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I WAS BEYOND HYPED FOR THIS ALBUM TO COME OUT!!!!! FOR OVER 6 MONTHS, EVERY TIME I LOG ONTO THIS SITE, I WAS FORCED TO STARE AT THAT “graphic design is my passion” VAN HALEN RIP-OFF LOOKING ASS ALBUM COVER AT THE TOP OF ANTICIPATED ALBUMS EVERYDAY❗️My life is fulfilled cause I never thought I’d live to see the day of this album dropping. I’m so happy I never have to look at that awful cover ever ... read more
“Van Weezer”, American band Weezer’s second project of the year is finally out now after an immense amount of hype. Earlier this year, we received Weezer’s interest revitalization, “OK Human”, the chamber pop rock album with many exciting and euphoric moments, which I can officially say is a solid album. After years of decline, this was their first output to get old listeners intrigued again. This left me both excited and worried for the next album. ... read more
Okay am I crazy or is "All the Good Ones" just "Beverly Hills"? Like they sound almost identical aside from the production on BH being ever so slightly shitter.
For every album I hear from this band, I just get more disappointed, this is one of the most overrated bands and I really don't understand why people think it is that good.
Maybe it's a beloved band because they make a silly and cliche sound, but even so, I can't see any sparkle in them.

This album I found a little better than the past, but it's still not something that really makes me like the band, maybe I don't understand their proposal.

The album goes with a different sound from the last ... read more
With the recent tragic passing of Van Halen’s Eddie Van Halen, Rivers Cuomo of Weezer has decided to step up to the plate and offer himself as the next most epic guitarist. It’s quite hard to match Eddie’s skill, but Rivers let us know with tracks like Hero and his newly-grown mustache that he meant business. Some have speculated that the lip-based hairs mark the return of the legendary Red Album Rivers, my Hero, who has not been seen in public since the 2008 Grammy Awards. ... read more
Sadly, glam metal for this album is nothing more than just an aesthetic as Weezer delivers their most boring, dull and forgettable sets of tracks since raditude, not anywhere close as bad as that one but it's only a bit more enjoyable than that one.

As for pacific daydream, AT LEAST it didn’t butcher Crazy Train’s awesome riff for what is essentially their worst song in 12 years. This is an album that feels like it wants to do one thing but does something completely different ... read more
I listened to this before an actual Van Halen album BECAUSE I DON'T PLAY BY THE RULES
After an almost two year wait, Weezer has finally released their fifteenth studio album, “Van Weezer”. My hype for this album has faded since its original announcement, but I really enjoyed the singles and I loved their previous record released this year, “OK Human”, so I had pretty high hopes. However, while I do enjoy this project more than most of the records Weezer has released in the past five years, I still think “Van Weezer” is a mixed bag.

The ... read more
Como uma tentativa de homenagear a banda van Halen, Weezer lançam "Van Weezer", um divertido álbum com sonoridade power pop, mas pelo fato de muitas musicas parecerem iguais e a produção de algumas delas não ser muito boa faz com que o disco seja um pouco decepcionante e bem fraco comparado ao seu antecessor lançado no mesmo ano, Ok Human.

"Hero" começa muito bem o álbum, é uma divertida música com uma ... read more
Since I can't sum this up easily as there are no words to exactly describe my aggressively neutral stance on this album (and the fact I just cannot be fucked putting more than 10 minutes into this review), I've decided to just throw out a bunch of similes in hopes that it will be able to translate just how annoyingly mid I think this is.

This album is the feeling of going soft mid masturbation. This album is like waiting months for that one large Christmas Present, only to find out that it's a ... read more
This Weewee has a serious problem with staying up.

Look, it's fucking Weezer. It's par for the course that whenever they release something good, it doesn't last very long. The situation with "Van Weezer" is not different. This album is pretty much the band noodling with 80's hard rock/glam rock idol worship. The first half gets the job done, with "Hero", "The End of the Game", "I Need Some of That" and "Beginning of the End" serving as pretty ... read more
I was afraid that Weezer were just gonna make another standard, run of the mill rock album with painfully average lyrics, and what I got was a really fun tribute to Van Halen, and Weezers best album since EWBAITE.

It is a cheesy album, I will not deny that, but its a fun kind of cheesy, like watching one of those B-tier rom coms you find at the supermarket, where its cheesy and dumb, but if your in the right mood, can be super fun and nice to have around. "Ok Human" left me perplexed ... read more
On “Van Weezer”, the band does a complete 180 from the orchestral “Ok Human”, and while I definitely don’t hate it, I don’t really love it either.

