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2013: Hangs out with Minecraft YouTubers
2018: Name-drops Anthony Fantano
2019: Shoves Ozzy Osbourne into a trap rap song and "While I'm takin’ a shit, look at the plaques on the wall"

Yeah guys, this Post Malone dude is really fucking innovative! Can't wait to hear him shove Merzbow next to Lil Tecca rapping over a flute beat on the next album!

I've never been a big fan of Post Malone at all, but he did win me over quite a bit with his last full-length effort, B&B! As a ... read more
Post Malone is Charli XCX for the straights.
...Fuck it, Stoney was better.

I'd let Post Malone fuck me. Well, at lest with his last record, an album I really honestly enjoyed. It was an album that paired it's repetitive (if we are being honest here) pop tenancies with sharp, catchy and solid song writing, and a uniquely melancholic and interesting vocal delivery that showed great potential. Was there filler for days, and the 18 track length didn't feel justified? Yeah, but it also had such amazing pop tracks that these could be ... read more
What did y'all seriously expect? Why do y'all expect artistic integrity from a Post Malone album. I'm here for pop tunes, and I get pop tunes. BTW that Travis, Posty and Ozzy track was way better than it needed to be.
Kids use their phones while shitting. Men read shanpoo ingredients. Posty "looks at his plaques when he shits."

To be honest, I was kinda scared that this will be awful because of the singles, and my first reaction to the tracklisting was like this : " Why the fuck is there a Future X Halsey, a Meek Mill X Lil Baby, and a Post X Dababy? And how can you unironically put the song Wow. as an outro for an album called Hollywood's Bleeding?."

And now that I've listened to the ... read more
So after listening to this like 3 times, I feel that I have a pretty good grasp on what I think. It's definitely a mixed bag. This album is an absolute mess of ideas. It's indie one second trap the next, oh and one there's an orchestral interlude. Anyways, if you ignore the fact that this is like a playlist of a bunch of random songs, it has some good things about it. The super dramatic opener and title track is really good, Posty's vocal performance is really impressive, especially the way he ... read more
Something just isn't right...

I don't really know why, but I didn't enjoy this as much as his last album. There wasn't a single track I thought was too interesting in any way. Even for Post Malone standards, this just sounded incredibly generic and by-the-numbers. With Beerbongs and Bentleys, even with it being longer than this album there were some absolute standout tracks on it, some really fun druggy bangers and some incredibly catchy hooks. It was just all around an incredibly fun album. ... read more
Postys most bland and uninspired record to date.

This thing is chocked full of boring ass yet somehow monolithic pop rap bangers. The features feel super out of place. Having songs like “Wow” and “Sunflower” on the record do absolutely nothing to help it. This whole thing is just a mess honestly. There is no sense of organization and no sense of purpose other than sales that I can find. I cant think of a single meaningful message that Posty conveyed on this record. He ... read more
Post Malone is one of the most consistent and inconsistent popular artists of this decade. I like the guy. He seems to be just having fun and not trying to take himself too seriously. In 2015 and 2016, I could not stand it because of his awful debut, "Stoney". Then 2017, we had "beerbongs & bentleys", eventually became one of my favorite emo rap albums, containing Posty's best songs such as "Candy Paint." Malone is one of my favorite popular artists and at the ... read more
album cover looks like the goosebumps books and edgy instagram pages had a child
Hollywood is Bleeding is made up of songs that never quite reach the heights of B&B (besides Goodbyes) nor the lows of that album. What it is is a pleasant album that sees Post making his most vocally intense and mainstream material yet. I came out of this a bit underwhelmed as my high expectations after the release of Goodbyes were not met, but the target audience will love it and i can see it growing on me. For that reason, I curve belled the score to account for my predicted enjoyment in ... read more
NME is certified high at this point. Literally at what point in this album does Posty sound like Julian Casablancas or '70s FM radio?

This whole project is one of the biggest snoozefests I've heard all year. Nothing about it is strikingly bad, per se, but it's all just so monotonous. Even with the help of people like DaBaby, Ozzy Osbourne, Travis Scott, SZA, Young Thug, Kanye West, and even Josh Tillman, this project fails to generate anything even slightly interesting outside of a few of the ... read more
Fuck it bro, I loved this shit so much. Austin brings an incredibly consistent album in quality (this album is everywhere) with Hollywood's Bleeding that's nothing but catchy, fun and really well executed for radio friendly pop/rap. Also again, these songs are really fucking catchy like wow.

