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Young Thug - Punk
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This is a victory lap album. An acoustic journey. He isn’t selling out. That’s just… like please it’s Young Thug. He has always been a hybrid artist. Yikes to that take.

This album is very complete in its aesthetic, but I found it to feel very stale and synthetic. The instrumentals don’t pop in any interesting way. The songs just exist to exist

I’m tired of ass skin


(Ignore the review it grew on me)

Punk sadly manages to be the final straw to confirm Young Thug has lowkey sold out: and it's something I wish I wouldn't have to say.

For the longest time, Young Thug has been quite consistently my favorite trap artist, but from him putting on random clones on the map, to putting on everyone from his 7-year-old daughter to his partner on tracks, and to close it off: releasing products unusually bloated by his standards.

This doesn't mean Young Thug doesn't ... read more


Hype!!! This is going to be his best album, no Cap 🐍🐍🐍🐍


Punk is a record that saw delay after delay but it's finally here and I can confidently say that it's another victory lap for Thugger

Young Thug is probably one of (if not the best) trap artists of all time. From the tiny desk concert he did some months ago it was clear that he was dropping something special. That performance showcased the more ballad approach he would take on his upcoming release with acoustic guitars and pianos, while also teasing a more punk rock influenced sound ... read more


To the people who gave this a green rating, you're legends. 🐍

R.I.P. Juice, Mac Miller, Nipsey

How THE FUCK you gon' listen to folk and then hate on this for having too many ballads? This record easily feels like the most personal Thugger album. And even if he went for a chiller type of sound, he still doesn't lack in the personality department whatsoever. He still says stupid funny shit, but he also balances it with some introspective real shit. My man is in love. Nothing better then ... read more


While Punk is a flawed album that is a little too long and can sometimes be a little too inconsistent, there are just so many things I like about it and there are so many highlights for me that it makes up for it. I also really like the approach Young Thug took here and I think the result is really enjoyable, even if a little messy and inconsistent.


'Punk' is Young Thug's sophomore album and it's not only a significant disappointment, but it's also one of the worst albums of the year as the usual crazy, creative Young Thug doesn't allow his ideas to evolve like you'd expected but comes up with a bland execution of something that sounds like folk trap or acoustic trap, with nothing making my ears perk up as even the pretty nature of the album can't make up for how boring Young Thug sounds on the album. You can't say that Young Thug wasn't ... read more



Wow, I’m sorry guys, this is really embarrassing. I had a review of the new Young Thug album written up, but my totally real assistant gave me a definition from Merriam-Webster’s dictionary instead for some reason. My apologies, he’s absolutely getting fired tomorrow. I’m serious, it just says, “noun - a prolonged arduous task or effort”. What word is this even the definition to?

Oh, it’s for “slog”. Why would he give me ... read more


Thuggy wug W


Based on the first listen this is a pretty good and enjoyable album. I’m a sucker for singing Thugger so I like the ballads on this album. The production is solid and this album is also quite consistent, there’s some weaker tracks on here but I don’t think any of them are outright bad. The biggest problem here is the length. There’s 20 tracks on this thing, and while its consistency might keep it from being something like Scorpion, Punk didn’t have any song that is ... read more


To prepare for 'Punk', Young Thug did dmt with the remaining members of the Ramones'... kids and had his first great profoundly gay experience, which is how he came to create this masterpiece of easy-listening adult-contemporary. It's said he ate nothing but kale, human breastmilk and Flintstones multivitamins for 3 months to prepare for the dmt trip. He also went method during that time and stalked Johnny Rotten's London home nights studying his mannerisms and syncing up his defecating cycle ... read more


After a long time waiting, Young Thug's "Punk" is finally here and, unfortunately, it's pretty mid. Boasting a runtime that's far too long for its own good and only a couple of highlights in an ocean of filler, the experience overall was pretty boring, and when Young Thug of all rappers is making a boring album, you know there's a problem. I'm not going to say that I don't understand the appeal of this record; it's definitely the most personal Thugger project I've heard. The title may ... read more


This album is super inconsistent and I think that's a big reason I didn't enjoy it. It has some standouts and I like the more minimalistic approach but it didn't land for me personally. I can see the appeal though.


yea yea yea

Punk has a few impressive songs and sweet and beautiful background music overall, but Young Thug is leading them ridiculously without drawing them impressively.
Unexpectedly, songs with Post Malone and Future are pretty good,
while collaboration with Doja Cat is one of the worst songs I've heard this year.

