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The title is self explanatory UNDER CONSTRUCTION Goal is to be finished by 2020
Updated 9mo agoRanked 57
pfft... silly virgins. smh my head
Updated 10mo ago 45
some of my least favorite artworks of music people actually like and care about. this is not a commentary on the quality of the music itself, just how bad the cover art is.
Updated 2w ago 24
Albums that nobody on the site can seem to get an opinion on
Updated 15h ago 20
this list will be edited as the year goes on This list is mostly based on my personal enjoyment, but also looking at it as an actual project and how well it holds up
Updated 1w agoRanked 19
I keep forgetting when things come out and my journal page of new releases is full (I am in the process of transitioning to a new journal) so I need a place to keep them.
Updated 10mo ago 18
You need something to listen too? This is simply an alternative version of the random album generator...but this time it's every album Fantano has given a named reviews too! That means no classics ...
Updated 17h agoRanked 16
every album from 2019 that i listened in 2019 not ranked, cronological order
Updated 9mo ago 16
The worst bars or lyrics from the 2010s decade. The list is in no particular order and if another artist other than the main one says the lyric their name will be included after the lyric.
Updated 6mo ago 15
A rather rich year marked by the ART Pop movement and by the large number of female artists/singers in my Top 50 ! My rating is always based on a set of criteria, for example: the quality and the ...
Updated 9mo agoRanked 12
Well, to be fair, “Most H Y P E” is kind of a loose term. So it’s really “Albums I’m Anticipating in 2019 (in no particular order)”.
Updated 9mo ago 12
Kanye West Average Score: 85 Although being one of the most controversial figures of all time, and not just in music, Kanye West may just be one of the most prolific creative geniuses of our time, ...
Updated 3mo agoRanked 9
Updated 20h ago 8
Used number of user scores Highest Score-To Pimp a Butterfly Lowest Score-Skins Most Appearances 1. Kanye West with 6 (Counting Kids See Ghosts) 2. Kendrick Lamar with 5 3. Brockhampton with 3 3. ...
Updated 9mo ago 7
2019 is a good year for music yes
Updated 8mo agoRanked 6
Updated 4mo agoRanked 6

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