My introduction to Weezer was “Ok Human”, which I really enjoyed and think is one of the best albums so far this year. I wanted to go back through their discography and listen to their classics, but I haven’t done so yet, so this is the second full project I’ve heard from Weezer. And while ... read more
Random Releases #5

'Van Weezer' is the second album I've listened from Weezer after 'OK Human' which dropped earlier this year and I surprisingly don't find a significant difference in quality between both albums. I thought that I wouldn't enjoy this album at all because I haven't been a huge fan of anything from the Rock genre in the past and I knew that this had a huge Rock influence, but the execution from Weezer was excellent as they made the album easy to listen to.

The vocals on the ... read more
As I expected, weezer comes back with a mediocre album after making a great one ☹️

At this point I’m not even surprised when this happens, I just wonder when the next good album is coming out again.

If you know me, you would know that Weezer is my favorite band of all time. I listen to them every single day and I never get tired of their music. I have been excited for this album ever since I first started listening to Weezer back in February. Mainly because the teasers to this album were all very solid. First, all the way back in 2019 we got “The End of the Game” which was a very nice throwback to the era of glam rock with it’s very explicit use of guitar heroism, ... read more
Weezer be like guys we just tapped on our guitars and did a couple of pinch harmonics, call us hard rock already.

I appreciate the Van Halen tribute but they did not do it any justice, no. They might have had fun making this record but apparently the end result it is boring, forgettable and cheesy. Writing fun and dumb pop songs is in no way a substandard (look at White Album and OK Human, for example) but Van Weezer is just ehh, it’s not even catchy. Weezer is really out there sounding ... read more
Quick edit: just found out that Rivers is also the guitarist in Weezer which invalidates a lot of my comments in this review :((((

As someone who finally got around to listening to Weezer earlier this year and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of their latest effort, OK Human, hearing that they had another album on the way so soon made me….cautious, and that feeling was turned up to 10 when I realized I was probably in store for a hard-rock Weezer album. And yes, I know this album ... read more
weezer fans remind me of miami dolphins fans they swear the dolphins lit but the dolphins hella trash lmao they so stuck in 1994 lmao
I actually... kinda digged this?

Seemed very nostalgic but also kept that modern feeling. Judging from the artwork, I was expecting a rollercoaster of shite, but this I can see myself coming back to.

Thanks Weezer 👍
My initial reaction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUUrry3OMzQ

Hi gamers, long time no see, had a nice break from this site for a month. I dunno, while I've already felt burntout to constantly write or listen to new music in the past, I was really gassed out to just even come on here to write even a sentence or two. And with university assignments getting hectic at April, it made sense to just pause AOTY for a bit. During my time off, I warmed up to opening up a random album I've had in mind ... read more
Personally, Weezer have established themselves as the group having the most fun with their performances without providing me a great deal of fun in turn. Credit to Weezer where it's due, they are trying to toy with their sound in some capacity, but by relying on old sounds for their most recent musical conquests it's hard to argue anything here really sounds all that fresh. If this is Weezer's love letter to glam rock then I'd prefer not to read it.

The issue inherently with Van Weezer as an ... read more
I think everyone gives Weezer too much attention. Van Weezer was billed as a hard, stadium rock refresh of the band's sound, but yet again the band fails at nearly every turn at making relevant, non-cliché, and entertaining material that isn't coated in diabetic levels of sugar to try and appeal to an ambiguous and broad crowd. Again I find myself asking the question of who is listening to Weezer. Weezer fans only listen to their first two albums, and the mainstream might put on a hit ... read more
Weezer's latest record is still one of the most enjoyable albums of 2021.
The path of redemption is over and the band has, in a sense, a clean slate going into the future.

Considering how thoughtful and complete the last album was, "Van Weezer" seemed to me to be a project the band creates to just have fun. And finishing the listen I still have the same thought. It just sounds like a passion project.
And if that's what the band was aiming for, then by all means they achieved a ... read more
Weezer's exploration into the world of 80's Hard Rock and Glam Metal nostalgia lends itself well to the bands signature Alt Rock and Power Pop sound, and while it may have some genuine and endearing highlights it has as many lows as you would expect a Weezer record to have.

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