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Green Day in 2020

Edit: Fantano gave a zero, Fantano is my hero
This is the worst album of the year. Green Day’s album is anything but punk rock, let’s be honest, it’s sounds more like pop. This is some of the worst songs I have heard in years. It was painful to listen to this album, it was that bad. Green Day have proved one thing: not a political statement, not a musical statement, but that they really need to retire. ‘Father of All Motherfuckers’ sounds like The Jonas Brothers, seriously. This song is very pitchy, and has a ... read more
very original, green gay, haha

Edit: I typed day, but it autocorrected to gay 🗿
musich hmmmmmm... ..

Green Day have always played a key role in my life. As a young child, my mom used to play “American Idiot” and “Dookie” on car rides. Before the release of this album, I went on a Green Day reviewing binge to make sure I’ve heard everything so far. It’s interesting to see a band transition from epic rock operas such as those aforementioned to... this.

Without a doubt, “Father of all Motherfuckers” is Green Day’s worst record. ... read more
“Father of All Motherfuckers” (or “Father of All...” for the wittle bebes out there) is the sign of a once-beloved band biting off WAY more than they could possibly swallow whole. While the performances are tight, the second half definitely picks up and there were a few decent to good tracks, this 26-minute album suffers greatly from awful lyrics, an overly commercial sound and next-to-nothing in terms of fresh ideas. Overall, considering their consistently dwindling ... read more
I pretty much got what was coming to me by sacrificing a good night's sleep and a productive workday tomorrow by staying up until midnight to listen to this as soon as it dropped. Father of All... completely blows.

All of the instruments, including the vocals, suck ass. Worse than that though is the songwriting. You can search high and low for a halfway decent hook on this thing, but you'll leave empty-handed. The hooks here are either irritating or nonexistent - there is absolutely no ... read more
no features no swedish songwriters no trap beats 100% pure uncut rock Green Day Father of All... Out Now
Despite being somewhat well-performed and having the occasional bearable and fun song, Green Day's "Father Of All..." just feels like it's stuck on an iPod from an early 2000's, and the dated sound is what hurts the album. The poppy and childish sound of the album just makes me cringe as it just feels like straight up TV commercial music. It's no wonder I heard "Zoom zoom" and a large "bling" sound at the end of Meet Me on the Roof.

Granted, it's not really an ... read more
G̴̞̜̯̱̚r̸̦͍̼͕̪͙̥͕͆̌̔̾̈́̓̚͘̚͜͜e̶̘̩͒̌̇̏̄̚ĕ̸̜̠̮̟͎̽̃n̵̝͔͐́̈́͛ ̷̗̮̐̇͒̾͗̕D̷͙̭͍̆̊̅͑̒̑̅͠a̷̛̗̺̓̅̀̋̈̀̏̆͝ỷ̸̠̬͍̳̘̜̹͍̫̳̄̇̏̆́̕ ̶̜̱͉̽̋̀-̶̦̥͍̲̝͕͐͂ͅ ̵͕̥̥͉͚̊̆̿͛̌́F̶͇̼̪̩͙̬͚̬̹̐̑̈́̓̀̋̕a̷̡̫̜̖̥̪̰͑́͗̉̐͑ṯ̸͈̻̺̹͇̱͙͋̀̈ĥ̴͇̔͗ͅe̸̫͚̹͓̎̓͑͊r̴͙͉̲̫͎͉̱̫̣̾̅͂̔̒̇̍͘͠ ̸̬̜̋̔̕O̶̢̧̺͍̙̭̹͍͍̞̍͊̂f̴̡̦͇̰̦̅ ... read more
Not the worst thing I can imagine Green Day putting out but "Father of All..." is still hilarious in a less-than-gracious way.

I don't think I even need to go in details on THAT promotional billboard. Like come on. One of the least "punk" things a self-proclaimed "punk*" band can put out is to shit on modern music (but at least they know their audience).

Green Day (or Billie Joe Armstrong) always hated the label "pop punk," so much to a point that they ... read more
I didn't really have high expectations for this album, now they weren't exactly low but let's just say I wasn't expecting the next Dookie or American Idiot. Was I right? Yea pretty much this isn't that good but, it's not bad. It just kind of... exists.

So Father of All... Motherfuckers is the newest punk album from Green Day, it's more pop punk if anything, which isn't bad and it does use that title well in some places; but then there are also parts of this album that make me wince and want ... read more
I mean, they have worse releases than this, but honestly, what am I supposed to feel by listening to this?

Their shortest album, not absolute dogshit but it's too short to feel anything about it. Idk man, also -10 for censoring the album name.
Green Day has released the worst album of their career if you ask me. And I thought the Uno, Dos, Tre trilogy was bad. This is a cringey failed attempt at garage rock revival and mod revival and at just a bit over 20 minutes, the only thing I felt was serious disappointment and frustration. I’m always going in with an open mind when it comes to Green Day these days, but they’re just churning out absolute tame garbage with recycled, bland pop choruses that fit the radio neatly and ... read more
"Nothing says fuck you like a unicorn".

