ATIVAN COREA - [][][][][][][][][][][[]][][][][][[][][][][]][][]][]][][[][[[][]][]][][]][]­[][]]][][[]][][][][].666%
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September 15, 2011 / Release Date
Mixtape / Format
- / Label
- / Genres
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A psychedelic journey spanning an hour and thirty minutes, where new and recurring elements pop up, only to leave a second later. I can’t help, but feel hypnotized by .666% 's multiple longer-lasting chord progressions as all of the other elements work together at an unexpected pace, which keeps me on my toes. “What element is going to appear next? What element will disappear next? Will it reappear? If so when?” These questions keep me engaged in this journey of a mixtape and ... read more
for my 500th review on this website, I thought I'd review something that's truly spectacular. This 2011 instrumental hip-hop release from the ever elusive Korean artist "ATIVAN COREA." This record is just so, astronomically ahead of its time and I still struggle to understand how someone managed to make this in 2011. The textures, the synth work, the sample flipping, it's all just so perfect here. The textures and sounds this album manages to create are just inexplicably fantastic and ... read more
it’s ridiculous to me that this came out in 2011. like what????? this shit is so ahead of its time and still feels a little ahead of our time it’s insane. one of the most creative instrumental projects i’ve ever heard. just somebody flexing their producing skills for an hour and a half. must listen!
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