Best song(s): Allergic, Circles, Sunflower (grew on me a lot)

Worst song(s): Die For Me, Wow.
What crackhead thought that a Post Malone x Future x Halsey collab was great?

Favorites: The SZA one, The Swae Lee one, the Young Thug one
NOT BAD! What am I supposed to say? It's not as consistent as Beerbongs & Bentleys. This album is still pretty decent. "Allergic" is pretty bad and "Die For Me" is ruined by the Tumblr bitch. Everything else is decent to great. The title track is fantastic and I love the message behind it. I'm happy that Post is moving out of California. I don't want to lose him when that state sinks into the ocean! "Circles" is Stay Part 2 but much more lush sounding. ... read more
Alright, this is a mess. Whereas "beerbongs & bentleys" was a collection of druggy trap bangers with some of the catchiest pop hooks this part of the decade, "Hollywood's Bleeding" feels like a poorly planned set of ideas that range from great to bland. There are definitely some tracks that I really liked, though. "Circles" is a great indie pop track with a solid bass groove and gorgeous vocal melodies, the title track is a great opener and "Take What You ... read more
Wow, this is boring...
I have never really enjoyed any album from Post Malone and I didn't care for this one either, but I decided to check it out, because the singles weren't actually that bad.

After listening to it I still think that Austin's music is not for me. Some songs on here feature really bland and lifeless trap beats with Post's vocals that sound pretty much the same on all of them; Other songs are more of a rock and pop tunes, but they all are reallly uninteresting. However, I ... read more
well i mean i just love four out of 17 tracks from this LP. haha
I'd call myself a Post Malone fan. Sure he's overrated as hell but come on...the man knows how to write a catchy pop tune. He's also just a cool guy that I've been familiar with since way back in his days with the SkyDoesMinecraft gang. Beerbong's & Bentley's was one of my favorite albums of last year, so I really wanted this project to at least match up with that.

Sigh...but it didn't. While there were a handful of tracks I really liked, Hollywood's Bleeding is mostly a mixed bag of ... read more
From looks of it, this album is probably going to get some pretty polarizing reviews. For the most part I enjoyed myself during HB and there’s definitely some good moments and honestly those moments come from Post himself as I think he’s lyrically and vocally gotten stronger. There’s a good balance between the usual pop songs and spacey, druggy, atmospheric songs which is good to see as well.

However there’s a few problems that bring the album down such as the songs ... read more
An album in which there are bright flashes of crisp production but a complete lack of versatility, creativity, and genuinity.

Sonically, there are at least some pretty strong moments here. The album has a consistent vibe and doesn't ever necessarily sound poor. It would be a decent album to put on in the background of a party and allow to keep the energy up. However this is really the major praise I have for this record.

The production inevitably falls into the realm of hollow, as the ... read more
This pretty much confirms to me that I'll never understand Post Malone's appeal. This album could not be less interesting to me. There is absolutely nothing impressive here besides for the production being somewhat nice and a COUPLE of the beats getting a head bob out of me. But man, everything else about this album sucks. Post Malone is so nondescript as a lyricist and rapper. There's no real emotion or soul to these songs, it's just one flat, monotone trap beat after another. No real flow or ... read more

Post Malone comes out with one of the most versatile records in his career, mainly switching from sad rap tracks to bouncy rock anthems. The track list is very miss-matched and jumbled, making the overall experience feel even more bloated than it already is. Some tracks are seriously great, but everything else is generically boring and redundant.

Color: Blue
FAV TRACKS: Take What You Want, Sunflower, Goodbyes, Die for Me, Hollywood’s Bleeding, Circles
LEAST FAV: I’m Gonna ... read more
It’s alright, the title track is a really great opener, when I heard it I was excited to hear the rest of the album but unfortunately, most of it feels flat. I love post’s voice but it’s starting to get a little boring and lose its magic after 3 albums. The lyricism is nothing special, clever bars here and there but nothing stand out tbh. The production is good but again, nothing really stands out besides maybe the track produced by Kanye. Some of the features on this album ... read more
I audibly laughed when I saw the tracklist and saw that Ozzy was featured. Overall, I was just really feeling a stinker coming up. God, I was wrong. This is great hip pop. There are a couple tossaway tracks on here, but for the most part the aesthetic stays consistent and vibrant. The couple of tracks where Posties vocals go off the wall are great. Yeah, Post is definitely more pop than ever, but I really don’t care. He’s still doing what he wants and doing it well, and that’s ... read more
I enjoyed the project, but at the same time I didn't.

