Alexandra Savior - The Archer
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magnificent: might be year’s best production.

released ten days into the new decade, this is the first great record of its time; with a portishead type unconventionality (bad disease/but you). it ends with a seemingly true, poetic essence in its title track, and then everything starts over!

when one listens to this album in order, they realize that the emotions or aspects of a song had begun on the previous one! (Example, crying starts in track two rather than track three (crying all ... read more
Okay. First of all, Alexandra Savior has some damn fine vocals... very beautifully-delivered. They mesh really well with the overall psychedelic production, which is also quite beautiful. I'm not sure if I'm gonna come back to this or not, but the results on "The Archer" are definitely worth a shot for its 30-minute runtime.

Fav Tracks: Can't Help Myself, Soft Currents, Bad Disease, Saving Grace, Crying All the Time, The Archer

Least Fav Track: But You

i knew this was going to be good but my god i wasn't expecting to be this impressed with it

Alexandra Savior is an artist i've been following since 2017, after finding out Alex Turner was on production duty on her debut. i came off it very satisfied, though many of the tracks were just Savior singing Turner's lyrics over some indie pop instrumentation.

however, on The Archer, Savior shows an improvement on all fronts, writing beautiful poems throughout this LP that blow anything on her ... read more
Delicate. Beautiful. Vulnerable. Yet somehow empowering. An incredible break up/intoxicating love album. Alexandra’s vocals and aura remind me of a mix of Amy Winehouse and Christina Perri. It’s filled with pain yet filled with hope and acceptance. The lyrics are amazing for a pop-ish album. Interesting production. Only complain I have is I would like to see her tackle different themes but wow just wow.
A solid album throughout. 'The Archer' shines on the vocal and instrumental front with lyrics detailing the rollercoaster of emotions that is being in a toxic relationship. While the album does have one or two less interesting tracks it never loses itself or fails to impress.
magnificent: this might be year’s best production. released ten days into the new decade, this is the first great record of its time; with a portishead type unconventionality (bad disease/but you). it ends with a seemingly true, poetic essence in its title track, and then everything starts over!

savior’s voice is THE FORMULA: (soft, jarring piano paired with drums that could easily be mistaken for bass; a bass supplemented by deep pits of anger throughout tracks like ‘saving ... read more
This album instrumentally, vocally and thematically has a lot to offer but ultimately it lacks identity and can sound quite a lot like her contemporaries

Best Songs: Saving Grace, Crying All the Time and Self Currents

Worst Song: Howl
This is the first project I’ve heard by Alexandra and I was blown away. You get a mixed of multiple genres in this album such as psychedelic, alternative, indie pop and Janis Joplin instrumentation. Her voice is so beautifully haunting and she kinda has a combination of voices while having her own style. This record I will FOR SURE come back around to regularly and I would 100% recommend this to music lovers.
After hearing her previewed singles this album was definitely something i wanted to keep a eye out on just because the singles were so good. Jumping into this album the intro sets a amazing tone for the whole thing. We get introduced with a sorrowful instrumental and a great songwriting game from her. Throughout the middle of the album my brain got caught up in the psychedelic like production it really blocked out the songwriting for me and thats what really had to be a tack off. I think her ... read more
I was surprised by this album. I love the dreamy and psychedelic aesthetic to this album which is mainly reinforced by Alexandra Savior's beautiful voice.
It starts off with a soft ballad like song, and we eventually progress into some more indie rock kinda stuff which I thought was great, the production overall on this is pretty good.
The lyrics are mainly focused on the theme of love and toxic relationships, and I wouldn't say the songwriting is bad but there is still a lot of room for ... read more
The first song has this bittersweet soft piano melody that really moves the heart, I believe the song really kicks in when she starts singing, she has a really great voice, the second track has this guitar that has a more sinister aspect to it, sounding a bit more old western, she matches her voice with the beat quite excellently to might I add, it comes together in a twisted harmony to put it the best way I can, the third beat feels more somber and tuned, calmed in a way, the mixing feels ... read more
imagine if Lana, Billie, Amy Winehouse, Adele and Melanie Martinez all morphed into one entity and decided to make a record and Brian Wilson, Mark Ronson and Panda Bear all got together to produce it. Excellent blend of a 60s sound with a lot of contemporary methods.

