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The worst cover arts I can find. Either ones that are laughably bad, are weird in a bad way or make you come across it and say "I do NOT want people to see that I own this."
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We’re at the start of a new decade. Let’s see what future classics will be in store, shall we?
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spiciest takes please post album covers in comments and i will decide to add them to list or not
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im so pumped lol
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wiggly air from twenty twenty i'm looking forward to albums removed a week or so and moved to other list after they've been c o n s u m e d
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The world sucks, but hey, at least the music doesn't. These are the albums that'll keep me going for next year. Will update when new stuff is announced (maybe).
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Uninteresting, Unappealing, Gross, Stupid, or Offensive covers that don't fit with the music at all. Feel free to leave suggestions
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What Am I planning to listen to in 2020
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Upcoming records of 2020.
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weezer Best band ever!!!!!
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Once it drops I will remove it from the list
Updated 2d ago
A list of my most anticipated albums of 2020. Once the album is released, I remove it from this list.
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2020 Albums I Need to Listen To
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July Playlist