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Green Day - Father of All...
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Classic Rock

It's refreshing, comforting even, to have Green Day back in their exuberant element, unburdened by message or morality.


It’s the shortest release of their career to date, clocking in at just 26 minutes, but it also finds them taking on and dishing out more musical ideas and genres than ever before.

The Telegraph
They exhibit the swagger of a hot young band discovering rock’n’roll for the first time.
Rolling Stone

If you’re just looking for some catchy pop-punk rock & roll tunes, they’ve written 10 of those, and most of them are real good.


In 2020 Billie Joe Amstrong and co. are rebels without a cause, their 13th album an angry little fucker with its collar popped.

The Observer

Green Day deliver everything with such panache that the songs’ limitations don’t really matter, especially when they manage to make tired old tropes seem fresh.

Q Magazine

It's close to impossible to emerge from it's rapid-fire near-half-hour without a smile on your face.


On ‘Father of All…’ Green Day have delivered possibly their most immediate album this century and an album that, despite its short length, grows more rewarding with repeat listens.


While the album doesn't deliver their most memorable songs, its wild glam experimentation and attitude-heavy performances show a band still seeking new thrills even decades in.


It crackles with energy, buoyed by the feeling that the trio are finally unshackled by their past. It's punchy, and the hooks generally last long past the record's short runtime.

Hard, fast and fat-free at a breathless 26 minutes.
Consequence of Sound

Father of All… is a solid album that shows not only their mastery of sound but also genre and nods to the greats that came before them.


The pop-punk stalwarts resist political commentary in lieu of making the most convincingly carefree Green Day record of the new millennium.


It doesn’t always quite connect, but it’s a bit of fun all the same.

The Line of Best Fit

It's clear what they've wanted to do, and in some aspects have nailed it head-on, but to execute this properly, there needs to be more focus on wrapping that pure-as-fuck punk heart that beats in their chests in something more than a cartoon unicorn.

The Arts Desk

In an era defined by the worst American President in history, Father of All… resolutely refuses to engage. No big statements, no grand thematic structures, no political posturing. In a way however, this feels like the radical option these days - a raucous, rock’n’roll ‘no comment’ on our times.


This far in ... Billy Joe Armstrong and co occasionally struggle to sound like they really mean it.


Green Day's Father of All is too short, superficial, and samey to have any lasting impact.

Spill Magazine

Among the disappointing sonic experiments, there are a handful of gems that prove Green Day’s worth in 2020.

No Ripcord

Certain songs try to recapture their old glory, while others feel like an embarrassing pop ploy—but the most consistent feeling is pure disappointment. Even when Green Day is supposedly having fun here, they sound tired and overworked at best.

Entertainment Weekly

At its best, Father sounds like a decent Queens of the Stone Age tribute band; at its worst, it sounds like a reemergence of over-polished circa-2003 iPod commercial trifles like Caesars and Jet.

The Independent

There is no denying that Father of All… has a raw, frenzied energy, but its onslaught of straight rhythm-chord bashing and hand claps is at the cost of experimentation and interest.

Under The Radar

Father of All... is fundamentally toothless and lacking in wit, originality, and invention.

The Young Folks

Their rock n’ roll sounds deeply unsure of itself, too bland and uninspired, and as such is unable to stave off the suspicion that they’re running out of ideas.

The Sydney Morning Herald

When an album clocks in at under half an hour, with only three songs breaking the three-minute barrier, this should sound a whole lot livelier than it does.


‘Father Of All Motherfuckers’ is a refreshingly light breeze of retro rock songs that whizzes by in barely half an hour.


Green Day has clearly thrown in every single towel that they own, and have churned out Father of All Motherfuckers merely to fulfill a contractual obligation.


Green Day have become the very thing they once despised: buck-chasin’ mild boys of mayonnaise corporate rock.

The Needle Drop

Green Day tries to be the final nail in the rock music's coffin with Father of All...

This is the worst album of the year. Green Day’s album is anything but punk rock, let’s be honest, it’s sounds more like pop. This is some of the worst songs I have heard in years. It was painful to listen to this album, it was that bad. Green Day have proved one thing: not a political statement, not a musical statement, but that they really need to retire. ‘Father of All Motherfuckers’ sounds like The Jonas Brothers, seriously. This song is very pitchy, and has a ... read more
Cock Music #1

As a bit of a 1,500 followers special (Thanks for that BTW), I thought I’d start a new series; and I thought that there was no better way to start off a series like this than with the ultimate cock-rock album; Green Day’s Father of All, an album that, despite only being released for merely a year, has already cemented itself in the history books as Father of All maybe one of the most painfully evident ... read more
It's my birthday, consider this some sort of 'special' review.

Alright, so hear me out...

Had I been judging this record based purely on musical incompetency and pitifulness, I wouldn't hesitate to call "Father of All..." one of the worst albums of all time, the biggest middle finger Green Day fans could possibly receive. But there comes a time when a record becomes so unlikable, so devoid of thought and artistry whatsoever, so paper thin, so agonizing in every way imaginable that ... read more
Green Day have always played a key role in my life. As a young child, my mom used to play “American Idiot” and “Dookie” on car rides. Before the release of this album, I went on a Green Day reviewing binge to make sure I’ve heard everything so far. It’s interesting to see a band transition from epic rock operas such as those aforementioned to... this.

Without a doubt, “Father of all Motherfuckers” is Green Day’s worst record. Their first ... read more
“Father of All Motherfuckers” (or “Father of All...” for the wittle bebes out there) is the sign of a once-beloved band biting off WAY more than they could possibly swallow whole. While the performances are tight, the second half definitely picks up and there were a few decent to good tracks, this 26-minute album suffers greatly from awful lyrics, an overly commercial sound and next-to-nothing in terms of fresh ideas. Overall, considering their consistently dwindling ... read more
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Track List

  1. Father of All...
  2. Fire, Ready, Aim
  3. Oh Yeah!
  4. Meet Me on the Roof
  5. I Was a Teenage Teenager
  6. Stab You in the Heart
  7. Sugar Youth
  8. Junkies on a High
  9. Take the Money and Crawl
  10. Graffitia
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Added on: September 10, 2019