Highlights : Peepin Out The Window, Livin It Up, Droppin Jewels


Thugger keeps it real safe with this one. There's some good moments in the album, Droppin Jewels & Day Before are my favorite songs in here without a doubt, the Travis & Drake assisted is cool, but I didn't love the record as a whole. Post Malone chorus is cancer tho.


While a change of pace is always a welcomed sight to behold, Young Thug just doesn't make a worthwhile album with the sonic shift he takes on 'Punk'. His incorporations of singer-songwriter aspects alongside a hugely acoustic guitar influenced sound palette isn't really done well on here, in fact a lot of these attempts on 'Punk' sound watered down and neutered with do-nothing instrumentals and weak performances from Thugger and his guests. What he attempted to do here sonically is respectable ... read more


Favourite: Love You More (ft. Nate Reuss, Gunna & Jeff Bhasker)
Worst: Icy Hot (ft. Doja Cat)

1. Die Slow (ft. Strick) - 7
[This is decent track. I thought the production was lacking a bit for me but loved the lyrics and the meaning he puts into it]

2. Stresseo (ft. J. Cole & T-Shyne) - 6.5
[This song wasn't too bad I just felt like I needed a little bit more]

3. Stupid / Asking - 7
[This is very strange but a good strange]

4. Recognize Real (ft. Gunna) - 5
[Pretty average tbh, ... read more


Full review coming later but my first impressions are these:

Not one song on “Punk” touches Thug’s top 25, maybe even 35 of all time. Maybe 2 or 3 genuine bangers - like how can there be almost no Young Thug hits in a 20 song 63 min project?? Just mediocre rap ballads. It’s kinda pleasant to listen to, but his raps so much gibberish shit here it comes in one ear and leaves the other permanently 3 mins later. Just very lukewarm on this one folks… to be continued


As a young thug super fan this is not bias but this is a huge w for thugger as a fan of him since 2014 I kept seeing him get better and better this is dub only bad song to me was stupid/asking


I gotta give it to him here. He subverted by expectations TWICE!

Let me get this straight, I am disappointed with this Thugger album, but not as much as I thought I would be. See, the first half of this album is pretty eh. It has good moments like 'Contagious' but it did nothing to me. I was just kind of blank faced... well that was until that second half. It isn't an INCREDIBLE second half or anything but it just improves the album in every way. More engaging songs, better production, just ... read more


On Punk, Young Thug possesses the rare ability to always keep me engaged with his performances, but never to the extent where I find most of his individual songs memorable or worthy of replay value. There are definitely some solid tracks, but most of the songs on here were pretty middle-of-the-road and forgettable.

Favorite Tracks: Contagious, Peepin Out The Window, Rich Nigga Shit, Droppin Jewels, Fifth Day Dead, Hate The Game
Least Favorite Tracks: Livin It Up, Scoliosis, Icy Hot


If this was an EP, it would be one of the best of the year.


yea...after everything I've heard from Thugger up to this point, this is my least favorite, and honestly, it hurts to say this. The feature list looked so stacked, I mean come on, Cole, Rocky, and most importantly Mac miller, how can you mess that shit up? Turns out, the features were prolly the biggest shit stain on the album. Travis sounded extremely unmotivated, Cole's autotune performance at the second half of his verse was horrendous, Drake and Doja sound fucking awful (was kinda expecting ... read more


Punk is quite a different album then anything Young Thug has put out previously, even with the first song you can tell this is going to be a lot different. I don't really think I am a fan nor a hater of the acoustic bits, I just think they sound really weird on a Young Thug album but I respect him for trying new things to keep his sound fresh. The chicken noises on Track 7 are so weird and the transition from such a mellow song to a very underwhelming rage song is arguably just as funny as ... read more


There are so many artists with wildly unique approaches to popular sounds that I love. Danny Brown's insane flows paint a cacophanous and deranged narrative. Bladee's auto-tuned vocals turn the voice into an instrumental weapon. And Playboi Carti's manic high-pitched delivery is as hypnotic and infectious as it is nonsensical. That's why it is continuously disappointing to hear Young Thug's unimpressive and egregious vocalisations over bloated tracklists with half-baked ideas. Like So Much Fun ... read more

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