When I first heard Post Malone's 'Stoney' project I didn't really liked it that much. I loved one track though, 'No Option', and because of this track I've become a fan of Posty. Furthermore, I really enjoyed his sophomore project 'Beerbongs & Bentleys', with cuts like '92 Explorer' and 'Stay' I completely fell in love with Posty's voice. So when I heard he was dropping another project this year, I was hyped instantly. But when I heard ... read more
Post Malone makes one of the most generic albums of the year. While it's not like Stoney that every single song sounded like a terrible extension of one long song, there is still a lot of filler that could have not been included on the tracklist. There aren't any above average songs from Posty on this one unlike Beerbongs and Bentleys which had quite a few amazing tracks. The closest I could see this album coming to an above average track is Goodbyes. Overall a mediocre project.

BEST TRACKS: ... read more
You know at this point, given Post Malones sound, influence, trademark sound, he has his own aesthetic. And I feel that what makes up Post is a variety of the different music styles we see on here. It isn't as clean of s production as BB&B, but it is as well performed. Of course with Post you get the occasional, or more often than not, really ridiculous bar, but that's expected when you look at him. He isn't a fucking clean clut gentleman, he's a beer belly, cigarette smoking, thot loving ... read more
Would have to call this his weakest LP yet. Post Malone seems to be operating mostly on autopilot here. Maybe its a premature statement to say that this is lacking in real bangers considering how little time I've spent with the songs but nothing here stands out like some of the tracks from Beerbongs did, even Stoney had bangers. There's decent tracks, Goodbyes with Thugger may be my standout. I wasn't impressed by any features. If you're curious about the Ozzy feature its autotuned to fuck and ... read more
MY 1000TH RATING ON THIS SITE, UP TOP! (as of today, sep 9, 2019)

I wasn't too hyped with this new Post Malone album because I didn't even know this was dropping, despite my enjoyment with b&b.
But there's new vibes and themes that Post uses here with these rock, funky, and acoustic guitars and a more melancholic feeling to this album that really pops off like Allergic, Circles, and Take What You Want; something that I desperately wanted in the sophomore album. APPROVED.

The features on ... read more
It's alright...?
Posty's career has been around for quite some time now, with this being his third commercial length project and his popularity has skyrocketed him to a radio super star. So after all these money making singles following his 2nd LP, whats his third album going to be like
To sum it up shortly, its alright. Nothing blew me away in this album and most felt like Post giving in to the formulas that can bring him more popularity and success
Track after track, the basic ... read more
Post Malone is one of the most successful artist of the decade and arguably the most successful artists out right now, and that's not a coincidence. If you look at his past record, it is clear that he has this tendency to make every song he drops a hit. The authenticity and charisma of his delivery and voice always stood out on every song he made. On this album, I feel like he abandoned that slightly. This album felt a little bit less authentic and more processed. I also wasn't a fan of how the ... read more
Incrível como o Polenguinho consegue se reinventar e ainda ser mediocre, né? Puts.
I could give this album an 80 and people would still say I'm biased for Melanie, so I don't really have much to say. I do consider this album to be an improvement from his past works (and that fucking "Rockstar" that turned into a trigger song for me), although it is still quite basic for a pop rap album, and you have to really like him to enjoy tracks like "Wow.", which is ... read more
Post Malone literally just screamed in a song what the fuck

This sounds really lackluster. He obviously didn't put as much effort into this as he did with b&B. That album sounded like high effort top 40 pop classics. This sounds like low effort top 40 garbo
When will people realise that this guy is not good?
why have 17 gosh dang songs. just drop fire for 40 minute and 10 songs. MAX. There is so much shit that should be cut here, but like all post malone albums, there are some incredible singles that peak through the cracks.
Most of the top reviews to this are so negative, like Jesus this isn't that bad guys, take it for what it is.
My eardrums are bleeding.
Ughhh. I'm letting out an audible sigh as I begin typing this. Look, I like Post Malone. By all accounts and experiences, he seems like a funny, cool dude. I have even quite enjoyed some of his music in the past, I think mostly because I understood what to expect. Leading up to Hollywood's Bleeding, I found myself really enjoying the singles. Would Post Malone deliver a focused pop/hip-hop project to finally win some folks over? No. Absolutely not.

