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BABii, Kai Whiston, Iglooghost - XYZ
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Loud and Quiet

It’s as varied and completely nuts as you’d expect.

The Needle Drop

Iglooghost, Kai Whiston, and BABii don't quite break new ground on XYZ, but they do complement each other very nicely on a majority of the tracks.


this album is fucking INCREDIBLE.

this is the first moment in a LONG while that my mouth has literally been agape listening to music. im fucking bouncing up and down in my chair, slamming my desk, fucking GOING INSANE listening to XYZ. i just, never, after just one listen, has an album had such a fucking INSANE impact on me. there's fucking like Mountain Dew running through my vains, it's like a constant fucking sugar high, your brain is just overwhelmed by the ... read more
Yeah, aight, it's good. Time to bring out the best number in the game.

XYZ is surely a solid album full of blood-pumping, wonky, bass-heavy and fiery deconstructed club bangers that's in-your-face, all over the place, and crazy, but it does have some problems, at least from what I'm hearing.

I went into this collaboration project expecting a lot fascinating and exciting production, and seeing all the incredibly positive review gave me plenty of high expectations. Ultimately, all I wanted was ... read more

Gloo's super friends: BABii, Kai Whiston and Iglooghost team up together for a very interesting and colorful album, "XYZ".

Abrupt but precise. Fast and explosive. This is no different from any other Iglooghost project. In 2017, Iglooghost blew me away with his incredible debut album "Neo Wax Bloom", he never reached the same level of intense and psychic saturation after this. The difference with "XYZ" is the presence of the artists Kai Whiston and BABii. ... read more
Iglooghost has grown to become one of my favorite electronic producers and artists in general, with his wacky sound, and the fast pace synths, with the quiet vocal samples, all mushed into one big fun mess. And when he announced that he has a new project out, I got excited as fuck. So, XYZ drops and I just listened to it, and how was it? Well..

The wonky and aggressive sound is still found, and also the vocal samples, but it's more quiet than albums/EPs like Steel Mogu, but not as quiet as ... read more
While this will never be one of my absolute favorites, stuff like this still inspires me enormously. Iglooghost's detail, creativity, and consistency in his production is one that is unparalleled in electronic music right now. Pair that with the talents of Kai Whiston and BABii, and we arrive with one of the most unique records to come out this decade.
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Added on: August 28, 2019