Green Day finally comes through in the new decade with a brand new punk-rock record that I've been looking forward for for a while now. Ever since the release of the singles, there have been speculation that Green Day aren't even gonna try with the new album due to tensions with their label and I can kinda see it. Shitty album art, short runtime of just 26 minutes, release of the singles come in chronological order. And now, it's out. And ... read more
Feb 7
After my first listen of this thing, my first instinct was to re-listen to Nimrod and Dookie to remind myself that these guys once made good music.

C'mon guys, this album isn't THAT bad! You're really going to sit there and tell me that THIS is a fucking 0? Really? That this is the WORST album Green Day has ever pumped out? Including all twelve of their previous albums where they just recreated the same two albums over and over again, this album where they actually try something new for the ... read more
This definitely wasn't very good but honestly I can't really say I'm disappointed. Green Day won't ever be able to make the music they did in the 90s. The guys are approaching their 50s, they're obviously not the same people they were but at the least it's good to hear them make music they genuinely seem to be having fun with (regardless of its quality) rather than music they feel is expected from them like the last record. Green Day aren't the same band, they won't ever have the oomph they ... read more
Giving it a 1/10 because of the trap beats are annoying through the whole album
i would not let billie fuck my mother.
Just eat a snickers guys.
With the release of 'Father of All...', Green Day has officially released an album in four separate decades. While it's been done many times before, it's still a difficult feat to accomplish and for that, I congratulate them! I wanted to give Green Day a little praise before I start discussing their newest album. Because let's face it, they are not going to receive much praise for this thing.

Here's our situation: Green Day is currently in their 34th year of existence, 'Father of All...' is ... read more
Fun but forgettable, which is honestly more than I expected after the first two singles...

-5 points for having to hear Billie Joe Armstrong say “suck my cock”
I never thought I would be the voice of reason when it comes to a Green Day album, but these are dark days. I’ll be the hero Green Day needs and maybe not the one they deserve.

I have despised the output Green Day have had for the better part of two decades now, somewhat controversially including the rock anthem American Idiot. It has been nothing but plain bad, and really sours you on an act that made some important pop punk music in the 90s. I nearly skipped on Father Of All... ... read more
Just 25 minutes of phoned in recycled pop?

Less kerplunk, more ka-ching - easy work if you can get it.
This album needed some features, some Swedish songwriters, and some trap beats because it’s 100% pure uncut ASS.

This album is bad. It’s not even all that terrible on its own, it’s just so fucking generic and boring. Also, why the fuck is this album mixed like fucking dog shit? Would I dislike this album as much if I didn’t know it was Green Day? No, because I probably wouldn’t even finish it because it’s so boring. I would have just thought it was a boring ... read more
The start of the 2010's was quite annoying in Brazil's virtual community. Rock fans would go left and right trying to look and sound superior than all other music lovers. Who doesn't remember the famous phrase "Rock na veia, funk na cadeia" ("Rock in the veins, funk [carioca] in jail")? After that time, however, the genre went back to its deserved dungeon, turning into an unpopular rhythm in the country. Even if pop culture eats that spot nowadays with the rise of social ... read more
The first two tracks give me the impression that they will be on either an upcoming Fifa or MLB game...

Did I expect anything on this to be good? No. I like going in with an open mind but those lead singles were just awful, and me not liking Green Day didn't make it any better. But come on...this is despicable. These guys are in their 40's acting like they're in their early 20's. Hang up the robes for a while guys, with all due respect, just take some time off and do your own thing.

Also ... read more
Lulled by my early childhood like many, either by the innovative Dookie cult or the Amercian Idiot block-boster, I feel like I missed an episode, on Father of All they are almost unrecognizable.

Concretely for me the band's career is summed up over 10 years, because afterwards Green Day became an uninspired and pretentious band, blinded by their immense success and the influence they had on the new generations, thinking that any regrettable projects or over ambitious attempts they offered us ... read more
This is the same band that made Brain Stew. I am 75% sure that Green Day is aware of the poopy mess they've concocted here. There are 2 very possible realities here: 1. This is a parody album meant to poke fun at soulless bands who try to make radio friendly and safe music or 2. This is Green Day's attempt to stay relevant, by making music that can be thrown on the radio and shoved down peoples throats. There is no way the band that has classic records could sit through the title track and ... read more
Father of All - 8
Fire, Ready, Aim - 8
Oh Yeah! - 9
Meet Me on The Roof - 10
I Was A Teenage Teenager - 8
Stab You in The Heart - 9
Sugar Youth - 10
Junkies on A High - 10
Take the Money and Crawl - 10
Graffitia - 9

Edit: God, some of you people are such fucking elitist morons lol.
Боог ты мой , я конечно предпологал , что они уже давно делают попсовый панк без капли оригинальности , НО ЧТОБЫ НАСТОЛЬКО , я и подумать не мог.

Это просто ярчайший пример того , как панк музыка НЕ ДОЛЖНА звучать.