This feels so incredibly hollow and even ... read more
This is so inoffensive and safe. I appreciate that he wanted to go a little more pop on this record, but it's a shame that has to be at the cost of any intent to set himself apart from the pack. Nothing here I found to be particularly bad, but nothing here really engaged with me either... I still enjoy 'Circles' though, but it's not like that's a song that won't wear very thin very quickly. Shame.
Overall, this is a very safe album. It’s not wild and full of different sounds. It feels more pop and a bit more formulaic. Some features do not work at all (never put Meek Mill and Lil Baby on a Post Malone song AGAIN) and some features surprisingly work, namely Ozzy.
I fairly enjoyed this album though. But Post is about variety and this kind of lacks variety. It’s probably his most boring record, but at least it isn’t his worst.

Best: Staring at the Sun, Sunflower, ... read more
Is he pissing Bud Light on the cover? How did they find a way to make his sound MORE commercial? I thought the opener was about to set a fitting tone for the rest of the album, but I guessed wrong. Many of these songs are so saccharine and lifeless. It almost feels like going through the motions. The stabs at quirky indie pop were just awful and I hope he doesn't explore that direction further. Respect the attempt though because I do feel like he's going to need to change up his sound on future ... read more
Top Favorite: Goodbyes
Other Favorites: Circles, Hollywood's Bleeding, A Thousand Bad Times
Least Favorite: Saint-Tropez
Favorites: 'Hollywood's Bleeding', 'Enemies', 'Allergic', 'A Thousand Bad Times', 'Circles', 'Take What You Want', 'Sunflower', 'Goodbyes', 'Myself', 'I Know', 'Wow.'

Least Favorite: 'On The Road'

I'll just say it. I fucking love Post Malone. I don't find him innovative or extremely talented, but I'll be damned if he doesn't make some bangers. I loved all of the singles as they showed no two songs on the album would sound the same, and none of them do to me at least. Only a few tracks on this ... read more
It seems a bit clunky, especially when songs seem to start to get good then backtrack to the lackluster beginning, which is prevalent in tracks like Hollywood's Bleeding or Saint-Tropez. However, the album has great tracks, such as Staring At The Sun, Goodbyes, A Thousand Bad Times and a surprisingly good collaboration with Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott.

I only have two complaints:
A) Post never makes a collaboration with Halsey and Future ever again
and B) Post should've kept Sunflower and ... read more
I think just had history repeat itself with my initial impressions. Start off by deeming it trash & leaving it under the mud until the thought comes to mind that Posty is a popstar at heart, not some lyrical miracle under commercial success. Put those audible quotables that would possibly cause physical pain to the side. Beerbongs & Bentleys was chock filled of them, and it's follow up isn't any more guilty of that. And bam, I find myself going off along Malone's golden chops.

Malone's ... read more
Well this album is certainly an attempt to further his stance on not wanting to be tied to one genre, but did it deliver? I would say it 100% delivered on trying to bring in different sounds and for the most part they were all pretty good tracks. The opening title track gave me high hopes for the rest of the album and then "Saint-Tropez" brought them to a hault. "Enemies" is one of the best on the album, but all three were very standard Posty sounding tracks. Then the sound ... read more
I won't consider myself a fan of this guy but I won't say that I dislike him. However, most of this album, to me, is rather tiresome - and it's too same-y. It's a little bland at times. Some songs are pretty good, but there aren't as many good songs as I'd like there to be. Favourites would be anything that's 7 and above I guess. It isn't bad but it's not great either. I mean, I've heard a lot worse. Unfortunately, I've heard a lot better as well. But anyways, this is.... okay? It's okay. I'm ... read more
Allow me to sum up this album in one short question: did you like beerbongs & bentleys? If yes, then this album is not for you. If no, then this album is DEFINITELY not for you.

Alright. Here's my actual review. As i stated in my beerbongs & bentleys review, i've stated that i've been meaning to get into a Post Malone album. I feel like he has what it takes to make good, hell, even great songs, but can't hold my attention enough for an average album time.

Looking back on beerbongs, ... read more
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