Tracks ranked
1. The Archer
2. Send her Back
3.Crying all the time
4. But you
5. Saving grace
6.Soft currents
8. Can’t help myself
9. The Phantom
10.Bad Disease (bad disease? more like bad song. jk it’s fine)
I swear I've heard this exact album, like, fifty times last year.

So, Alexandra Savior made another singer-songwriter indie pop record to add to the ever-expanding genre, and she does literally nothing to really justify this album's existence. I do think this album has a pleasant sound, and the instrumentals coupled with her gorgeous voice is certainly breathtaking at times. A good chunk of this album is actually pretty damn good, but this album is so easily forgettable and so redundant that I ... read more
Alexandra Savior takes us through a completely different world filled with haunting cadences and psychadelic imagination. That’ll be my headline when they start paying me to review albums poorly. I love love loved this album, it really resonates with me. Every song put me in a state, the instrumental whining and waning is trippy, her voice sinks deep into the listener all for a good 30 minutes. This is a beautiful record and I am now a fan.
The album cherish for autenticity and refinement. Her voice combined with the production of the body of work and the soft background presentend throughout the LP makes the hearing experience voluptuous and confortable for the ears. The lyrics are good too. Of course there are moments of monotony, but they don't stand out in relation to the whole sound aesthetic of the album. However, although "The Archer" is extremely cohesive, a person who will listen to it could unlike it a lot, ... read more
I see a lot of potential here. Alexandra has an excellent voice and she really displays what she can do on some of these songs. The songwriting didn't really feel that interesting though, and I wasn't nearly as enthralled by the production as most seem to be (although it's very likely that I've been spoiled by my many listens to Titanic Rising and its phenomenally lush instrumentals). Alexandra's performances really carry a lot of these tracks, and she does a good enough job that it's ... read more
when i first heard this album, i was amazed by its atmosphere, which i still think is the best part of this album. however, after repeated listens, only a few songs have definitively stuck, those being "crying all the time," "howl," "the phantom," and "bad disease." the rest isn't filler material, per se, but it isn't as captivating.

original score: 92
original review:
wholly consistent, the archer is a great album with a psychedelic pop sound ... read more
Holy vocals! There's a presence about Alexandra Savior that has a wonderful mysticism. It makes me feel like I'm floating on a cloud and looking over my hometown. The themes she tackles here are personal and relatable, a perfect merger between artist and human. The feeling of distance in the vocals and the constant vibrato compliment each other, as well as the themes of the album, very well.

There were a couple of songs that seemed rather dry compared to the rest of the project, but Soft ... read more
Pretty good.

I'm writing this review after listening to this album ONCE but I listened to it pretty carefully. I will edit my review when I re listen. Alexandra is a DAMN good singer. Overall the best fucking thing about her. Vocally stunning. And the production on here is very good and angelic for the most part. One of the instrumentals made me seem like I'm in the wild west or something. But the thing with this album is, it left me wanting something more. I don't know I feel like a puzzle ... read more
Solid collection of tracks. The psychedelic elements are pretty cool too.
With her debut, Alexandra captured the attention of the large, and passionate, Arctic Monkeys fanbase, thanks to the Monkeys' famed frontman, Alex Turner, co-writing and co-producing the album. Being a part of that fanbase, I was also brought to Alexandra's music and was quite pleased with it, but I was unsure of what was to come with this album since Turner was not attached at all. After being virtually obsessed with this album since it came out, it's safe to say that Turner was not the reason ... read more

Alexandra Savior en este álbum plasma su excelente tono de voz armónica y en verdad muuuuy suave, en si el álbum es consistente pero siento que la idea o el concepto en si "relación tóxica" ya es bastante reciclada apesar de eso Savior salva por mucho el álbum de caer en la monotonía absoluta, tiene toques de neo-psicodelia pero a la vez es un pop tipo "Titanic Rising" y algunas pistas de Lana del Rey en ... read more
The ending track "The Archer" brings the best of the album. Alexandra's album could've been powerful, but it is really Lana's vibes, not innovating through the genre. Unfortunately, it makes me bored.
the opening and closing songs are so damn good. but most of the other cuts here are so damn bland.
A new psychedelic / dream pop Contemporary effort very easy to access, with very immediate listenings which makes you enter directly into her universe.

Although it is not extraordinary, it is nevertheless a beautiful quiete consice adventure and does not leave any room for waste (but therefore shows some limitations), where I was rocked by the beautiful voice of Alexandra Savior.

I'll say that the listening was so easy that it probably means that I wasn't surprised and every time I listen ... read more
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