Halsey - Manic
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The Line of Best Fit

Manic revels in the explorative genre-pop bombast, letting the delicates twinkle, and the snarls bare their teeth; yet it's the soul that shines dominantly. It's her most complete work to date.

The Young Folks

It is pop and sentimental, a cohesively varied ride that gives listeners plenty of singles to pluck out based on their own slice of creative madness.

Entertainment Weekly

Over 16 tracks, Manic is a chaotic amalgamation of self-analysis, rage, depression, ecstasy, and growth that sees its creator managing the messiness of fame while trying to stay true to herself.

Consequence of Sound

The album finds a way to weave together multiple emotions, sounds, and genres and shows off Frangipane’s versatility as an artist while still acting as an incredibly cohesive and seamless album.

Rolling Stone

Manic is about the here-and-now real world and her fight for a place in it as a young woman.

The Guardian

Her openness and lyrical specificity make listening to the 25-year-old’s dramatic third album feel like reading someone else’s diary.


By stripping back the stories to their very personal core, Halsey has made a record that is as thrilling as it is vulnerable, and her best effort yet.


Manic is her most personal album to date ... It's haunting, heartbreaking and breathtakingly beautiful.


Manic is indeed an appropriate name for an album so filled with twists and turns it feels like a double-LP crammed into the course of a 47-minute record.

Slant Magazine
The singer’s refusal to pick a lane is what makes the album her most compelling effort to date.

It all adds up to a very enjoyable record, one that fits in well with the current pop landscape while also working beyond it.

The Independent

Even at its most erratic, the album is tied together by Halsey’s distinctive voice – sweet, tight-throated, and with something almost digitised about it, though the big, undisguised breaths she sometimes takes contradict that.

The Observer

Halsey is less a pop chameleon than a musical magpie and Manic is a pristinely produced album that sounds a bit like everything you know, but better.

Q Magazine

Freighted with unflinching lyrics, Manic is a magnificent - and magnificently raw - pop confessional.


Manic is an imperfect collection of tracks - with high peaks of sheer genius along with the low falls - but it still manages to fill eyes with tears, hearts with love and minds with thoughts as it explores the life and times of a 25-year-old in startling, stark detail.


Manic is a refreshingly intimate portrait of a young woman navigating fame, femininity, and mental illness—among other things.


Manic is a rich and often confounding listen, an expansive album filled to the brim with the imagined worlds Halsey’s built for herself in the real one.


Sadly, some of the album’s most compelling moments are overpowered by the tedium of modern pop.

Spectrum Culture

Her intentions are always loud and clear, but too often the music doesn’t live up to them.

FLOOD Magazine

Musically, it’s all so calculatedly quirky that you almost wonder if Pee-wee Herman wasn’t called in as a consultant.

No Ripcord

There are some good moments here, but even the best of them can’t help Halsey get out of her own way.

The Sydney Morning Herald

Instead of silencing those who insist she lacks identity, Halsey becomes lost in a sea of superstar guest performances and crisp production, falling short of her lofty ambitions.


Halsey returns with probably her best album so far. The first single that came out, Without Me, was at first an ok single. It wasn't anything amazing, but I didn't mind it at all. Then it started to overplay, and I started to dislike it. I think I gave it a 30 on my singles account, and I think that's a bit too harsh, hearing again on the album it grew on me a lot, but probably one of my least favourites. The second single (I guess) that came out was Nightmare, and I loved it. Probably one of ... read more


"Manic" kinda sums up how I feel about Halsey's music in general. It's just... generic. I liked some of the production on here and there were actually a few great highlights. "3am" is a pop-punk-infused track and the only one I deem as actually catchy and "Dominic's Interlude" is... well, it's Dominic Fike. What else did I expect? Unfortunately, the record squanders itself into "sad" pop with nothing to say and nothing to feel from it.

Fav Tracks: ... read more


Woah, she makes pop music but she says the F word? ABSOLUTELY G R O U N D B R E A K I N G.

I just don't get it. This feels like the XXXTENTACION's ? of pop music; it's full of edgy song titles and is an absolute mess of an album. Some highlights here and there and decent features, but all in all just has no real direction. Manic is essentially pop's answer to that album. "The singer’s refusal to pick a lane is what makes the album her most compelling effort to date." But is ... read more


📼 Pop #4
🎬 Halsey #1

🎶 Manic
🔈 2020
🔈 LP
🔈 Art Pop, Electropop, Contemporary R&B

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Accuracy: 🔴🔴🔴

🔥: Graveyard, You Should Be Sad, Finally // Beautiful Stranger, Without Me




Ashley: 5.5/10
clementine: 1.5/10
Graveyard: 6.5/10
You should be sad: 8/10
Forever ... (is a long time): 0/10
Dominic's Interlude: 4/10
3am: 2/10
Without Me: 8.5/10
Finally // beautiful stranger: 9/10
Alanis' Interlude: 6.5/10
killing boys: 8.5/10
SUGA's Interlude: 0/10
More: 5.5/10
Still Learning: 7/10
929: 3.5/10
wipe your tears: 5.5/10
I'm Not Mad: 5.5/10
Be Kind: 5/10

RATE: 52

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Added on: September 13, 2019