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Excited for all of these!
Updated 2mo ago22 albums 26
The worst cover arts I can find. Either ones that are laughably bad, are weird in a bad way or make you come across it and say "I do NOT want people to see that I own this."
Updated 5d ago104 albums 22
Records of 2021, yet to be listened to.
Updated 14h ago145 albums 19
All of Weezer, ranked.
Updated 1w ago16 albumsRanked 13
We’re at the start of a new decade. Let’s see what future classics will be in store, shall we?
Updated 4mo ago82 albums 12
basically the title. no more no less you don't have to guess. notes for the ones i'm anticipating the most. organized by date, soonest to latest, then for albums with no release date, sorted by hype.
Updated 2d ago22 albums 10
weezer time i’ll review these maybe
Updated 2mo ago15 albums 9
btw some of these might be a little gorey and sexual and gross so get ready
Updated 3d ago60 albums 9
Updated 16h ago5,264 albums 8
weezer Best band ever!!!!!
Updated 10mo ago14 albumsRanked 7
Updated 2d ago17 albums 6
20 9+10 (the most dated joke I've ever done)
Updated 9h ago26 albums 5
Updated 3d ago39 albums 4
This is a list of my most anticipated albums of 2021. Albums are in order by release date. Albums with stars in the description are the albums I’m the most excited for. Albums are removed from this ...
Updated 4d ago30 albums 4
spiciest takes please post album covers in comments and i will decide to add them to list or not
Updated 3mo ago24 albums 4
Updated 19h ago55 albumsRanked 3
Yeah. This is just my “anticipated releases” list, lmao
Updated 1mo ago24 albums 3
Updated 1w ago46 albums 3

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