, case in point the intro track is a bit boring. But when it gets to Nothing Is Safe, after that blaring almost musical jumpscare at the end of the intro, it's magical.

Nothing Is Safe is a song I loved ever since it dropped as the lead single. It features this ... read more
This is like Daughters´"You Wont Get What You Want" but...rap.
I Loved This so MUCH.
To Better The Experience i even turned off all the lights in my room lmao.
I was sometimes genuinely terrified by the Music.
And The Second time i listened to it i was walking outside,in the middle of the night and it was even more terrifying.
I always looked behind me just to make sure Daveed isnt following me and he wants to stab me lol.
And then there was this line..."Stop lookin' over ... read more
Yeah uh

clipping. can't miss. ever.

this whole album (and their other albums, maybe excluding midcity) are fucking amazing. all they've done their whole career is release quality music. and they've somehow leveled up in quality? nothing is safe is a great song, but kinda runs on a bit too long. he dead has amazing story telling (like literally every single song that clipping. has made). it talks of people dying by a serial killer, hence of the title. la mala ordina is just absolute horrorcore that ... read more
Having not enjoyed much of clipping.'s first few projects, I went into this album skeptical that I would like this too, but I have to say I am pleasantly surprised at how good this album is. The problem I had with much of clipping.'s music was that it lacked melody and just sounded a bit too angular and abrasive just for the sake of it, but on There Existed... there is more attention paid to the core groove in these tracks, while still retaining Daveed Diggs' idiosyncratic breakneck rap flows ... read more
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