Банальнейшие гитарные инструменталы , в которых "панк" ... read more
the mixing is actually worse than "blackpink in your area"

i didn't know that was possible

i don't know what the fuck he's saying at any point - he's LITERALLY mumbling every fucking word. it's easier to comprehend what mumble rappers are spitting than what billie armstrong is singing(?) on this album - and even if you do look up the lyrics, you'll soon realise how meaningless and out of depth they are!

each song just sounds like pure gibberish... it's literally the exact same song ... read more
Needs more features, more swedish songwriters (pls use baldee), more trap beats, less uncut foreskin
Holy fuck Fantano wasn’t wrong when he said this 26 minutes sounds like 56 minutes. To me this feels like forever! It’s one of those listens that you’re just so pumped when it ends. Green Day sounds like the fucking Jonas brothers.... and I love American Idiot & Dookie. But this shit sucks. Btw may I just add that this album cover is terrible it literally sounds like the music.
I see you. You're thinking, "Man, this album is getting BLASTED! It must be really bad! I should give it a listen to see how bad it is." That is where you make a mistake. 26 minutes may not sound like much, but Green Day (to their discredit) have created a piece of crap so awful that it feels longer than it is. This album's experience is akin to waiting in line, but the intercom is playing the most safe, basic rock music. Musically, trash. Lyrically, trash. Lines like "I was a ... read more
this dude is older than my dad what the fuck
The other day Billie Joe Armstrong said that Ariana Grande didn't deserve to win any of the Grammys that she lost because her music is too generic and not "real". This is very obviously not true about Ariana's music if you heard her Thank U, Next album but I'm pretty sure that Billie just saw that Ariana is a pop star and just generalized her with the people aren't pushing the envelope in any way. It's kind of weird to see how this man is so outwardly and indefinitely against the ... read more
....another artist that just needs to retire
I'm so incredibly confused. From what I can remember, Green Day definitely had their own style, so I'm perplexed as why they switched to a mix of Hollywood Undead, The Beach Boys and The 1975, except so much worse. Yes, I said worse than Hollywood Undead, which I didn't even know was possible. The worst part is, I think that they were genuinely attempting to create something unique, which explains the vocals which I burst out laughing at upon first listen. I mean, they say down in the recording ... read more
Father of All Motherfuckers is Green Days least inspiring work to the date. Like other important punk acts from the 90's, Green Day has had its struggles since the 10's to engage in a progressive line of musical style. As a result, a mix between Peter Pan Syndrome lyrics and lack of personality intrumentation paints the latest LP.

From the very beggining the stakes were low but somehow this album can still frustrate us. There is no real turmoil in Armstrongs singing, just flatted words trying ... read more
Despite being one of the defining bands of my teenage years and creating one of my favourite albums of all time in American Idiot, I honestly can’t say I’ve been that excited for new Green Day music since the 21st Century Breakdown era. Clocking in at a brisk 26 minutes, Father of All Motherfuckers feels like the band’s most simplistic work this side of the millennium.

Just to be clear, I don’t think that’s a necessarily bad thing. Green Day themselves rose to ... read more
I was expecting this to be terrible, but it was just Honestly, the opener sounded absolutely nothing like Green Day. I actually had to go back and make sure I was listening by the right album. Their last few albums have just been loud and mixed like total shit. This album has some character, but it ultimately it just kinda feel like Mania if it had a little extra bite. Still, saying it has more bite than goddamn FALL OUT BOY isn’t saying anything, especially for an album with ... read more
Really loving the sick trap beats on this record!! didn't know green day would be heading in this direction!!!! i was also really fond of the awesome features here i mean i never in my life thought lil pump would drop a verse on a green day record but here we are and i'm so glad we got it!!!!! but my absolute favorite feature here was the travis scott one!!! the way he autotuned billie's voice to sound perfect next to his made my innocent ears feel something they've never felt before!!!! the ... read more
My dissapointment is unmeasurable and my day is ruined.
Green Day used to be my favorite band. With time, and after UNO, DOS, TRÈ, I kind of stopped listening to them, their music didn't excite me anymore, but I understood the band was heading to an artistic direction far away from my own tastes, and I respected that.
Father of All... made me realize the Green Day I knew and love is gone. This album was painful to listen to, it sounded like a very amateur version of things that I hate ... read more
no features
no swedish songwriters
no trap beats
100% pure uncut bullshit

I really do hope that this is ironic. I just can't take it seriously. I don't really know what I'm supposed to think. Like the vocals on the first song don't even sound like Green Day. The music is so bland, so tasteless, so utterly boring, so incredibly one sided and predictable. This is the album for all of the people who think they were born in the wrong generation. It just isn't worth listening to, but I do ... read more
Fun fact: the title is actually in reference to the record producer who ok'd this trash.
Green Day used to be my favorite band when I was 12, it's LPs like this that completely changed that. It's not their worst, but only because it's 26 minutes. I can think of 2, maybe 3 tracks that are mediocre, while the rest are just aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Billy Joe's falsettos are awkward, the guitars are too bright and sugary, and most of the songwriting is devoid of anything remotely interesting. Anything worthwhile that Green Day has put out is and has been gone for a decade now, and I sadly ... read more

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