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Seeking Thrills
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I can see the influences that this album comes from, names like Robyn, M.I.A. and others are the inspiration behind this I'm sure. Well, I liked it quite a lot, seems like the type of music that could be playing in any "edgy party scene" in indie movies haha
This was by no means an offensively bad album, and I did most certainly pull some enjoyable elements from it. There were some really good grooves at times, and it gave that "fun" vibe which is usually what I want to get from a dance / electropop album. However, the vocals felt very flat and uninteresting for most of the album, and the album does start to feel very tired and repetitive after about the halfway mark. This wasn't to say it became a bad experience, it just wasn't one I ... read more
"Seeking Thrills" is a perfectly fine synthpop album with some decent writing and a few great, even slightly experimental, cuts. Unfortunately, the vocals don't shine very brightly and the generic moments fall flat on their face.

Fav Tracks: Started Out, Ultimate Sailor, Honey Dripping Sky, Ray Guns, Till I Own It, Never Let You Go

Least Fav Tracks: Mellow, 24 Hours

Since this was getting fairly positive reviews i decided to peep this record. I saw her genre tags and immediately was interested because i love electro/synth pop. Coming out of this record i feel pretty satisfied! There are some cuts on here that re just fun, vibrant and beautiful. Some tracks on this record do feel half baked. Towards the middle of the album i start losing interest but i really do like Georgias sound. I think shes a good artist and i definitely want to check out her other ... read more
if you wanna listen to a pop album that aint trynna be a copycat of all other pop mainstream/generic albums (like rare by selena that also came out jan 10) then this is the right album for ya. this aint perfect but it's much better than most of the pop shit that plays on the radio nowadays.
Haven’t listened to a good pop-ish album like this in a while...
Featuring an eclectic mix of dancey sounds from decades 80’s, 90’s to present, Gerogia makes it work with fantastic production and stern beats. The textures featured in the synth sounds were rich, plump and detailed which makes for an easy album to sit through. A few songs, namely tracks 5-7 could be eradicated and this album would be no worse off (probably improved tbh). All in all, quite a fantastic debut.

Highlight – ‘Honey Dripping Sky’
Tone – A fateful ... read more
I found out about Georgia in 2019, when her 'About Work The Dancefloor' appeared in Spotify's 'Discover Weekly'. This song interested me, but I didn't have desire to listen to whole album.

And now, in 2021, I don't understand how I could walk past such a great album full of amazing synthpop bangers... Especially impressive is 'About Work The Dancefloor', which I wrote about earlier. Sometimes Georgia sounds more like Robyn than Robyn herself, but it's a plus for her.
I was able to catch Georgia live when she supported CRJ on her dedicated Tour earlier this year, and was impressed by her manic energy on stage, and made a note to check out her music. But that frantic energy seems missing here, just leading to a very ordinary synth-pop album to my ears sadly.

Standout: Never let you go
Favs: The Thrill
Least fav: Mellow
I'm starting out this review before the album is even over. The first few songs of the album were really great and I thought this was going to be good. Unfortunately, it's below average to mediocre. Production is fairly good, but my god, does every song sound the exact same. The lyrics aren't very good. It's just really bland and boring. I got tired of it by the 7th track.

FAVORITES: About Work The Dancefloor, Never Let You Go, Mellow

LEAST FAVORITES: I Can't Wait, Feel It, Ray Guns, The ... read more
If you like the same song with the same obnoxious vocals over and over again, then you’re gonna love this. There’s nothing special about this album.
Inside of a more older than contemporary such a good electropop, Georgia brings to me the first good album of the decade. Balanced, good production, and some tracks with contemporary sounds for everyone. Sure bet for her carrer, great album to us
This made me listen to the new Jessie Ware album again.
This Synthpop/Alternative Pop album sounds nice and its fun to listen to, but i keep feeling like the vocals aren't the best, plus the creativity on this project didnt surpreend me or uplift me enough to think this album deserves that much recognition and respect, it is a good album, but thats mostly it
her shtick is the sticks and she should have stuck with that. the percussion-driven songs on her first album were quite promising and different, if haltingly developed. this album is more generic in its approach and suffers for it. she is a good to very good drummer (but no Brian Blade or Stella Mozgawa) but her singing was marginal at best on the first album and has not improved much. this leaves the beats as her calling card and there will not be much interest in watching her try to replicate ... read more
Seeking Thrills is a perfectly serviceable pop album throughout but it adds very little new to the what you might call "80s Synth-pop revival". And while the bright moments really do shine the less interesting moments really bring this album down a bit too.
It's okay. (shoutout Shygirl)
Seeking Thrills is a nice and catchy album that provides and leaves you in a good vibe, however let's be honest I think the most important thing here is the first 3 songs, which are taken from an "EP" released on November 1st 2018.

Also, for the rest of the album you will find 2 singles released before "Mellow" and "Feel It", which leaves us with only 7 unreleased tracks. However, apart from the symmetrical "24 hours" nothing is better and as good as ... read more
I could see Georgia's live show last year in Guadalajara, opening Franz Ferdinand and Interpol, I honestly enjoyed it without knowing in the least any of his singles, I decided to wait for his full album to come out without listening to any of his songs in a studio version and I am getting a pleasant surprise, very solid and original, I love his way of singing.

Pude ver el show en vivo de Georgia el año pasado en Guadalajara, abriendo a Franz Ferdinand e Interpol, honestamente lo ... read more
A lovely dance pop album that's definitely for the night clubs / night parties. It just has that groovy and exotic feel like as if you're dancing effortlessly on the dancefloor or like that beginning of a movie where you're entering through the hallways into a nightclub. It's also really cohesive and surprisingly accessible yet innovative.

Best tracks: About Work The Dance Floor, Till I Own It, Ultimate Sailor, The Thrill, Never Let You Go, Honey Dripping Sky
Started Out - 8
About Work the Dancefloor - 10
Never Let You Go - 9
24 Hours - 10
Mellow - 10
Till I Own It - 9
I Can't Wait - 9
Feel It - 9
Ultimate Sailor - 9
Ray Guns - 9
The Thrill - 10
Honey Dripping Sky - 8
Never Let You Go (alternative version) - 9
Such a fun album, of course, it has some lazy and not so impressive moments like "I Can't Wait" and "Ray Guns", but everything else is just lovely synth electronic pop, so enjoyable to hear.

"24 Hours" is THE song, I love the "Wooo!"s when the chorus is about to start and just the vibe of it, that's an amazing song, in fact, most of the album has this lovely and fun vibe, making it almost all of it such a journey that it's worth listening to, "About ... read more
This album, for as sonically ambitious and futuristic as it tries to be, lets itself down with overly repetitive, underwritten lyrics that fail to capture more than the surface level concepts it attempts to portray. Still, the music itself is rather fun and buoyant, bobbing up and down between the worlds of synthpop and experimental with just enough of the latter to hold my interest.

I think a big problem that I have is that the concepts of youth, living in the moment, partying and love are ... read more
Started out appeared as a suggestion on spotify and i'm so happy I clicked on it. Georgia is one of the most underrated artists right now, her music is very original and unique from all aspects, and deserves more attention.

I loved everything about it as a full body of work.

An album with NO skips.
Georgia's sober storytelling, maximalist electronic and percussive production give a sense of authenticity to the exuberant energy of Seeking Thrills. She excels in 1980s-style synth-pop with her vocals perfectly reimagining nostalgia for the genre's original era. While the forays into dub and rap are inconsistent and hooks sometimes drag on, Georgia's tribute to the dancefloor thrills a little more than it does disappoint.
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