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this is for sure a mistake, but it's a mistake i'm sticking too. if you want to include an album and were not initially asked, then please leave a comment about which record you go to town to. And ...
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Cute bebes Suggest more bebes for the list. I only know so many bebes.
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These albums belong in the nut bucket
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Tfw your label is milking the heck out of you. Records labels ruining artists' creative vision is what I really despise in music, so I've compiled my observations on this list.
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stuff I've listened to (or need to give a listen to) in 2019
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Hi, can I visit you?
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I think it might be hard managing and switching back and forth to a singles account. So therefore to combat that problem, I have decided to rank every album that I have rated on in ...
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A big part of what gets me to listen to a record initially, is the visual aesthetic that the album art gives off. If a record has a nice cover, And one that is suited to my personal artistic palette, ...
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There's an old Neil Hamburger recurring gag where he introduces a lot of his jokes he does with an elongated and exasperated WHY. I would like, with this list, to utilize this sound he makes by ...
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The worst 10 projects of 2019. 1 and 2 are pretty much set in stone but the rest is subject to change
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The Worst Of The Worst
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unless you want to have a laugh
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Anything below 20 goes here
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TRASH = Trash
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Aka the album that he will not talk about
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*ratings may not line up with an albums' placement on the list*
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A list of my 2019 album reviews
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September Playlist